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This page was created on March the 10th, 2001 to provide a means of informal communications between the numerous Hampshire CCC Members living overseas and the Hampshire CCC and its other Members!
 The list below is in alphabetical order!
This page is bound to be modifieded very soon! 
Bear with me!
Arnold, Michael 
Address: Sydney, Australia (for the last 11 years-circa 2001) 
Born in Southampton England  
"First went to the County Ground at Southampton to see the 1948 Australians.  Became a Junior Member in 1952 and have been a member ever since.  Anyone who feels that Barry Richards and Gordon Greenidge were something probably never saw Roy Marshall in full flow - absolutely exhilirating - quite likely to hit the first four balls of a match for four.  Superb cover drives, savage pulls and scything cuts.  And then there was Shack!  Possibly the finest bowler of his kind ever. 
Played for Chandlers Ford 1956-58 then I went overseas in 1958 - first to Nigeria where I played cricket for Lagos & Colony (as it was then), Ibadan and Kano.  Luckily transferred to Malaysia in 1964 - nobody would want to spend too long in West Africa - where I played for the Selangor Club in Kuala Lumpur for 17 years.  Member of the Stragglers of Asia Cricket Club and MCC.  
Played for the Hampshire Rioteers for a couple of seasons and then came to Queesland Australia in 1981.  Left Queensland in 1989 and played for Sydney University Veterans for several years unitl it became gradually obvious that the ground was getting lower and the ball going faster each season! 
Now involved in the Lords Taverners Australia where I was a Founder Member back in 1983." 
Laidlaw, Stuart S. 
Address: Hong Kong since 1979 
Have been a life member of HCCC since 1969 
Born: Bournemouth 
Now retired from playing cricket but retain a great interest in cricket in general and Hampshire in particular. 

Martineau, Robert-Gilles 
Address: Shizuoka, Japan 
Full Member since 2000 
Born: Dijon, France 
Spent college at Bournemouth University (College of Technology at the time), 1973~1976. Used to go and watch Hampshire CCC any time they were visiting Dean Park in Bournemouth. These were the times of Andy roberts, Gordon Greenidge and Barry Richards. 
Has sent some Japanese players to be coached by the late Malcolm Marshall and C. Tremlett (Senior) under the auspices of the Japan Cricket Association. 
Has lived in Japan since 1976. 
Still active in cricket as player and administrator. 

McMurchie Ian
Address: Houston, Texas, USA 
Comments: I was a member of Hampshire in the 60's to 80's-since have worked overseas-hope
for a good season with promotion to division one. 

Millard, Andy  
Address: New York City, USA  
A Hampshire CCC member - I read the insert from Robert-Gilles in a recent mailing from HCCC. Interesting to see so much cricket activity in Japan - especially as baseball seems to be the national team sport there. Good luck with the site. (Guestbook extract-unfortunately, the mail address did not log!) 

Taylor, Lawrence O' Callaghan 
Address: Osaka, Japan 
".I was born in Hampshire,in Lyndhurst to be exact.My father made me a member when I was born and although we eventually moved away I have always followed the fortunes of Hants since the days of Shack,Butch White and His Eminence Ingelby-McKenzie.A pretty dismal season last year! Let`s hope for a better one this year." 

Wharton Tony 
Homepage Title: Bahamas  
Homepage URL: http://www.itiltd.com/  
Address: Nassau, Bahamas  
Comments: I was the Accountant for Hampshire CCC for a few years before moving here in August 1998 to work for a Bahamian Construction company. I miss my involvement with the club although I am on the Board of the Bahamas Cricket Association and we had Gordon Greenidge here a few weeks ago to assist in promoting the game of cricket in the Islands through coaching clinics and TV interviews.  
I wish Rod Bransgrove, Tony Baker and his team all the best in raising the necessary finances for the new ground and to Robin and the players a successful season.  


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