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Vanuatu to host EAP Cricket Cup 2005 (Port Vila 20 October 2004)
The International Cricket Council (ICC) East Asia – Pacific (EAP) Region today announced Vanuatu as the host country for the EAP Cricket Cup 2005. This event will be jointly conducted by the ICC Development Program’s East Asia – Pacific Office and the Vanuatu Cricket Association.

The EAP Cricket Cup Vanuatu 2005 will act as a ranking event for the EAP’s Affiliate Member countries and will form part of the ICC’s World Cup Qualifying Series. 

Six countries will compete for the prize of advancing their chances to qualify for the ICC Cricket World Cup. These countries include Japan Tonga Indonesia Samoa Cook Islands and Vanuatu. This will be the first time Japan and Indonesia have participated in a regional cricket tournament in the Pacific Islands.

The EAP Cricket Cup Vanuatu 2005 will be held over a 9 day period in late September/early October with specific dates to be announced early next year. The event will have a round robin format followed by finals.

Speaking at a press conference in Port Vila ICC EAP Regional Development Manager Tim Anderson said:

“It is with great pleasure that I announce Vanuatu at the host country for the EAP Cricket Cup 2005. 

“The Vanuatu Cricket Association (VCA) has worked tirelessly in recent years to promote and develop cricket in Vanuatu and it is now the ICC’s belief that the VCA has one of the best cricket development programs in the EAP region. 

“Vanuatu therefore deserves the honour of hosting this prestigious international event.” 

Anderson went onto say that the Vanuatu Cricket Association has won several ICC Development Program awards in the past two years.

VCA President Mark Stafford said he was delighted that the EAP Cricket Cup 2005 would be staged in Vanuatu.

“This is a great opportunity to put both Vanuatu and cricket in Vanuatu in the international spotlight” he added. 

“We are very excited about the tournament and have no doubt Vanuatu has all the resources required to host this event successfully for the ICC.” 

Venues to be used during the EAP Cricket Cup Vanuatu 2005 include Independence Park and Club Hippique and a new ground development next to the Korman Stadium. Although not commenced yet this new ground development is an exciting initiative between the VCA and Vanuatu Rugby that is expected to be completed in early 2005.

Anderson will return to ICC EAP’s Melbourne offices on Thursday with his brief visit having involved ground and accommodation inspections meetings with potential tournament sponsors and government officials and a presentation to all Vanuatu Cricket stakeholders. 

For further information on the EAP Cricket Cup Vanuatu 2005 please contact: 

Tim Anderson – Development Manager ICC East Asia Pacific Region 
+61 3 9653 9945

Mark Stafford – President of Vanuatu Cricket Association
+678 22280

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