Part 7 (100~115 )
As from March 2000, we have started introducing friendly links & sister clubs and make a special feature page to that effect.
Our hundredth friends from England 
complete our Century!
Colne Cricket Club
Colne Cricket Club is a local cricket Club who are in the Lancashire League. 
Colne's professional for the 2000 season is Ben Johnson, he plays for South Australia and is an all-round player.
In 1996 Ben broke all Lancashire Cricket League batting records scoring 1,718 runs in one season. 
Colne may be a small town but has a strong team in all areas. Which they proved by defeating East Lancashire in the Worsley cup final. 
Colne's ground is a good ground with plenty of seating. It is looked after by the grounds man Clark 
who at times is over protective of his ground. 
Visit their homepage at:
For more information e-mail to "Alex" at:
Our hundred and first friends
are certainly not lambs for the opposition!
Potterne Cricket Club
Potterne Cricket Club was formed, as part of Potterne Sports Club, in 1936. 
But they had been in existence for longer than that. 
Records of a match against Devizes in 1843 bear testament to the fact. 
Few records exist of cricketing activities throughout the 19th Century, but an ignominious record was achieved early in the 20th. 
During a match in 1907 Potterne were bowled out for the score of 0, a feat that hopefully will never be repeated! 
At the outbreak of the Second World War, when the Club ceased to function. 
In 1947 interest in cricket was sufficient to enable the Club to start playing cricket again. 
Now, at the age of 64, the club is as successful as ever. The First XI are playing in the top division of the Wiltshire League, England,  
for the first time, and the second XI continues to thrive. And with plenty of youngsters coming through the ranks, the future looks rosy. 
Visit their homepage at:
For more details, e-mail to Mr. at Kevin Gover:
Our hundred and second friends
are a very recently formed club:
Gardeners Cricket Club
In the words of Hugh Johnstone, the Gardeners Cricket Club are based in London, UK. We play around London,
but also tour (Scotland for the last 3 years, and India next November!)
Maybe Japan down the line?
Visit their homepage at:
For more ingormation e-mail to Mr. Hugh Johnstone at:
Our hundred and third friends
have nothing to do with politicians!
The Greys Cricket Club
The Greys Cricket Club was founded in 1987 from the regulars of the Greys Public House in Southover Street, Brighton. 
What they lack in ability they endeavour to make up for in enthusiasm - and they're not adverse to a bit of puerile chat over the odd pint of foaming ale 
(hence their motto - Beer and Banter)
Visit their page at:
For more information e-mail to Mr. Andy Lulham
Our hundred and fourth friends
have just lost a record they were not that proud of!
Coppull and Langtree Cricket club
'The Pride Of all Lancashire' 
In Chris Hindley's words:"We are members of the Horwich Churches and Welfare Cricket Association. 
Whether you're 16 or 60 Coppull and Langtree Cricket Club is your local team....
We have enjoyed one of 
the worst records in Lancashire club cricket"
Well the Shizuoka Kytes cpild say the same! 
But like CLCC we enjoy our cricket!
Visit their page at:
For more information e-mail to Mr. Christopher Hindlley at:
Our hundred and fifth friends
hust could not believe cricket is played in Japan!
Horsham Cricket Club Colts
Excerpt from the club's page (Sussex-England)
No one could say that 2000 has been a vintage season in terms of success for the club, 
yet every team (except for the under 9's and under 10's who had no such competition or league) reached a final 
and the Under 14's, Under 12's and Under 11's won their respective league finals by a distance. 
It was therefore a year of solid achievement that demonstrated strength in depth ...
Visit their page at:
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Our hundred and sixth friends are 
typical of Yorkshire, England!
New Farnley Cricket Club
It was in 1995 that the club joined the Central Yorkshire League. 
Within the last few years they have progressed to the level that both their first and second teams 
now play in the premier league of the CYL.  Their third and fourth teams still play in the Dales Council League 
and they also run three junior teams.
Read their history at:
For more details e-mail to the Secretary at:
Our hundred and seventh friends are
bigger than their name!
Little Kingshill Cricket Club
Little Kingshill Cricket Club is situated between the villages of Little Kingshill and Great Kingshill,
near High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England. Theye play in the Morrant Chilterns League on Saturdays, 
and run a friendly XI on Sundays, Bank Holidays and on tour. 
The club celebrated its centenary in 1998 with a (rained off) game against Upottery of Devon, 
also 100 years old in 1998. 
Their facilities include a well stocked bar!
The annual tour  is planned  for Barbados for 2002. 
Visit their page at:
For more details e-mail to Mr. Roland Allen at:
Our hundred and eighth friends were
introduced to us by a Pub!
Eynsham Cricket Club
The Eynsham Cricket Club, England think without doubt they are the best site concerning cricket in Eynsham 
on the whole of the internet. Beware of cheap imitations! They also say!. Their occasional on-line magazine,
'MORE CARNAGE', contains player profiles, interviews, umpires corner and much more.
Also Visit the fantastic Queen's Head web site who introduced them!:
Visit the Club page at: 
For more details e-mail to Mr. Gary Cook at: 
Our hundred and ninth friends are
very proud of their surroundings!
Rothley Partk Cricket Club
Rothley patl Cricket Club were founded in 1897 in
Rothley, a small village in North West Leicestershire, England, where they play at Rothley Park, 
one of the most beautiful settings in the county. 
Visit their page at:
For more information e-mail to Mr. Fraeme Hayter at:
Our hundred and tenth friends hail from 
Hampshire where I learned my good manners (sic)!
Rowner Cricket Club
The Rowner Cricket Club plays on Rowner Green in Hampshire, England, and their first XI competed in the Hampshire 2nd Division. 
They seem to be quite a bunch of characters for usually sedate Southerners! Their page is quite funny and deserves a good look!
For more information, e-mail to Mr. Rob Bowman at:
Our hundred and eleventh friends were actulally surprised we found them!
Sileby Town Cricket Club
The Sileby Town Cricket Club play in the Everards Leicestershire Senior League, England, on a ground called Mill Lane.
They field no less than three Senior XI's, one Thursday XI, one Sunday XI and three Youth XI's.
Moreover they run a Kwik Cricket and a Incredicall programmes.
Visit their page at:
For more information e-mail to Mr. Dave King at:
Our hundred and twelth friends are Martin Firbank's, former Shizuoka Kytes player, club!
Attenborough Cricket club
Attenborough Cricket Club fields 3 senior teams on Saturdays and 2 on Sundays. 
The Saturday teams play in the HSB South Nottinghamshire Cricket League and the NCA 3rd XI competition. 
On Sundays, one team plays in the Newark Cricket Alliance; the other fixture is a traditional Sunday afternoon friendly.
It is by continued commitment to providing coaching and facilities for young cricketers 
that the club will prosper and secure its future. Attenborough has a thriving 
Colts section providing cricket for Under 11 through to Under 17 age groups. 
Visit their brand new page at: 
For more information, e-mail to their secretary, Mr. Martin Firbank at:
Our hundred and thirteenth friends carry
a famous acronym!
Mechanicals Cricket Club
Their homepage is a bit of a mystery to unveil but I found out that 
they play somewhere in England mainly in the evenings,
certainly enjoy their cricket and drinks at the club pub,
are narcistically and masochistically (what order?) proud
of their ducks and averages like very other worthy cricket player.
Their club has the particularity to carry a famous 
(or notorious) acronym!
Visit their page at:
For more information e-mail to Mr. Philip Towley at:
Our hundred and fourteenth friends
are a busy club in England!
Wilmslow Wayfarers Cricket Club
Wilmslow Wayfarers Cricket Club were founded in 1962 in Wilmslow, Cheshire, England.
They are members of the Shammah Nicholls Cheshire Cricket Alliance
Wilmslow Wayfarers have two senior teams and a thriving junior team
The two senior teams play in the 
Shammah Nicholls Cheshire Cricket Alliance League on Saturdays. The junior team plays in the 
Jones Homes under 14 league on Friday evenings
Visit their page at:
For more information e-mail to the Secretary, Ms. Kate Branagan at:
Our  hundred and fifteenth friends
are certainly not cocky!
Cookham Dean Cricket Club
Cookham Dean Cricket Club  are a family orientated cricket club, located just between the villages of Cookham 
and Cookham Dean, England.
They are affiliated to the Chiltern Cricket League and at
the moment  are able to field two Saturday League teams and two Sunday teams. 
They also run a number of Colts teams, from U11 to U15.  They  have excellent facilities at their private ground, 
including 13 tracks on our square, 
2 bay artificial practice nets, all year bar openings with competitive prices, pool table, darts, pentanque and a friendly Club welcome.
Visit their page at:
For more details e-mail to Mr. Pete Norval at: