The Club was first created as the Shizuoka Ken Cricket Club in Autumn 1983 by three cricket crazy blokes, namely David Hunt (Yorkshire), John Elliott(Durham) and Robert-Gilles Martineau(Bourgogne, France. Actually cricket is being played and sponsored by a famous winery in Burgundy!). The first game was played on November the 3rd, 1984 against the Yokohama Country & Athletics Club. Since then, John went back to Durham , while David had to cease cricket activities due to heavy family and professional commitments. 
There are still two participants in that historic game active in Japan: Richard Anthony "Tony" Fordyce(England) of the YCAC as well as Robert-Gilles "Grandad/Bilbo" Martineau (France) of the Shizuoka Ken CC. The Shizuoka side even featured a lady, namely Sally Louis, from Wales, who actually bowled very well, and a Japanese rugby player, Masami Watanabe, who came and played shod in rugger shoes! 
Mucha Cricket & Petanque Club was created by Hisatsugu Umehara and Yoshinori Sugisaki in 1992, although it has been dormant recently 
Fuji Cricket Club was founded by Glenn Carter in 1993 after a fateful meeting between Glenn Carter(Australia), Patrick Harrington (England) and Robert-Gilles Martineau at the now-defunct  Bandwagon Bar in Shizuoka City. Glenn had a mat fixed on a concrete pitch near the Fujikawa River. Would you believe that on a single  photograph taken on a clear day you can see the cricket pitch, the Shinkansen bullet train and Mount Fuji! Glenn has since left these shores and the club is mainly looked after by Mark McTamaney and Anton McCloy, both from New Zealand. 
Shizuoka Ken CC changed its name to Shizuoka Kytes Cricket Club in 1997, based on all the birds of prey flying over the pitch! The bird finally appeared on the Kytes shirts on April 24th, 2005.
Shizuoka County Cricket Club was founded in 1998 to synchronise all cricket activities in Shizuoka Prefecture. 
Meanwhile Professor Makoto Yamada of Kobe City International Studies University and Robert-Gilles Martineau helped create the Japan Cricket Association in  July 1988 and have it accepted as an Affiliate Member of the ICC (administered by Lt. Col. John Stephenson at the time) with the backing of England in July 1989. The JCA's authorities were handed over to the Japanese in 1996 under the insistent demands by Mssrs. Trevor Bailey and Minoru Mito. After a  second coup d'etat inside the JCA in the year 2000, the Japanese Members called on all Cricket players, foreigners and Japanese alike to rejoin the JCA and take an active part in its organization. 
The JCA has since moved forward, but unfortunately, most records prior to 2000 have been either lost or undisclosed with a consequent confusion. 
The JCA went up one notch in 2004 by organizing the ICC-EAP Tournament, the virtual qualification round for the 2007 Cricket World Cup in Fuji which presently prides in two concrete-laid pitches. 
The Shizuoka Kytes Cricket Club has already organised tours to various parts of Japan including Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto, Takamatsu (Shikoku) and Shodoshima Island as well as four tours to New Caledonia. It has also sent Japanese University Cricket Players to English & Cricket Seminars in England. 
A lot of work was started on the ground along Abe River in 2004 to accomodate spectators, teams and officials. 
2005 saw the start of a real Cricket Youth programme in Shizuoka City. 
Finally we put our own homepage online on March the 22nd, 1999 not only to advertise ourselves but also to be of some use for the whole cricket community in Japan! 

To put it simply, we created this Club with the main goal 
to enjoy our cricket,  make new friends and have a good time!