Part 9 (132~141 )
As from March 2000, we have started introducing friendly links & sister clubs and make a special feature page to that effect.
Our one hundred and thirty-second friends
also hail from Surrey, England!
Worplesdon and Burpham Cricket Club
Worplesdon and Burpham Cricket Club have two teams in the Fullers Brewery Surrey County League  
and one team in the Wey Valley League. They are actively pursuing formation of a Colts section, 
and also looking for new players. 
Their site is particularly well-conceived!
Visit their homepage at:
For more details e-mail to Ms. Marion Standing at:
Our one hundred and thirty-third friends
do not forget about social cricket!
Bourne Cricket Club
The Bourne Cricket Club was established over 135 years ago and played 
its first games at the Holt Pond Cricket Ground, Surrey, England. 
Two moves later the club set up home on the village green in 1898, three miles south of Farnham, Surrey.
The Club has three Saturday XIs in the local I'Anson Cup and a Sunday 'social' XI.
Please visit their homepage at:
Foir more deatils e-mail to Mr. Russ Cole at:
Our one hundred and thirty-fourth friends 
hail from hampshire, England!
Mortimer West End Cricket Club
Mortimer West end Cricket Club is located in a small village of the same name 
in Hampshire, England.
They are a very-well organized club with their own ground, 
groundsmen, Double nest, car park, children area, 
a Pavilion with bar and catering facilities, pool table.
They also seem to have quite a membership 
and are very busy with their Colts Section.
They even have a Barmy Army (See picture above!)
Visit their homepage at:
For more details, e-mail to Mr. Ray Roberts at:
Our one hundred and thirty-fifth friends
are actually a cricket association in Australia!
Central Cricket Association
The Central Cricket Association, Australia, is based in Gosford City, New South Wales.
It represents 12 clubs and 1 Umpires Association.
Their homepage warrant an immediate visit as it is not only excellent, 
but it is also a great source of links and information!
Visit their site at:
For mors details, e-mail to Mr. Doug Kearney at:
Our one hundred and thirty-six friends 
are looking for old friends!
Cricketers Reunited
Ian Smith runs three web sites to help old friends contact each other.
They are 
for ex military friends. 
for former rugby players 
for footballers
Friends of his were trying to get in touch with old cricket playing friends, 
and asked if he could do the same thing for ex cricketers
He has opened the website 
to help other ex players to contact each other.
Early responses are very good, and there is obviously 
a demand for such a service.
He is looking for everybody to spread the word!
For more details conact Ian Smith at:
Our one hundred and thirty-seven friends
provide invaluable information about cricket in the South of England!
U.K. Southern Counties Cricketweb
U.K. Southern Counties Cricketweb is an  up and running web site catering 
for grass-roots cricket in Kent ! They are also called BBC Kent CricketWeb.
They're always after contributions from players, clubs and officials for thefeatures page,
too: so if you know of any budding photographers and writerswho'd like to contribute, feel free to write to:
or contact: Mr. James Bridgeman at:
Our one hundred and thirty-eigth friends were founded in 1878 and are 
members of the Jennings Ribblesdale Cricket league, Lancashire, U.K.!
Read Cricket & Bowling Club
The Read Cricket & Bowling Club were founded in 1878 and are presently playing in the Jennings Ribblesdale Cricket League,
a high-level League indeed as the club hires a professional to feature well.
They have alreaby taken the Lewis Cup (6 times), Ramsbottom Cup (5 times), Lawrenson Cup (3 times, 
including 2001) and they have been League champions 8 times!
Visit their very-well conceived page at:
For more details, e-mail to:
Mr. Wilf Woodhouse, Chairman Read C.C. at:
Our one hundred and thirty-ninth friends
also hail from Lancashire, England
and play in the Jennings Ribblesdale League
Great Harwood Cricket Club
An old club indeed, as it was founded in 1849!
Read their history, it is certainly worth the perusal!
You shall discover that even Garfield Sobers visited the place!
They play three XI's, an Under-18, Under-16's, Under-15's and Under-13's side!
Visit their page at
 For more details e-mail to Mr. Mick Deasay at:
Takashi Ohira of Adore C.C. plays for 
our one hundred and fortieth friends in Adelaide, Australia!
Modbury Cricket Club
Modbury Cricket is a truly well-established club in Adelaide, running teams at all levels and ages! 
Their A2, under-17 and Under-15 are particularly successful!
Takashi has already been spending (circa november 2002) 7 months honing his skills there!
Visit teir site at:
For more deatails contactthe club at:
Hazel Grove
Phone: (08) 8264 2454
or to Takashi Ohira at:
Phillip Harris of Shizuoka Kytes C.C. hails from our 
one hundred and forty-first friends in Victoria, Australia!
North Eltham Wanderers Cricket Club
North Eltham Wanderers C.C. is a typical Australian Cricket Club, combining true Ozzie spirit 
and cheerfulness  in two senior and three senior teams.
Judging from the tons of photos, social life plays an important part, too.
No wonder Phillip Harris has proven such a congenial character at the Kytes!
Visit their very well-conceived site at:
For more datails, e-mail to Mr. Andrew Stacey 
who will have the pleasure to direct you in the right direction!