November 28th, 2004
Kytes vs Indian Engineers
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19 pictures, blimey!
"Bilbo" & "Maka"
(Robert-Gilles Martineau & Mark McTamney)
For people who do not read Japanese, the sign says:
"Dogs, Don't shit here!
"Bilbo/Bilby/Grand Old Man
(Robert-Gilles Martineau)
"Pendragon" & "Cagey"
(Neil Harrison & Robb McKenna)
Idle Captains
(Biju Paul & Neil Harrison)
The smiling old guy is Viswa
(so proud to be younger than Bilbo!)
Pendragon & Toddler presiding over the BBQ
(Neil harrison & Todd Phillips holding beer cans)
Toddler and Bunny overlooking the ladies?
(Blondie, Chie-chan, John John, Scorer & Bubbly)
Fujitsu Staff Supporters
(Guess their nationalities!)
Bunny (Shoaib Aziz) still looking after the ladies
Blondie, Chie-chan, John John & Scorer)
Prince Arthur & Pendraon
(Arthur & Neil Harrison)
Still drinking (no, they are rumourmongering!)
(Blondie & Scorer)
Pendragon stealing the Ladies' beer!
Bunny suddenly very quiet!
"Catstagniede/Shrpy" still thinking he is soft...
(Matthew Sharpe)
Lonely Heart Club Band...
("Porno", "Pants" & "Hachi" Ozzies ignoring the Kiwi)
Scoring and Rumourmongering panel
(Scorer, Blondie & Bubbly)
"Wake up!" & "Porno"
(Takashi Matsuura and Nicholas Shannon)
"Cagey" & "Maka" thinking they are the stars of the day...
The Three Stooges
(Bilbo, Maka & Cagey)