Hi Robert & Japan Cricket Tournament Organisers
Thanks a lot for all your time & efforts while I was there recently and apologies for the delay in follow-up - very busy at the moment.
As you may be aware, I am leaving ICC EAP and moving to London very soon for a new job with the company so I have from now handed over the ICC Tournament Director role for the event to Russell James (ICC EAP Administration Officer). The plan is for Russ to get up there around your working bee in Feb and then arrive some days before the actual event (but sure to be plenty of e-mail/phone communication in-between).
Attached is an updated draft of Information Circular No.1 (minus all the attachments) after our lengthy meeting on 29 Nov - Russ is going to put this into an improved format and release with attachments to all countries asap so please provide immediate further feedback (say, by next Mon) if you have any. Thanks a lot.
ICC is responsible for all international flight arrangements and costs. JCA is responsible for all other event expenses up to a maximum ICC provided budget of US$50,000. If gets down to US$42,500 or above then Japan participating fee reduced by that relevant amount, if gets down to US$40,000 or above (but less than US$42,500), then no Japan participation fee and JCA retains relevant balance up to maximum of US$2,500 (use of any non-spending below US$40,000 to be resolved by ICC if occurs, likely equally refund part participation fees of visiting countries).
Within above JCA budget, I confirm that ICC is responsible for obtaining the following & getting to you for event:
1. 24 x new Kookaburra Regulation turf 4-piece balls (and a selection of used balls in case of replacement needs) - within an estimated budget of US$40 each
2. 12 x 2004 ICC EAP Challenge XI caps - within an estimated budget of US$4.50 each
3. 5 x sets of three stumps & bails - within an estimated budget of US$50 each
4. 140 event t-shirts - within an estimated budget of US$8.50 each (ICC to make extra 360 at same time - 500 total - and charge JCA from non-event funds for these which you will then sell).
Very best wishes for the preparations and staging of what is sure to be a great event! Cheers. 
Kind regards. Matthew
Matthew Kennedy 
International Cricket Council 
Development Manager 
East Asia – Pacific Region 
Dear all

Following on from previous correspondence, this Tournament Information Circular aims to answer many of the questions you may currently have regarding the 2004 ICC East – Pacific Cricket Challenge.  Furthermore it will outline a list of tasks - and deadline dates - that are required to be completed by each participating country, in order for the preparatory event organistation to run smoothly.

Over time, it would be much appreciated if you could please ensure all relevant office bearers/team management/players etc. are well aware of its applicable contents.

The Japan Cricket Association has already undertaken some major tasks in order to host this event such as developing a new ground and establishing an enthusiastic Organising Committee. Their efforts and enthusiasm thus far have been fantastic and they are really looking forward to your attendance and the extra boost for cricket development there that this event will provide. 

Should you require clarification on any of the issues or topics raised in this document, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards

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E-mail  rjames@cricket.com.au