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2002 Kanto Cricket League Annual General Meeting hits a snag!:  

Date: 27th January 2002  
Place Y.C. & A.C. (Thank you, Tony!)  
Representatives of the following clubs were present:  
Y.C. & A.C. : Richard Anthony fordyce  
Adore C.C.: Takashi Ohira  
Edogawa Falcons C.C.:Sheikh Nisar Ahmed  
Friends XI C.C.: Syed aamir Ali  
Fuji Far East C.C.: Mark McTamney, Takahisa Yamamoto, Kei imamura  
Lalazar Sports C.C.: Aqueeb Malik, Mohammad Rizwan, Mohammad Aslam  
Millennium C.C.: Shu Kanzaki, Tetsu Fuji  
Pakistan Eaglets C.C.: through proxy  
Shizuoka Kytes C.C.: Anton McCloy, Robb McKenna, Robert-Gilles Martineau  
Tokyo British Embassy C.C.: Hugh Smith, Andrew King  
Tokyo Giants C.C.: Mumtaz Alam  
Tokyo Indian Engineers C.C.: Biju Paul, Sylvester Pereira  
Tokyo Sri Lanka Lions C.C.: Sujith Dharmasena, Rohitha Wijesekera, Fuard Junaideen  
Were absent: Bangladesh Tigers C.C., MAX C.C., Tokyo Bay Districts C.C.,University of Tokyo Sri Lankans C.C., Wyverns C.C.  
Financial Report: Kei Imamura announced about 480,000 yen in the black for2001  
Biju Paul, Shu Kanzaki and Robert-Gilles Martineau commented on the progressachieved in 2001 which saw the completion of all games and play-offs.  
Improvements requested a s regards scheduling, respect of schedules, umpiring and general discipline.  
We hit a snag when we came to the combined problems of illegal residency,participating club list and grounds availability.  
A compromise proposal was made to the J.C.A. as follows before any furthersteps could be taken at the next meeting:  

Letter sent to the J.C.A.by the participating clubs at the meeting:  
(A vote was taken beforehand, and the clubs in favour of the proposal were: Adore, British Embassy, Edogawa Falcons, Friends, Indian Engineers, Lalazar Sports, Pakistan Eaglets, Tokyo Giants, Tokyo Sri lanka Lions & Y. C. & A.C.  
Were against: Fuji Far East, Shizuoak Kytes, Millennium)  
Proposal to the J. C. A. by the K. C. L.:  
1)Starting from the 2004 season, all players in the K.C.L. and any othercompetition recognised by the J.C.A. must have legal visa status in Japan.  
2)Starting from the 1st January 2004, a maximum of 2 non-Japanese National  
(subject to visa status, and residence requirements to be determined) shall be eligible for the Japanese National Team.  

An answer from the J.C.A. is expected before the 10th of February.  

Pending on the answer of the J.C.A., a second General meeting will betentatively held on 24th February 2004 at Y.C. & A.C.  


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