Dear all

Following on from Information Circular No.1, this second Tournament Information Circular aims to provide further information regarding the ICC East – Pacific Cricket Challenge 2004 as we get closer to the event.  Furthermore it will confirm a list of tasks - and deadline dates - that are required to be completed by each participating country, in order for the preparatory event organistation to run smoothly.

Although some of the details here within are repeated from Information Circular No.1, much of the information is new/updated.  Please ensure your read through carefully and let me know if you have any questions.

It would be much appreciated if you could please ensure all relevant office bearers/team management/players etc. are well aware of its applicable contents.

Should you require clarification on any of the issues or topics raised in this document, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards

The ICC East Asia – Pacific (EAP) Cricket Challenge will be hosted by the Japan Cricket Association (JCA).  

In the lead up to the event, contact details for key ICC and JCA personnel are:

Russell James (ICC)
Tournament Director
C/- ICC EAP Development Program
60 Jolimont Street, Jolimont
Victoria, 3002 Australia
Tel:  +61 3 9653 9924
Fax:  +61 3 9653 9911
Email:  rjames@cricket.com.au

Robert Gilles Martineau (JCA)
Tournament Manager
Tel:  +81 542 635 619
Mob:  +81 (0)90 4197 7698
E-mail:  contact@japan-cricket.com

These persons should be each country’s main contact point prior to the tournament (please refer details/instructions below re relevant items).

Please ensure that queries from these gentlemen are responded to promptly, particularly as we are only seven weeks away from the tournament.


The ICC East – Pacific Cricket Challenge will take place from Tuesday 25 May - Saturday 29 May 2004.

The Tournament will be played in Fuji, Japan on two cricket ovals which are side by side. Both are concrete pitches with permanent synthetic grass surfaces and practice nets of same are also located at the venue.


Fiji, Indonesia, Japan and Tonga.


Date Match 1                                            Match 2
Day 1 Tue 25 May Fiji v Tonga             Indonesia v Japan
Day 2 Wed 26 May Fiji v Indonesia     Japan v Tonga
Day 3 Thu 27 May Fiji v Japan              Indonesia v Tonga
Day 4 Fri 28 May Rest day Rest Day
Day 5 Sat 29 May Final: 1 v 2                 Consolation Final: 3 v 4

The winner will qualify for the ICC World Cup Qualifying Series Divisional event in Malaysia in February 2005 (along with Papua New Guinea, also from the EAP Region, 3 countries from the Asia Region, 1 country from the Europe Region, 1 country from the Africa Region & 1 country from the Americas Region). The winner of this Malaysia event will then qualify for the ICC Trophy in Ireland in July 2005 where they can possibly qualify for the 2007 World Cup in the West Indies.


As per previous detailed advice, the majority of the tournament costs are covered by the ICC EAP Development Program budget with each country being required to contribute a US$7,500 participation fee. 

The Competing Country / Tournament Agreement which you received with Information Circular No.1 outlines what this participation fee covers.

As of 31 March 2004, all countries have now paid the full participation fee.  Thank you.


Each squad will comprise 14 players and two team officials, expected to be a Coach and Team Manager. Furthermore, each country is bringing an Umpire to officiate in the event (details provided later). With an Umpire, touring parties from each country would therefore consist of 17 people.

The deadline for submitting the names of both team members and officials to Russell James is Friday 9 April 2004 (please see below).


The ICC Player Eligibility Qualification Rules for development events have previously been provided to all member countries and are again attached.

The attached “Eligibility Rules for Associate and Affiliate Members Commonly asked questions” is also a useful document which gives a simple summary of what the Rules mean.

7.1 Team Registration
It has been requested above that all teams and officials be submitted to the Event Manager, no later than Friday 9 April 2004.  In order to do this, countries are required to fill out the attached Team Registration Form, as well as supply appropriate evidence as to how each player qualifies under both the Central Nationality and Development Criteria.

Clear instructions as to what documented evidence is required to satisfy this requirement are outlined in the Tournament Eligibility Checklist on the Form.

When submitting names of players and officials, countries are requested to also submit a copy of the attached Player Information Sheet (for tournament booklet) by Friday 9 April 2004 (please note your airline/travel agent may require these earlier and please check such issues with them).


The confirmed itineraries for each country are as follows:

Arriving Tokyo Saturday 22 May 2004 at 1700 on FJ302
Departing Tokyo Monday 31 May 2004 at 1900 on FJ303

Arriving Tokyo Saturday 22 May 2004 at 1705 on SQ996
Departing Tokyo Sunday 30 May 2004 at 1815 on NZ90



Participating countries whose citizens require visas to enter Japan will be responsible for both the cost and organisation of obtaining these visas.

9.1 Process for Obtaining Japan Visas
Indonesia to refer to Japanese Embassy in Jakarta, visit
http://www.id.emb-japan.go.jp/  for further information.

Both Fiji & Tonga to refer to Japanese Embassy in Fiji:
Japanese Embassy 
2nd Floor Dominion House
PO Box 13045 
Suva, Fiji
Phone: + 679 302122 
Fax: + 679 301452


The accommodation venues for the ICC EAP Cricket Challenge are:

Hotel Furuya 
Tel: +81 545 61 0233
Fax: +81 545 64 6171
Fiji, Tonga & ICC Officials will be based here

Hotel Kashima
Tel: +81 545 61 0025
Japan & Indonesia will be based here

Accommodation is provided to participating countries on an arranged bed, breakfast, lunch & dinner basis.  

10.1 Laundry
Within the hotel agreement, each squad member will be able to have a set daily number (5) of playing clothing laundry items washed at no cost (match days only). Apart from this, a coin laundry is available.

10.2 Other Costs
Other costs charged to room accounts including room service or telephone calls etc., must be settled by countries/individuals prior to departing the hotel.

JCA/ICC will provide best advice for calling home closer to the tournament, however, it may be wise to purchase pre-paid phone cards in your home country that will allow you to make calls from Japan.

An induction re Japanese culture and protocol will also occur upon arrival/check-in.


As outlined, all breakfasts, lunches and dinners will be covered by the tournament.

11.1 Dietary Requirements
In order to assist caterers, please provide Robert Gilles Martineau if any members of your touring squad have any particular dietary requirements (i.e. vegetarian, halal, vegan etc.)


12.1 Welcoming Function
On the evening of Monday 24 May 2004 a Tournament Welcoming Function will take place, with all participating teams to be present.  This will take place at the Hotel Grand Fuji.

12.2 Captains, Coaches and Managers Meeting
There will be a captains, coaches and managers meeting in the afternoon of Sunday 23 May 2004, before the Tournament Launch.  This will take place at the tournament hotel (Hotel Furuya), and will be facilitated by the Tournament Director (Russell James), Tournament Manager (Robert Gilles Martineau, ICC EAP Regional Development Manager (Tim Anderson) and ICC Tournament Referee (Brian Aldridge).

12.3 Closing Function
A Tournament Closing Function/presentations will take place at the ground(s) after the Finals day’s play on Saturday 29 May 2004.  It will be in the form of informal-type BBQ.

The JCA is also looking at the possibility of involving local schools in the event (e.g. aligning with study of a certain country in lead-up) and further advice re activities in this regard on the days just prior to the tournament may be provided by JCA/ICC in due course. 

Suggested team activities for the Rest Day will be provided by JCA/ICC (at own cost – further details & indications of amounts to follow in due course)


ICC EAP did not receive any advice (deadline Friday 27 February) regarding possible team sponsors from competing countries and therefore presumes that no team will be displaying a sponsor’s logo on any playing/training clothing.  

If this is incorrect, please forward details immediately for approval. Please include exact details of the sponsor/company concerned and what is being offered.  Approval will take 7 days. 
Please note that full ICC guidelines regarding clothing specifications, and placement and size of sponsor logos etc. which apply to above are contained in Section 14, from Page 199, of the ICC Playing Handbook 2003-04 (which should have been received by all countries).


Each participating country will be responsible for the provision of its own playing and practice uniforms and equipment, and any off-field team uniform.

Please note that playing uniforms for the ICC EAP Cricket Challenge must be traditional cricket whites.

14.1 Cricket Balls
One four-piece red Kookaburra cricket ball will be used per innings during each match of the ICC EAP Challenge. While these will be provided by the ICC to Tournament organisers, participating countries will be responsible for supplying their own practice balls.


While ICC has limited public liability cover for the ICC EAP Challenge, no travel or medical insurance is provided for competing nations. It is therefore recommended that all competing countries obtain their own travel and medical cover for the event.


The ICC EAP Challenge will be played under the MCC Laws of Cricket (2000 Code 2nd Edition - 2003, online at www.lords.org).  Current One Day International playing conditions will apply, as read in the ICC Playing Handbook 2003-04 (including the ICC Code of Conduct).

16.1 Umpires
The approved umpires for the ICC EAP Cricket Challenge are:

Steve Davis (Australia)
Tony Cooper (Fiji)
Shahil Hameed (Indonesia)
Anton McCloy (Japan)
Semi Halanukonuka (Tonga)

ICC EAP is pleased to have International and Australian First Class umpire Steve Davis as part of the tournament umpiring panel. Steve is part of the ICC’s Emirates International Panel of Umpires. Steve has made 7 Test appearances and 38 ODI appearances. For a full profile on Steve Davis, please click here.

16.2 ICC Tournament Referee/Umpires Manager
Brian Aldridge, New Zealand Cricket Umpiring Manager, will act as both the Tournament Referee and Umpires Manager.


The tournament technical committee will be made up of the ICC Tournament Referee (Brian Aldridge), ICC Tournament Director (Russell James), and ICC EAP Regional Development Manager (Tim Anderson).


Ground transportation will be arranged to and from the accommodation venue and airport when teams are arriving and departing, and to/from the playing venue on match and practice days. Ground transport to and from the airport will be via buses.  

Other transport arrangements can be made upon request, at the relevant country’s own cost. 

18.1 Transport from Tokyo airport to Fuji
Fiji and Tonga will be traveling on the same bus from Tokyo on Saturday 22 May, while Indonesia will have their own bus on Sunday 23 May.

18.2 Transport from Tokyo airport to Fuji
Tonga and Indonesia will be traveling on the same bus from Fuji to Tokyo on Sunday 30 May.  The bus will depart at approximately ??.


Each competing team will be provided with their own liaison officer, who will speak both English and Japanese (exact names and team allocations to be advised).


Each participating team will be provided with a scorer (names and team allocations to be advised). 


A Tournament Booklet will be prepared and distributed to each team upon arrival (one for every player and official).

22. MEDIA 

If any country has a list of media contacts they wish to receive daily scores and updates from the ICC EAP Cricket Challenge, could these individual/company names and their e-mail and/or fax details please be forwarded to Robert Gilles Martineau by Friday 9 April 2004.


Could each country please bring their national flag to the tournament.


For teams wishing to practice on either Sunday 23 May or Monday 24 May, please advise Robert Gilles Martineau prior to Friday 16 April your exact requirements.  Please specify the following:

- Preferred practice date (Sunday or Monday)
- Preferred practice time
- Preferred practice duration
- Facility requirements (e.g practice nets, oval etc)

There may also be the opportunity for reduced over practice matches (depending on ground condition/availability). If you would be interested in a practice match, please advise Robert Gilles Martineau prior to Friday 16 April.


Thanks for your time and one final Information Circular will follow just prior to the tournament.

A summary list of due dates and requirements is also attached.


Due no later than Friday 9 April 2004 

1. Submit to Russell James your Team Registration Form, and documented evidence of each players eligibility

2. Submit to Russell James your Player Information Sheet

3. Provide media contact details to Robert Gilles Martineau

Due no later than Friday 16 April 2004 

4. Provide your practice/training requirements to Robert Gilles Martineau