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04/06/2006: Kanto Cricket League EGM: 
New League to replace old one after official dissolution: 
At the EGM called by the Kanto Cricket League EGM following the resignation of 3 Committee members, the present League was dissolved and will be replaced by a new League of the same name to start on July 2nd. 
Minutes and details coming soon! 

28/05/2006: Kanto Cricket League: 
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Heavy rains ruin another day: 
Tokyo British Embassy C.C. vs. MAX C.C. 
Al Karam C.C. vs. Lalazar spots C.X.: 
Match drawn (Ground waterlogged) 

20th~21st/05/2006: Kanto Cricket League: 
May 21st: 
Rain disrupts a big game again: 
Millennium C.C. vs. Friends XI C.C.:  
match drawn (waterlogged ground) 
Serendib C.C. overwhelms Tokyo British Embassy in key match and Dhugal Beddingfield shows the difference between a first team and a second team as Ichihara Sharks C.C. demolish  Shizuoka Kytes C.C. 2nd XI (the Clowns C.C.): 
Serendib C.C.: 219/9 (Asanka, 39; Dhanuka, 33) 
Tokyo British Embassy C.C.: 131/9 (K. Irie, 35) 
Serendib C.C. won by 83 runs 

Ichihara Sharks C.C.: 340/7 (40 overs) (D. Beddingfield, 143; Extras, 79; C. Thurgate, 37; N. Creece, 32; M. Sharpe, 3/59) 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C. 2nd XI (the Clowns C.C.): 161 (24.1 overs) (A. harvey, 41; M. Sharpe, 37) 
Ichihara Sharks C.C. won by 179 runs 
Umpire: Rashid Wadood 
Scorer: N. Harrison 
Check Scoresheet HERE>> 
Read Report by Iain Lambert HERE>> 
May 20th: 
Dragons  get 12 out of 14 points without bowling a single ball: 
Dragons C.c. vs. Serendib C.C.:  
Match drawn (waterlogged) 
Paddy Foley's sees 4th game ruined by rain: 
Paddy Foley's C.C. 2nd XI vs. Tokyo Bay Districts C.C.: 
Match drawn (waterlogged) 

13~14/05/2006:  Kanto Crciket League: 
Gavin Beath's record-breaking bowling spell blasts YC & AC out of the park! 
Wyverns C.C.: 122 (Dinesh Singh, 4/16) 
Y. C. & A. C.: 66 (G. Beath, 7/25) 
Wyverns C.C. won by 56 runs 
Rain ruins the day again: 
May 14th 
Tokyo Giants CC vs. Tokyo Wombats CC : 
Match drawn (waterlogged ground) 
Shizuoka Kytes CC vs. Indian Engineers CC:  
Match drawn (waterlogged ground) 
Paddy Foley7s CC vs. Fuji far Esast CC: 
Match drawn (waterlogged ground) 

May 13th, 
Adore CC vs. Japan Universities  
Match drawn (washed out) 

11/05/2006: CC of Nagoya Tour of Hong Kong: 
Mohammad Saqib Khan takes his team on a 3-match tour of  Hong Kong May 18th~21st! 
Cricket Club of Nagoya will play 3 matches in Honk Kong on 18th, 20th and  
21st May. 
The tour will leave from Nagoya on the 16th Of May  
13 members of Nagoya Cricket Club will accompany Captain Mohammad Saqib Khan. 

Three matches are shceduled on 18th, 20th and 21st of May as follows: 
-18th May (Thursday) VS Pakistan Association Cricket Club at PKV Ground. 
-20th May (Saturday) VS Little Sai Wan Cricket Club at MR Ground. 
-21st May (Sunday)   VS Hong Kong Independence Cricket Club at MR ground. 

Look forward to the reports! 

10/05/2006: Kanto Cricket League:   
Schedule Changes:  
For various reasons there has been fiddlings with the KCL Schedule this week. Make sure you are cognizant of the changes! 
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05~07/05/2006: Kanto Cricket League:   
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Rain ruins the day! 
Tokyo Giants C.C. vs. Indian Engineers C.C. 
Match drawn (washed out) 
CC of Nagoya vs. Shizuoka Kytes C.C. 2nd XI 
Match drawn (washed out) 

CC of Nagoya bounces back with a solid win over Gunma Eleven Star C.C.: 
CC of Nagoya: 246 
Gunma Eleven Star C.C.: 180 
CC of Nagoya won by 66 runs 
Umpire: Zaheer Babar 

Ar Karam CC confirm their ambitions by beating CC of Nagoya in a tense low-score game  
C.C. of Nagoya: 126 
Ar karam C.C.: 127/7 
Ar Karam C.C. won by 3 wickets 
Umpire: Zaheer Babar 

30/04/2006:  New Primary School Cricket Club! 
Shizuhata Naka primary School, Shizuoka City 
Read more HERE>> 

30/04/2006: New Japan Cricket League starts with a bang and records: 
Friends XI C.C.: 406/7 (40 overs) = Highest total ever for a 40-over innings inany domestic competition in Japan (Umar Farooq, 141; Aamir Ali, 121; Naeem Ud Din, 56) 
Yokohama C. & A.C.: 133 
Friends XI C.C. won by 273 runs 

29~30/04/2006: Kanto Cricket League:
Back to form Tokyo Wombats C.C. beat newly promoted Wyverns C.C. and Chucky finally lays the Sheriff to rest! 
Wyverns C.C,: 167 (T. Chino, 52; C. Jones, 5/23; M. Ainsle, 3/21) 
Tokyo Wombats C.C.: 173/3 (S. Burke, 69*; T. Whisker, 68) 
Tokyo Wombats C.C. won by 7 wickets 
Umpire: Ahmed Gulzar 
Paddy Foley's C.C. get first points thanks to Ichihara Sharks C.C.'s late forfeit: 
Paddy Foley's C.C. vs. Ichihara Sharks C.C.: Paddy Foley's c.C. won by forfeit 
Tokyo British Embassy C.C. confirms with an easy win against hapless Japanese Universities and MAX C.C. reminds everyone of their dark horse status! 
Japanese Universities: 57 (B. Kininmont, 4/9; Vijayant Kumar, 3/7) 
Tokyo British Embassy C.C.: 59/0 (K. Irie, 31*) 
Tokyo British Embassy C.C. won by 10 wickets 

MAX C.C.: 174 (T. Yamada, 59; M. Kobayashi, 45) 
Adore C.C.: 119 
MAX C.C. won by 55 runs 

22~23/04/2006: Kanto Cricket League 
Division 1 thrown in turmoil by big upsets. Tokyo Bay Districts CC confirms in D-2: 
Millennium CC: 239/7 (40 overs) (Munir Ahmed, 123*; Mohammad Rizwan, 57) 
Wyverns CC: 243/6 (39.3 overs) (G. Beath, 112; T. Chino, 57) 
Wyverns CC won by 4 wickets 

Tokyo Giants CC: 201 (38 overs) (Sajjad hassan, 40) 
Yokohama C. & A.C.: 137/? (28.3 overs) 
Tokyo Giants won by 27 runs (D/L) 

Shizuoka Kytes CC: 293/7 (40 0vers) (A. Harvey; 90; Kunwar Mahender; 56; G. Brady, 3/35) 
Tokyo Wombats: 107 (S. Burke, 42; T. Whisker, 32) 
Shizuoka Kytes CC won by 186 runs 
Scorers: T. Phillips & N. Harrison 
Check Scoresheet HERE>> 
Read Report by R-G. Martineau HERE>> 
Read Report by Ian Gason HERE>> 

Tokyo Bay Districts CC beat a few records!: 
Tokyo Bay Districts CC: 309/1 (40 overs) (Saad Qureshi, 174*; Sachin Chowdhery, 101*) 
Serendib: 238/6 (37 overs) (Shiron Darshana, 58; Asanka Pallegedara, 56)  
Tokyo Bay Districts CC won by 71 runs) 
Read Report by Sachin Chowdhery HERE>> 

Dragons CC get 4 more points without breaking a sweat and Serendib CC start their campaign on a positive note: 
Serendib CC: 179 (Ganga 39) 
Adore CC: 112 
Serendib CC won by 67 runs 

Dragons CC bet Paddy Foley's CC by forfeit 

17/04/2006: I.E.C.C Newsletter:  Issue #62 
+  Japan sees birth of another multi-club tournament 
+  Wet start to KCL 2006 
+  JCA widens its Junior Cricket program  
+  ICC EAP News 
+  Indian Engineers' Japan Cricket Rating system - New results 
+  IECC Poll results 
+  Readers' corner 
+  Best of the web 
+  Snippet of the Month 
+  Trivial facts from our Archives 

16/04/2006: Kanto Cricket league: 
First win still eludes Paddy Foley's CC as CC of Nagoya squeeze past them in exciting game: 
Paddy Foley's CC: 158/6 (T. Peake, 49)  
CC of Nagoya: 163/7 (25.1 overs) (Raja Akram 72; Muhammad Tariq, 31;T. Peake, 4/39)  
CC of nagoya won by 3 wickets  
Umpires: N. Harrison & R-G. Martineau  
Read Neil Harrison's Report HERE>> 

08~09/04/2006:: Kanto Cricket League:  
Toyko British Embassy C.C. starts the campaign for promotion with easy win over Paddy Foley's C.C. 2nd XI:  
Paddy Folley's C.C. 2nd XI: 58 (15.2 overs) (C. Thomson, 4/30; Vijayant Kumar, 3/6; K. Murata, 3/22) 
Tokyo british Embassu C.C.: 60/1 (10 overs) 
Tokyo British Emabassy C.C. wonby 9 wickets 
Umpires: A. Miyaji & H. Matsubara 
Dragons C.C. get their first points without a sweat thanks to the Japan Universities' forfeiture: 
Dragons C.C. vs. Japan Universities: 
Dragons C.C. won by forfeit 
Details coming soon! 
Check Kanto Cricket League Tables HERE>> 

02/04/2006: Kanto Cricket league:  
Gunma Eleven Sar C.C. breeze past former D-1 Lalazar Sports C.C.: 
Lalazar Sports C.C.: 151 (Ashiq Hussain, 48; Gulzar Ahmed, 35; Zaheer Ahmed 4/19)  
Gunma Eleven Star C.C.: 156/1 (Zahid m. Khan 58*; Syed Shaibudin 50)  
Gunma Eleven Star C.C. won by 9 wickets 
Umpire: Dhanuka 
Check Scoresheet HERE>> 

Rain prevents the Shizuoka Clash for the second year in a row and a potentially more exciting one between Friends XI C.C. and Indian Engineers C.C.: 
D 1: Friends XI C.C. vs. Indian Engineers C.C.: Drawn 
D-2: Shizuoka Kytes C.C. 2nd XI vs. Fuji far East C.C.: Drawn 
What can you write about the rain but that it is so boring! 

26/03/2006: Friendlies: The Kytes try a few new recruits in their double win over Paddy Foley's C.C.: 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C.: 197/5 (20 overs) (A. Harvey, 61*; Arbab Mohammad, 48*; Subhoda Gunawardene, 38*) 
Paddy foley's C.C.: 114/7 (20 overs) (R. Matthews, 31*) 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C. won by 83 runs 

Pady Foley's C.C.: 119/9 (20 overs) (Pushan Bannerjee, 3/18) 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C.: 120/8 (19.1 overs) (Subhoda Gunawardene, 37*; M. Timbrell, 3/11; Udaya Athukorala, 3/23) 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C. won by 2 wickets 
Check Scoresheets HERE>> 

21/03/2006: Kanto Cricket League Schedule announced! 
Check regularly as it subject to eventual changes  HERE>> 

12/03/2006: The Kytes start their season on a positive note: 
Shizuoka Kytes cCC.: 187/9 (30 overs) (J. Chamberlain, 49; Subhoda gunawardene, 30; Dhanuka, 3/16) 
Serendib C.C.: 99 (Asanga, 31; B. Tomlinson, 3/20) 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C. won by 88 runs 
Scorer: N. Harrison 
Check Scoresheet HERE>> 
Read Report by Ashley Harvey HERE>> 

Dragons C.C.: 131 
Tokyo Giants C.C.: 132/6 (Mohammad tariq 50*) 
Tokyo Giants C.C. won by 4 wickets 

Gunma Eleven Star C.C.: 196 
Ar Karam: 76 
Gunma Eleven Star C.C. won by 120 runs 

26/01/2005: Kanto Cricket League Annual General Meeting: 
The 2005-2006 KCL AGM was conducted under the guidance of Anton McCloy at Paddy Foley's Irish Pub in Tokyo. 
Report by Biju Paul: 
Thank you for attending the Kanto Cricket League(KCL) AGM at the Paddy Foleys on January 22, 2006.! 
The Committee would like to thank Neil Day for making his establishment available the whole day for the meeting. 
AGM Minutes: 
Chair: Mr. Anton McCloy 

1. Biju Paul, the Secretary of the outgoing Committee read a report of the previous season and congratulated the captains and teams for their good behaviour and co-operation on and off the field. 

2.  Shun Hashiba, the treasurer of the outgoing Committee, presented the financial report for the season 2004, which in brief is as listed below: 

3.  The Shizuoka Kytes and Wyverns were promoted to D-II while the British Embassy and Lalazar were relegated to D-II. The following new teams showed their intent to participate in the KCL 2006: 
i    Al Karam C.C 
ii   Gunma XI Star C.C 
iii  Japanese Universities Selection 
iv  Yellow Magic C.C 

4.  Anton McCloy presented a report on the JCUIP. During the 2005 season, 28 umpires cards and 42 captains cards have been handed in. 

5. Release all KCL results to the press. 
Vote: Unanimous 

6.  KCL finals and semi-finals dates must be decided at the beginning of the season 
Vote: Yes 11,  No 1 

7.  Reduction of KCL Committee size from 7 to 5. 
Vote: Yes 4,  No 9 

8.  Combine the KCL AGM and awards on the same day. 
Vote: Yes 10,  No 3 

9.  KCL All Stars vs. Kansai Cricket Cup All Stars game. 
Vote: Unanimous 

10. Clubs can apply to the Committee to enter second elevens 
Vote: Yes 10,  No 3 

11.  New JCA proposal. 
Vote: Yes 8,  No 5 

12.  A new Committee was elected with the following individual as members: 

 Biju Paul (Indian Engineers) 
 David Davies (Dragons C.C) 
 Ian Astley (Ichihara Sharks) 
Jarrad Shearer (Tokyo Wombats) 
 Mark Timbrell (Paddy Foleys) 
 Mumtaz Khan (Tokyo Giants) 
 Robert-Gilles Martineau (Shizuoka Kytes) 

13.  KCL Committee email: kcl@japancricket.com 

13/01/2005: I.E.C.C Newsletter:  Issue #59 
+  KCL 2005 AGM to be held in January 
+  Shizuoka Youth Cricket Development Program report 
+  ICC EAP News 
+  Indian Engineers' Japan Cricket Rating system - New results 
+  Readers' corner 
+  Best of the web 
+  Snippet of the Month 
+  Trivial facts from our Archives