Part 3 (39~55 )
As from March 2000, we have started introducing friendly links & sister clubs and make a special feature page to that effect.
Our thirty-ninth friends are actually a "Company Club" from England:
LEICA & LEO Cricket Club 
The leica & Leo Cricket Club consists of players from two companies, namely Leo Electron Microcospy Ltd. 
and leica. However, there are a few players from other horizons who play a vital part, too.
Great site with an excellent Jokes Page!
Visit their page at:
For more information w-mail to Mr. Champ Gohil at:
Our fortieth friends are noted for their active social lige on England!:
Lintz Cricket Club
The Lintz cricket Club is a member of the Fosters Northumberland and Tyneside Senior Cricket League.
They firld two senior teams and three youth teams.
The club is noted for their active social life and their own Loubfe/Bar facikities!
Visit their homepage at:
For more information e-mail to Mr. Ian Cook at:
Well, friends are getting better in scale!
our forty-first friends are:
East Anglian Premier League
Ten teams from Cambridgeshire, Essex, 
Huntingdonshire, Norfolk and Suffolk agreed to join the new Premier Cricket League of East Anglia which started in 1999. 
Matches are played on a home and away basis with a minimum of 120 overs in the day. 
Visit their homepage at:
For more information e-mail to "Lesley" at:
Our forty-second friends belong 
to the above league:
Cambridge St. Giles Cricket Club
The club was formed in 1885 and their homebase is in picturesque Dry Dayton. 
They are planning to merge with Camden C.C.
to form the largest county club in their county.
Their furst team plays at Fenner's, Cambridge!
Visit their homepage at:
For more information e-mail to "Lesley" at:
Our forty-third and forty-third friends are typical of root cricket in england:
Stratfield Turgis & Hartley Wespall
Cricket Club
Founded in 1811 and located in Turgis Green on the Reading to Basingstoke Road, England, 
on the left next to the Jekyll & Hyde Public House (!).
Fields two teams on Saturdays and one team on Sundays
Visit their homepage at:
For more information w-mail to Mr. Mike Brewer at:
Our Forty-fourth friends are 
at the roots of English cricket:
Winnington Park Cricket Club
Winnington Park Cricket Club was founded in 1890. The club's facilities are constantly improving 
and they always have invested the majority of their time and money into junior cricket.
"Their main objective is to promote cricket to everyone, the desire for success comes a close second!"
Visit their homepage at:
For more information w-mail to Mr. Michael Johns at:
Our forty-fifth friends come from 
a country dear to me, Scotland!:
Dunlop Cricket Club
Formed in 1930, the Dunlop Cricket club is based in East Ayrshire, Scoyland on a ground called Netherhouses.
Affiliated to the Western District in the 3rd Division of the Strathclyde Sunday league.
Visit their homepage at:
For more information e-mail to Mr. Iain Madden at:
Let's keep to England 
with our forty-sixth friends:
Finchampstead Cricket Club
Located four miles south of Wokingham in Berkshire England, the Finchampstead Cricket Club fields 
four Saturday teams: one in the Premier League and three in the Thames Valley Leagues, 
and three Sunday teams: two in the Morrant Three Counties Sunday League.
Visit their site at:
For more information e-mail to Mr Derek Jolliffe at
Our forty-seventh friends 
do wander a lot!:
Southwick Wanderers cricket Club
Mark Schofield's interview:
"Our club was founded in 1927.
We are based in Brighton (South Coast of England about 60 miles south of London)
We field 2 Sunday teams (1st and 2nd XI)
Iur club motto (slogan) is,
<'It's getting brighter over there !'>
This is in reference to the wet English weather and the fact that most of us eternal optimists when it comes
to waiting for the rain to stop. We are a friendly club with around 60 members 
(including around 10 non playing members) and we go on tour to other countries regularly. We have been to Spain 
twice and France 5 times.
Visit their page at:
E-mail to Mr. Mark Schofield at:
Our forty-eighth friends have 
an interesting history!
Charlesworth & Chisworth Cricket Club
Charlesworth Cricket Club, founded in 1861, and Chisworth Cricket Club, founded in 1867, were almagated in 1893.
They are located in Glossop, Derbyshire and play in the Derbyshire & Cheshire League.
They field two senior teams and an under-17 team.
Check their great history article on their homepage!:
For more details, e-mail to "Rob" at:
It's back to Scotland to find our
forty-ninth friends!
Mitre Cricket Club
Founded in 1954, it presently fields three league sides in the East of Scotland Cricket Association on Saturdays 
and one fourth  side called the Deacons which plays 
on varying week day afternoons and on Sundays.
They play at Inch Park, behind Cameron Toll Shopping Centre, 
Gilmester Road, Cameron Toll, Edinburgh, Scotland. 
Visit their page at:
For more information contact Mr.Carl Christensen at:
Our half century of friends has been 
completed by an English club!:
Holyport Cricket Club
Holyport Cricket Club was founded in 1844 (!) in Holyport, a large village in the Parish of Bray in East Berkshire, England.
They run four adult sides, two on Saturdays in the BerkshireLeague and two playing friendlies on Sundays.
They also look after under 11s and under 13s colt sides.
Visit their homeoage at:
Dor more details, e-mail to Mr. Tim Hayes (Captain) at:
The Captain of our fifty-first 
friends played in Japan!:
Salix Cricket Club
The team started in 1991 and was first captained by Tony Fletcher who actually spent some time in Japan!
In 1998 they finally joined the 
Club Cricket Conference and 
play friendlies on Sundays.
A true amateur cricket spirited club!
Cisit their gomepage at:
For more information e-mail to Mr. Tony Fletcher at:
Now, we are getting in ever bigger 
scope with our fifty-second friends!:
The Shepherd Neame Essex Cricket league
Founded in 1972, it counts 15 member clubs 
( all on internet, by the way!), 
playing in one Premier League for First XI's 
and 3 Divisions each for First, Second and Third Divisions
as well as one more Division for Fourth XI's!
Very complete homepage with loads of links!
Definitely one of the best Cricket League Homepages
in England and elsewhere!
Visit it at:
For more details, e-mail to Mr. George Salmon at:
George is also the webmaster of 
Basildon & Pitsea Cricket Club at:
Getting serious cricket with our
fifty-third friends:
Darlington Cricket & Athletic Club
Darlington Cricket & Athletic Club was foubded
in 1827 (as far as recorded history) and has been
a member of the North Yorkshire and South Durham 
Cricket League since 1896.
They are presently fielding three adult teams in the League.
Their professional player is John Glendenen.
The club hosts a variety of matches for Durham County C.C.
Visit their homepage at:
For further details, e-mail to Mr. Stephen Charlton at:
Our fifty-fourth friends have
a beautiful crest:
Wanstead Cricket Club
Founded in 1866, the Wanstead Cricket Club ("The Herons") are located in Overton Drive, England and are members
of the Shepherd Neame Essex Cricket League.
They include Senior Cricket and Junior Cricket.
Visit their pahe at:
For more details e-mail to Mr. Sanjay Batra at:
Have you ever heard of Cambridge?
That is where our fifty-fifth friends 
come from!:
Camden Cricket Club
Camden Cricket Club was founded in 1861.
The first XI's and club's base is Trinity Old Field in 
Trinity College, Cambridge, England.
They run 3 sides on Saturday, 1 on Sunday and 1 on Thursday as well as under 17, under 15, 
under 13 and under 11 sides.
They also have a girls' team!
Thei first XI plays in the Leady League.
Visit their page at:
For more details, e-mail to the club at: