Adir: Tribes of the Desert and the Sea Ship Captain. 
Aerdhel: Elf Prince Elect, Consort of Queen Ellana 
Alf/Alfred de Vigny: Double secret agent 
Allaert (Prince): Elf Prince, brother of Queen Ellana 
Amrel: Blue Dragon 
Ancient One: Glamrun's nickname 
Anthony Vanenklaar: Brother of Marcus Vanenklaar, King of Dunlago 
Apprentice: Young man, Umatar's apprentice 
Argleb: Thug employed by Dravan 
Arnaud de Betancourt: Doyen of the Tribunal in Beaucastel 
Atraxa Vanenklaar: Queen of Dunlago, wife of Marcus Vanenklaar 
Bertrand d'Estrees: Beaucastel Noble (Knight Bachelor)
Birghit: Walkyrie, Beaucastel Royal Guards Sergeant 
Boy: Orphan boy, adopted by Umatar 
Brighteyes: (Dwarf) Queen Under The Mountain, Hammerblow's wife 
Bronzewrists: Dwarf 
Charles d'Estrees: Beaucastel Noble (Earl)
Constable Petren: Dunlago Constabulary Chief 
Dargelblad: Silver Dragon 
Daville: Inkeeper of the Seven Dragons Tavern 
Dravan: Owner of the Green Anchor Tavern 
Ekan: Black Dragon 
Etienne de Vasserel: Beaucastel Noble
Forge Steelneck: Dwarf engineer 
Gantry: Royal Guard 
Gardan: Thug 
Geoffroy D'Arcourt: Beaucastel Royal Guards Captain  
Geraldine de Blanchefleur: Amrel's full assumed name 
Gilles d'Estrees: Beaucastel noble (Knight banneret)
Gladys Vanenklaar: Anthony Vanenkaar's wife 
Glamrun: Father Dragon (red) 
Geraldine de Blanchefleur: Amrel's assumed name 
Grazel: Kitchen servant at the Blue Mermaid 
Hammerblow: (Dwarf) King Under The Mountain 
He-Who-Speaks-His-Heart:  Free Tribes of the Steppes Warrior's name 
He-Who-Stands-Fast: Shaman's name 
He-Who-Stands-Upright: Tribesman's name, member of the Council of Sages 
He-Who-Talks-To-The-Wind: Shaman's name 
Ironarms: Dwarf 
Ironfoot: Nunmir's assumed name 
Jay: Amrel's assumed name (for short) 
Jonas: Ekan's assumed name 
(The) Judge: Highest official in Dunlago Justice Court 
Maheut:Walkyrie, Royal Guards of Beaucastel Corporal 
Marcus Vanenklaar: King of Dunlago 
Mareeva: Orphan girl adopted by Ekan 
Naeem: Fisherman's son, ater Ekan's apprentice 
Nazrat: Staff at the Blue Mermaid, formerly employed at the Green Anchor 
Nicola: One of Shahzad's granddaughters 
Numnir: Flint Dragon 
Petracar: Captain of the "Hope" 
Qaisar: Cloth merchant 
Quartz Bronzeglaive: Dunlago Dwarf 
Raisal: Potter 
Rigobert d'Estrees: Beaucastel noble (Knight)
Rockhands: Dwarf's name 
Shazad: Spices and Foods store owner 
She-Who-Smiles-To-Danger: Woman warrior of the Free Tribes of the Steppes 
She-Who-Talks-To-Dragons: Umatar's assumed name 
Siegfried: Elf's name 
Simon de Montjoie: Duke of Montjoie, far cousin of Gerhart, King of Beaulieu 
Steelfist: Dwarf 
Stonefoot: Dwarf 
Strongrock: Dwarf 
Tagir: Thug employed by Dravan 
They-Who-Come-With-The-Sun: Name given to Umatar's Tribe 
Turgas: Blue Mermaid innkeeper 
Umatar: Golden Dragon 
Wilfred: Dargelblad's assumed name 
Wise One: Wolf's nickname 
Zamrel: Mother Dragon (white)