Part 10 (142~ )
As from March 2000, we have started introducing friendly links & sister clubs and make a special feature page to that effect.
Yes! They play cricket in Poland!
The Club of our one hundred and forty-second friends is called:
Polonia Cricket Club
Their club is made up of both female and male players from the age of 18 up to around 40. All - except one Englishman - are Polish. 
As they can all speak English at some level, they speak mostly English during their practice sessions and matches.
So if you decide to join them either for training or a match you will also be able to practice your English! 
Visit their site at:
For more details, e-mail to:
And they also play in Slovakia, too!
Our one hundred and forty-third friends are:
Slovak Cricket Club
After 4 years in existence, the Slovak C.C. have more than 20 Slovak players and an under-15 side 
and play a regular schedule of matcches on top of indoor cricket and regular practices in a village
called Hajske (Nitra County)!
Why don't you contact them and play cricket in the outer limits of our world!
And do not forget that the Slovak beer is top-class!
Visit their site at:
For more details write to Mr. Vladimir Chudacik at:
Cricket and Beer gowell in Germany with our one hundred and forty-fourth friends!
Munich C.C.
Their squad consists of a nucleus of 25 players from all far-flung reaches of the globe - especially England and Australia. 
A sociable bunch with a conscience. MCC loves touring too, with tours this year to Switzerland, Slovenia, Italy and Hamburg. 
Home games are played at the 'Hirschanger' in the Englischer Garten, 
arguably one of the most picturesque grounds in Germany, just a lofted off drive 
from the famous Chinese Tower biergarten. MCC would welcome touring sides to play social weekend cricket
Visit their site at:
For more details E-mail to Mark Lovell at:
Munich C.C. regularly play against our one 
hundred and forty-fifth friends in Slovenia, that is:
Ljubljana Cricket Club
Anyone that doesn't know where Ljubljana is should complain to their geography teacher. 
Potential visitors may be interested in reading  about the pleasures of visiting Ljubljana. 
With their website they hope to keep you informed and entertained. 
They will keep their fixtures, results and statistics 
updated on their site every week of the season.
Visit their site at:
For more details E-mail to Alasdair Green at:
A venerable institution in New Zealand are our one hundred and forty sixth friends:
Victoria University of Wellington Cricket Club
Founded in 1906, the Victoria University of Wellington Cricket Club is nestled on majestic Kelburn Park, 
right next to the University campus and overlooking the central city. For close on a hundred years many 
of Wellington and New Zealandís finest players and scholars have graced the Kelburn grass in the green caps of University. 
Today the club caters for men and women players of all abilities. It has 10 teams made up of 
students and non-students. We are committed to fostering cricketing excellence and a fantastic social atmosphere.
Visit their beautiful homepage at:
For more deatils contact Hamish McDougall at:
Our hundred and forty-seventh friends will prove once for all that they play cricket in France, my native country!
Cricket Club de Noe-Gascogne
Welcome to one of France's finest few! Yes, indeed a cricket club from the southwest of France. 
They play in the grounds of the picturesque chateau at Islé-de-Noé. They are one of the few cricket clubs in France 
to actually have a grass pitch. Their Cricket Club is situated in the Gers (where my mother was born-R-G. M.!), South West France. 
They have just officially become a French cricket club!
Their site is constantly updated and features almost anything there could be associated with a cricket club! 
Check their great site at:
For more details call their website master Ptrick Ussher at:
Our hundred and forty-eigth friends hail from Lancashire, England!
Grimsargh Cricket Club
Created in 1949, it used to be into one of the driving cricket forces in the Preston region. 
After a long break, it was revived in 1977 following a famous meeting at a Pub!
You ought to visit their site for the great graphics and history!
Check their great site at:
For more details call their website master Nick Mallory at: 
Our hundred and forty-ninth friends hail from just promoted to Associate Membership Belgium!
Antwerp Cricket Club
Created in 1842, it is the club of our good friend Peter de Boeck who umpired in Shizuoka on July 4th, 2005.
They field Under 11's, 13's, 17's, 197s and two senior sides.
Very busy club as you can see!
Check their great site at:
For more details call their website master Dennis Newport at:
Visit Saumur Cricket Club, our hundrred and fiftieth friends in France!
Their Honorary President is no less than Mick Jagger!