Part 1 (1~19)
As from March 2000, we have started introducing friendly links & sister clubs and make a special feature page to that effect.
The first clubs we have the pleasure to present are the Long Island C.C. & the Caulfield C. C.  downunder:
Long Island C.C.
The Long Island Cricket Club is affiliated with the Lornington Peninsula Cricket Association, Australia . 
The MPCA had 37 cricket clubs with each club fielding between 3 and 8 teams in 15 grades, 
making it one of Australia's largest Cricket Associations. 
Home ground: Ballam Park South. 
The club would very much like to establish contacts with cricket players and lovers in Japan! 
E-Mail to Robert Kent at: 
Check their site (bery professional!) at: 
Caulfield C.C. Inc.
The Caulfield Cricket Club Inc. was created in 1888 (!) and is a founding member of the Victorian Sub-District Cricket Association. 
They are looking forward to establishing club sisterships for various exchanges and help each other when their members  
visit each other's countries and/or wish to play cricket for those clubs. 
Caulfield is located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 
Ground: City of Glen Eira. 
To know more look at their homepage: 
(look at the links-surprise!) 
E-Mail to Mark Fergus at: 
The third club we have the pleasure to present is the Harborne Cricket Club from England:
Harborne C.C.
The Harborne Cricket Club was founded in 1868 and is one of the leading clubs in the Midlands/England. 
The First XI has recently been promoted to the Birmingham Premier Division and the club is represented by no less than 5 teams.
E-Mail to Ms. Claire Easter for more information: 
Look at their homepage at: 
The fourth we have an equal pleasure to introduce is the Asvion Cricket Club from Holland!:
Asvion Cricket Club
Located in Schiedam near Rotterdam/ Holland, the Asvion Cricket Clyb will celebrate its 30th Anniversary 
on May 13th & 14th, 2000. Has two regular teams.
For more details, E-Mail to Mr. Hans Kan at:  
Have a good look at their homepage: 
We just have had the pleasure to welcome our fifth friend, the Suburban Cricket Club from the U.S.A.!
Suburban Cricket Club
Created in 1993. They are excelling in the Midwest Conference, U.S.A. 
For more details, E-Mail to Mr. Ehsan Ur Rehman at: 
Have a good look at their homepage: 
The site below is our sixth friendly club and comes from Wales, U.K.:
Heath Taverners Cricket Club
The club was formed in1986, just 2 years after the Shizuoka Kytes C.C. They are presently playing 
in the First Division of the of Cardiff Midweek League. The "Club Trivia" is great fun to read!
Their homepage is capably edited by Mr. Simon Hiscocks.
Read their homepage at: 
or at:
For more details E-Mail to Mr. Simon Hiscocks at :
The seventh friendly club 
(the lucky number in Japan!)
also comes the U.K.
Bishop Auckland Cricket Club
Founded in 1853, it is not a Kiwi but an English club!
They have been playing in the North Yorkshire South Durham Cticket League since 1906!
Visit their excellent homepage at: 
For more details contact: Mr. Stephen Ayre at: 
The site below is our eighth friendly club and comes from Sydney, Australia:
North Ryde R. S. L. Cricket Club
They are currently participating in Sydney's Northern District Cricket Association competition 
where they have been Champions for the last eleven years! Very well-done site!
Visit their homepage at:
Contact Mr. Greg Gibson for more details at:
England has provided us 
with our ninth friendly club:
Checkendon Cricket Club
Checkendon Cricket Club is a family-orientated club playing friendly, 
but competitive village cricket in England.
Visit their homepage at: 
For further information contact Mr. David I. Williams at:
A club from the North of England was the tenth site to kindly answer to our greetings:
Crompark Cicket Club
Crompark Cricket Club is a small cricket club (in their own words!) playing in the Dales Council League 
in and around the Leeds & Bradford areas in the North of England.
Visit their excellent site at:
For more details e-mail to:
or to Mr. Ian Eccleshall at:
Closely following is a "double" club(eleventh) from North Devon, England:
Barnstaple and Pilton Cricket Club
Barnstaple and Pilton Cricket Club was formed in 1993 by the amalgation of two well-established clubs 
in North devon, England, namely Barnstaple C.C. 
and Pilton C.C.
Visit their extensive site at:
Gor more details e-mail to Mr. mark Metters at:
Our twelfth friends will teach that 
you can play regardless of the cold!
Guttsta Wicked Cricket Club
Founded at a meeting in a local brewery, Guttsta Brygerri, in 1989 and were the main influence 
behind the creation of the Swedish Cricket Association. 
Remarkable Homepage!
Check their Homepage at:
For more information, e-mail to Mr. Staffan Lageson at:
Number 13! (the lucky number?)are:
Sutton All Stars Cricket Club
The Sutton All Stars Cricket Club is based in Saint Helens, Mersyside, England 
and they play weeknights in leagues 
based in Warrington and Widnes.
Judging from the photogaph, they view their cricket 
the same way as the Shizuoka Kytes!
Check their homepage at:
For more information e-mail to Mr. Chris Benson at:
The 14th club to join the illustrious Friends Group are:
Hockley Heath Cricket Club
Founded in the 19th Century, Hockley Heath Cricket Club 
now reside close to Packwood House between the villages of Hockley Heath and Lapworth/Cotswold/England.
Remakable Photo history!
Check their homepage at:
For more information e-mail to Mr. Richard King at:
Our 15th Friendly Site comes from Scotland:
Preston Village Cricket Club
Preston Village Cricket Club was established 6 years ago in Prestonpans, East Lothian, Scotland. 
The town is best known for being the venue of the Jacobite Rebelion under Bonnie Prince Charlie. 
They are a young and ambitious club which has been built on a love of cricket and the social side of the sport.
Visit theirsite at:
Gor more information, e-mail to:
Well, well, well... would you believe it?
We're back to Scotland again for our 
sixteenth (very) friendly site:
Highland Cricket Club
Top class Site
What more can we say?
Enjoy a visit to their site and learn heaps about Scottish Cricket at:
Gor more information e-maul to:
Do you guys know where Leeds is located?
Have you heard of Yorkshire in England?
Well, that's where our seventeenth friends come from:
Shadwell Cricket Club
Established in 1895 in Leeds/England, they are members of the 
Wetherly & District Cricket league.
Cisit their site at:
For more information , e-mail to Mri Richard Vincent at:
It is back again down under but to New Zealnd to find our newest friendly site (the eigteenth):
Springlands Tavern Celtic Cricket Club 
They are the largest cricket club in Malborough, new Zealand, fielding 11 teams  
through all grades  during the past 1999/2000 season.
Visit their site at:
For more information, e-mail to Mr. Tony Firzpatrick at:
You have to cross the Pacific Ocean to find our nineteenth friendly site:
British Columbia Cricket Association
The British Columbia Cricket Association is the governing board of cricket in the 
Province of British Colunbis in Canada. It was formed in 1912.
They are much looking forward to a touring team from Japan!
Visit their site at:
For more information e-mail to Mr. Abyartha Sharma at: