Part 4 (56~70)
As from March 2000, we have started introducing friendly links & sister clubs and make a special feature page to that effect.
Our fifty-sixth friends bear 
my favourite crest!
Bickley Park Cricket Club
Founded in 1868,they are located in Bickley, Kent, England.
Bickley part Cricket Club field no less than 5 adult Elevens, the First playing high-level cricket 
in the Forester Kent Cricket League.
They also run an under-16 side.
Visit their page at:
For more information, e-mail to Mr. Keith Crowdy at:
Our fifty-seventh  friends do 
have a long history! 
Chiselhurst and West Kent Cricket Club
The Chiselhurst and West Kent Cricket Club was created in 1822 when members of the Ptince's Plain Cricket Club had to look gor another ground!
178 years later cricket is still played on the same ground at Chiselhurst Common, Kent, England.
Check their history article! It even mentions a notoruois Frenchman!
They presently field two XI's on Saturdays and one XI 
each on Sundays and Wednesdays.
Visit their page at:
For more information e-mail to Mr. Paul Crowdy at:
Our fifty-eighth work hard
for youth cricket in Australia!:
Windsor League Cricket Club
Windsor Leagues Cricket League has been established since 1964 in the Hawkesbury District Association
of New South Wales, Australia.
They run senior teams and Youth teams.
They had players selcted in Hawkesbury representative
sides in 6 different shields from under 10 to under 16!
Their home is South Windsor Oval.
Visit their page at:
For more details e-mail to Mr.Ian Forrest, President at:
Our fifty-ninth friends 
play in one of the most typical 
regions of England!
Countess Wear Cricket Club
Founded in 1954, they are located in Clyst St. Mary, 3 miles east of Exeter, Devon, England.
They run two Saturday Sides in the East Devon League (!)
in Division 1 & 3. They also field sides on Sundays and Tuesdays and also look after young cricketers.
Visit their page at:
For more information, e-mail to Mr. Mike Fernbank at:
A long history indeed for a village cricket club from our sixtieth friends! 
Cloghams Cricket Club
Cloghams Cricket Club is a village cricket team playing at Cloghams Green, Leaden Roding, Essex, England.
They have been playing cricket on the Green since 1870!
They promised to send us some vintage photographs!
Visit their page at:
For more information e-mail to Mr. David Dunmow at:
David has just sent us (20/06/2000) this remarkable photo taken 
in 1911 when his club played the local police!
Click on picture to enlarge!
Our sixty-first friends do not seem 
to care too much about crests 
or logos but they are fun!
Furneux Pelham Cricket Club
In 1995 the village of Furneux, Hertfordshire, England, restarted its cricket club after a silence dating back to the 1930's!
Since then, they have built a pavilion, were given a large scoreboard and started a Kwik Cricket Programme 
for the kids!
Visit their page at:
For more information e-mail toMr. Denis O'Regan at:
Our sixty-second friends are more serious about their cricket!
Thames Ditton Cricket Club
Thames Ditton Cricket Club, Surrey, England, 
have played on Giggs Hill Green since 1833, the date of their first recorded match against Twickenham C.C.
Theu are presently members of the Fullers Surrey
County League.
The club fields 3 Saturday and 1 Sunday sides a
nd are looking after a Colr (9~16) section.
Visit their page at:
For more information e-mail to Mr. Graham Ashton at:
Our sixty-third friends boast no
less than two grounds!:
North Maidenhead Cricket Club
North Maidenhead Cricket Club is a thriving cricket club with two delightfully secluded grounds between 
Lead and Cookham, Berkshire, England.
They run four sides in the Thames Valley League 
on Saturday and two friendly sides on Sunday and 
a strong Colts programme.
Visit their page at:
For more information e-mail to Mr. Chris Creffield at:
Our sixty-fourth friends were born
exactly one century ago!
West End Cricket Club
West End Cricket Club, Yorkshire, England were founded
in 1900 from the Young Men's Class at the Sunday School 
at the Haworth West Lane Baptist Cricket Club.
They consequently will have the peculiarity 
of celebrating each century of existence 
at the end of each Century!
Visit their page at:
For more information, e-mail to Mr. Mark Elders at:
Our sixty-fifth friends own 
a great crest for a truly old club!:
Godalming Cricket Club
Cricket has been played at and around 
Godalming, Surrey, England since at least 1767
according to a letter from Godalming printed in the Whitehall Evening Post of the 23rd of July 1767.
They presently play at the Holloway Hill Recreation Ground.
Visit their page at:
For more information e-mail to Mr. Peter Mayne at:
Our sixty-sixth friends play for 
the largest league in England!:
Hoddesdon Cricket Club "Hoddy"
Founded in 1882, Hoddesdon Cricket Club, Hertfordshire, England, are members of the newly sponsored 
Saracens Hertfordshire Cricket League, the largest single league in England with fourteen divisions including 100 clubs fielding 238 sides!
They presently run 4 sides as well as three youth teams.
Visit their page at:
For more information e-mail to Mr.Adrian Lee at:
Our sixty-seventh friends have one 
of the best grounds in Great Britain!:
Northop Hall Cricket Club
Northop Hall Cricket Club are based 
in Flintshire, North Wales and have three Saturday teams in the Liverpool and District Cricket League, 
a women's team, a Sunday team, a Midweek League team and various junior teams.
Their ground has been heaped with praise by no less than Middlessex Captain Like Gatting!
Visit their page at:
For more information e-mail to: mr. James Dawson at:
Our sixty-eighth friends certainly 
deserve their name!:
Warmsworth Cricket Club
Warmsworth Cricket Club   is situated in a small village called Warmsworth just outside Doncaster 
in South Yorkshire, England. 
The club has been around since the mid 1800's. 
We currently field 2 senior sides playing in the South Riding League and a Sunday side, which is 
a mix of seniors and juniors playing in the Barnsley League. 
We also field junior sides at Under 11,13,15 & 17. 
Visit their homepage at:
For more information e-mail to Mr. Richard Nettleton at:
Our sixty-ninth friends play 
high-class cricket in Australia!
Weston Creek Cricket Club
Established in 1976 in Weston Creek near Canberra, Australia, the Weston Creek Cricket Club have become 
a very active club with already three tours to England under their belt!
They play at a very high level and have counted among themselves such players as Greg Irvine, Michael Bevan ,
Huntley Armstrong and even George Gregan the star rugby player!
Visit their page at:
For more information e-mail to Mr. Chris Burgess at:
Our seventieth friends come from Austria, 
not Australia!:
Concordia Cricket Club
Concordia Cricket Club were founded in 1983 
(the same year as Shizuoka Kytes C.C.!).
They see themselves as spearhead of Cricket in Austria 
and of cricket for Austrians.
Currently about half of its playing members are Austrians. 
They are even running a school cricket project 
with a bilingual school in Vienna!
Visit their page at:
For more information e-mail to Mr. Sivabalasunderam Nadarajah at: