Please find below links to some fantastic (79 so far!) sites!
The reasons why they are introduced are:
1) The contents are great!
2) They are exceptionally visitors-friendly!
3) Their Designers/Webmasters answer your messages, queries and greetings!
Big Admn's Place (Andrew MacCausland):
Black Cat (Aurore):
Captian PY DaCaptn's Dock On Poet's Bay:
Cerebral Muse (Jamie): 
Chloe Matthews-A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed!:
Chyna's Page (Jannie):
Circles of the Silver Sorceress:
Claudia Groll's Arte Realista-Realistic Art from Argentina: 
Creatures in Mythology (Kimberle): 
Crystal Ravenwolf's Journey of Enchantment:
Dalova's Realm:
Darkstar in the Mist:
Drackling's Realm:
Dragons and such (John B. Connor):
Dragon's Lair (Karen):
(The) Drakkan Web:
Dreams and Dragons (Allison):
Escape from Reality (Els):
Eye of the Dragon (Helen Turney): 
(The) Faegatekeeper:
(The) Faerie Realm (Lady Lumila):
Fairy Hollow (Bliss): 
(The) Fantasy Farm (Sir Fred):
Fantiscape (Patrica Jesch): 
Flower Hearts:
(A) Gothic Season:
Holy Grail Designs (Bethne): 
Irish Godmother's Lair:
Jan's World of Fantasy:
Karing's Corner:
Lady Codi/Warriors Within (The youngest of us all! 16 in 2001!):
Lady Gryphon's Mythical Realm: 
LadyHawke's Land Beyond The Myst:
Lady Keely's Witch Pages:
Lady Natasha's Realm (Dawn Coffey): 
Lady Silverwolf:
Ladysprite (FourMagick):
Legacy of the Cauldron (Sharon Rettich):
Magia e Streghe della Luna Nera:
Magick's Realm (Lady Trana):
Merian's Website:
My Lair (Luci):
Mysterious Labrys: 
Mystic temple (Canorus Draco):
My World Lives (Alicia/Lady Of The Unicorns):
Nikita's Homepage:
(The) Online Theater (Jim Riley):
(The) Orb of Stars (Norma):
Pagefairy's Hideaway (Patty):
(The) Paths of Embracing the Wolf (Lilwolff):
Pen-Dragon (PEN-DRAGON Lair of Poetry and Dragons):
Peregrine Eyrie (Peregrine Shaheen):
Planet Zone-Ta (Kitana):
(The) P'u Place:
Realm of the Silverwolf Lordess:
(The) Red Moon Witch:
Russian Winter Wonderland / My Universe (Marisha aka Lady Angel Smile): 
Saoirse Desmene (Saoirse):
Sidhe Moon:
Silverlady's Dreampage:
Sky Tigress' Perch:
Slaya's Magical Kingdom:
Spijder's Weavings:
Sweetest Unicorn's Homepage:
Textured Rainbows (Winaan):
There is a Season (Mac):
Thunderwolf's Den:
Tymora's Dragon Lair (aka Starlight Amber Dragon):
Tin Lizzie's Eminent Domain:
Val's Dr. Tatto & Vegetarian Recipes (Val):
Vampyress' Grimoire:
Welcome to my Home (Patricia):
Welcome to Vince's Wacky Site!:
White Raven Realm:
Witchy (Julie):
Xzea's Domain: