Alymndes: Continent's name 
Beaulieu: Realm south east of Alymndes 
Beaucastel: Capital of Beaulieu Realm 
(The) Blue Mermaid: Inn/Tavern in Dunlago 
(The) City In The Forest: Elves' Realm Capital 
City Square: Main square in Beaucastel 
Dragon valley: Hidden valley in the middle of the Iron Crags Mountains 
Dunlago: Unofficial capital of the Land of the Races of the Desert and The Sea 
Dwarven Crafts: Dwarves' shop in Dunlago 
(The) Eastern Ocean: Sea east of Alymndes 
Elf Wood (Elf Forets):: Forest (Realm) south of Alymndes inhabited by the Elves 
Fishing Village: Northenest inhabited town on Eastern Ocean shore 
(The) green Anchor: Dunlago tavern 
(The) Ice Wastes: Icy desolation at the extreme north of Alymndes 
(The) Iron Crags: Mountain chain north of Alymndes 
Montjoie: Dukedom south of Beaulieu abutting the Southern frontiers of Beaucastel. Also capital name of same Dukedom 
Montreduc:  One of the main cities of Montjoie 
(The) Mountains of Fire: Volcano chain south of Alymndes 
(The) Mount Of All Gods: Mesa Mountain in the middle of the Steppes. Most sacred site of the Free Tribes of the Steppes 
(The) Pass: Large pass through the Mountains of Fire south of Beaulieu Realm 
(The) Reef: Sea rocks archipelago north of the Eastern Ocean 
River Blue: Dragon Valley river 
(The) Seven Dragons Tavern: Tavern in Beaucastel 
(The) Steppes: Large area/land covered with steppes or grasslands in the center of Alymndes 
(The) Stone Desert: Desert south of the Iron Crags 
Villefranche: Southernest harbour town in Beaulieu Realm 
(The) Western Seas: Ocean west of Alymndes