Part 6 (84~99 )
As from March 2000, we have started introducing friendly links & sister clubs and make a special feature page to that effect.
Our eighty-fourth friends
are an island cricket association!
Isle Of Man Cricket Association
In a year when Florrie Forde was at the Derby Castle, when a Ben Travis Farce was on 
at the Grand Theatre, Victoria Street and Jack Kerr and the Ambassadors 
were playing at the Palals de Danse; a group of cricketers decided that it was high time
that an Isle of Man Cricket Club (IOM CC) should be formed to play representative games and govern the sport in the Island. 
The year was of course 1930.
Cricket has been played on this island for well over 100 years and in 1930 teams such as
Castletown, Cronkbourne, Fencibles and Ramsey were already well established 
and playing against teams from the Douglas High School Old Boys, Laxey, Peel and Bishop Wilson s Theological College.
Visit their page at:
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Our eighty-fourth friends are playing 
in the above Association!:
Castletown Cricket Club
Castletown Cricket Club is one of the 16 clubs members of the Isle of Man Cricket Association and is integral part of 
their organisation and history.
The main force behind the club (and the Association is David Kenworthy who is also both sites' webmaster!).
The club presently fields one weekend team 
and three evening teams.
Visit their site at:
For more information e-mail to Mr.David Kenworthy at:
Our eighty-fifth friends
have some interesting humour!
Burnmoor Cricket Club
Burnmoor cricket Club are located in County Durham, England.
They field three adult elevens as well
as under 13's, 25's and 17's youth teams.
They certainly have a good sense of humour:
you should read their explanation of Cricket Rules to foreifners!
Visit their site at:
For more information e-mail to Ms. Carolyn Craggs at:
Our eighty-sixth friends do not 
let all that money go up to theid heads!
Stock Exchange Cricket Club (UK)
The Stock Exchange Cricket Club is open to anyone who works for a member firm of the London Stock Exchange,
regardless of position or rank. The club has members from the Fund Management, Broking, 
Corporate Finance and IDB communities, across all age ranges, including a veterans side (over 40). 
There are around 10 fixtures a year, mid-week and at weekends against a variety of opposition, 
from village sides to the MCC. Players can play in as many of the fixtures as they want. There is an overseas tour once every four years.
Visit their page at:
For more information e-mail to Mr. Chris Pitcher at:
Our eighty-seventh friends 
hail from Cimru!
Neath Guardian Cricket League
Stephen Jones, Secretary
The League was formed in 1979 by seven South Wales Cricket Association Clubs in the Neath area. 
Its main objective was to foster the involvement of younger Club Cricketers in competitive mid week Cricket on good wickets.
Since 1979 there have been many changes to the composition of the League as Clubs have joined, 
relinquished membership or rejoined, and membership has been extended beyond the immediate Neath area. 
The basic core membership has remained, however, and they now pride themselves as one of the foremost mid week 
Cricket Leagues in the South Wales Area.
The League presently comprises 10 Clubs and there is a waiting list for membership.
Visit their page at:
For more deatils, e-mail to Mr. Stephen Jones at:
No, our eighty-eighth friends 
are not from Japan, but from England!
Pacific Cricket Club
Pacific Cricket Club  are a friendly club based 
in North London, England, usually putting out two sides 
at the weekend and 
also have teams in the Lords indoor 6-a-side and 
Victoria Park 8-a-side leagues. 
They are always looking for new fixtures and players.
Visit their very-well made homepage at:
For more details, e-mail to Mr. Ben Hardisty at:
Our eighty-ninth friends are 
the first from Asia and the Arab World!:
Hubara Cricketers, Kuwait
Cricket has been played in Kuwait for over 50 years. It all started in the oil township of Ahmadi 
where foreign workers were employed in the Kuwait Oil Company. 
Hubara organized the first tournament in Kuwait called the Wimpey League in 1948. 
Today Hubara conducts 10 tournaments for regulars, veterans 
and schoolboys apart from festival games and fields 5 teams as well at various levels.
Read about the fascinating history of Hubara!
Visir their page at: 
For more information e-mail to the Webmaster at:
Our nintieth friends actually are an 
Internet Cricket Information Service!
Cricket Crazy
All the news about English Cricket in particular!
Loads of links! Bookstore, Players' Profiles, Women's Cricket, Diaries & original articles, Web Site Guide,
and more, and more!
Visit their dite at:
For more information e-mail to Mr.Andy Giles at:
Our ninety-first friends represent
a 111-year old institution!
Birmingham & District Premier League
The official site of league cricket in the West Midlands, England. 
The Birmingham & District Premier League spans 5 counties in the Midlands:
Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire and Herefordshire. 
The League consists of 3 divisions: Premier (12 clubs), 1st (14 clubs) and 2nd (14 clubs).
Visit their homepage at:
For more details e-mail to Mr. Andy Hagley at:
Our ninety-second friends are members 
of the above League!:
Hagley Cricket Club
The Hagley Cricket Club, Worcestershire, England, fields two Saturday XI's and one Sunday XI.
The Saturday teams currently play in the Birmingham & District Premier Cricket League - Division 2. 
The club also accommodates several midweek fixtures (usually touring sides) and a successful youth section, 
with ages ranging from Under 10 to Under 16 years.
Visit their homepage at:
 For more information e-mail to mr. Sndy Hadley at:
Our ninety-third friends 
have the luck of a great coach!
Energy Australia Under 17's Junior Cricket Team
In Ian, their own coach's words:
Hi web travellers!!!!!.......... and a big warm Aussie welcome to our little slice of cyberspace. 
My name is Ian, or as I am currently known to the team, Shitface. (but that's another story).
I presently coach the under 17's for Energy Australia and have done so for the last 6 years. 
Most of the players and I have been together throughout their junior cricketing careers, 
starting from under 10's and progressing through their age groups, so I guess you could say that we know each other pretty well by now...... 
Visit their page to read the rest, it is certainly worth it!
For more information w-mailto mr. Ian Spruce at:
Our ninety-fourth friends are another club 
with a great history!
Stanton Cricket Club
Stanton Cricket Club, South Notts, England, started out as part of the Stanton Ironworks Sports Association
and was called Stanton Ironworks Cricket Club. Stanton was a large employer of the local area becoming part of the British Steel Industry. 
Club records only go back to 1934. However, the minutes of the annual general meeting of 1934 
show that the retiring secretary had served for nine years. It also is minuted that the retiring secretary, 
Mr. Barton had taken over from Mr. Harry Palmer, by now the Vice Chairman, putting the founding of the club prior to 1925. 
More history and a great club at:
For more details e-mail to Mr. John O'Mahoney at:
Our ninety-fifth friends also have
a great history Downunder!:
Bentleigh ANA Cricket Club
Bentleigh ANA Cricket Club is a community based cricketing establishment that was formed in 1930 
as a founding member of the City of Moorabbin Cricket Association (CMCA), Australia. 
Known as the A's, ANA fields 5 senior cricket sides as well as 3 junior sides (Under 16's, Under 14's & Under 12's.
Visit their page at:
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Our ninety-sixth friends' history
dates back 127 years ago!
Milton Keynes Cricket Club
Milton Keynes Cricket Club, located in Milton Keynes Village near london,England, 
is a club very much attached to its history abd sata as you will discover  in their homepage history article!
They presently run 2 Senior Elevens and a Youth Programme.
Visit their hompage at:
For more information e-mail to Karin Mitchell at:
Our ninety-seventh friends
must have one of the longest names 
in the Cricket World!
Saint Crispin and Princess Marina Hospital Cricket Club
St. Crispin Cricket Club (as they call themselves for short) are back into activity after a year's absence 
(too much beer or too many patients?) and play in the Northamptonshire Alliance League, England.
They are located   in Duston on the western side of Northampton, ten minutes drive from Junction 16 of the M1.
Visit their page at:
Gor more details e-mail to Mr. Abdrew McDonald at:
Our ninety-eigth friends' name
might reflect the way they play cricket!
Oaks Flats Rats Cricket Club
The Rats are a club which celebrated its 25th anniversary last summer with premierships 
in first and third grade plus the South Coast District Cricket Association club championship. 
Oak Flats is a town 25km south of Wollongong or around 150km south of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. 
The Rats were born in season 1974-75 by a small band of local cricketers looking to play cricket on a regular basis
Visit their homepage at:
Gor more details e-mail to Mr. Paul Suttor at:
Our ninety-ninth friends are actually 
a double club in England!
Bradshaw Cricket Club & Bolton Cricket League 
This history of Bradshaw Cricket Club is not a brief summary. It traces the progress of cricket in the village 
of Bradshaw from around 1868 through Bradshaw Cricket Clubs formation in 1884, its entry into, 
and rise in the ranks of the Bolton & District Cricket Association, its part in the breakaway that lead to 
the formation of The Bolton League, all its triumphs and tribulations up to 1984.
You had better visit their homepage and start reading at:
Fot more information E-mail to Mr. Paul Booth at: