Proposal to hold the ICC East-Asia Pacific World Cup Series Qualifier in Fuji

To whom it may concern,

This application is to propose to hold the ICC EAP World Cup Series Qualifier in Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture between 16 and 23 May or between 23 and 30 May 2004.
We are totally convinced that Fuji is the ideal venue for such a tournament from various points of view. Fuji is ideal in location, facilities, local support, and potential for becoming the centre of cricket in Japan. Most importantly, an international tournament in Fuji will leave great legacies for JCA and cricket development in Japan in terms of ground/facility development and government/local support, while immensely expanding the opportunities for junior as well as senior cricket development in the area.
It must be stressed that the following advantages of holding the tournament in Fuji will ensure a successful and fruitful World Cup Series Qualifier;
? Two ‘Cricket’ grounds with concrete pitches next to each other!
? Great access to all necessary facilities during tournament!
? Great local support!
? Great legacy for cricket development in Japan!
? Great view with the famous Mt. Fuji in the back ground!
The following sections and attachments will provide a detailed account on grounds, budget, legacy, organization, and other necessary considerations for holding the World Cup Series Qualifier in Fuji. If you have any questions or require more information, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

Sincerely yours,

Kei Imamura, Anton McCloy
Position: Fuji Team Secretary, Fuji Groundskeeper, Fuji Team Members 
Organization: Fuji Cricket Club

Attachments; budget sheet, planning structure, planning timetable, tournament schedule, past weather statistics for Fuji

   Fuji is approximately a 3 hour drive from Narita International Airport, a 2 hour drive from Tokyo, and is located on the Tokaido, giving it excellent access from the Airport and other parts of Japan. There is currently one cricket ground with a concrete pitch and net facilities within the city and an exciting opportunity to lay another concrete pitch literally next to the current ground. Such ground development has gained the understanding, approval, and support of the City Government and local Ryokan-Kumiai (Hotel Union). The ground has an extensive parking area, and excellent access from the city provides all necessary facilities such as accommodation, grounds, function sites, etc within a 15 minute driving distance. The tournament organizing committee will have full access to the ground and facilities to prepare the grounds for the tournament. Thus, we are confident that, should the tournament be awarded to Fuji, we will be able to provide two well prepared grounds with concrete pitches and improved net facilities.

   Please see the attached budget sheet. The budget provided is a “Full” budget which considers all necessary requirements by the prices quoted to us at the moment. Please note that possibilities remain to be explored for discounts and sponsors, and some non-essential items included in the budget should be able to be substituted.

   An International tournament in Fuji will leave a great legacy for cricket development in Japan as a whole as well as in Fuji. Here we shall raise a few points that concern cricket development in Fuji.
? An additional ground exclusively for cricket with a concrete pitch and improved net facilities
JCA will have full access to this ground before and after the tournament and this will greatly contribute to cricket development in Fuji, Kanto, and Japan as a whole at all levels.
? A boost in general awareness of the game
   General awareness of the game will dramatically increase in Fuji through cooperation with the City Government, Ryokan-Kumiai, and through local media. Contacts with nation-wide media will also be exhausted. A boost in general awareness of the game in Fuji will immensely expand opportunities in junior, as well as senior cricket development including sponsorships.

   Weather, volunteer availability, and national/school holidays are crucial factors in deciding on the timing to hold an international tournament. The average start of the rainy season in the Tokai and Kanto area is 8-9 June, and the average end of the rainy season is around the 20 July. However, the start and end of the rainy season tends to vary by a week, thus this period must be avoided. The beginning of May is known as the Golden Week with around 5 national holidays. This period can not be recommended as international and domestic travel and accommodation bookings become extremely difficult and usually expensive. In addition, school holidays start in late July, but vary from school to school, exams precede the holidays, and it becomes a high season for travelling. As students are anticipated as the main source of volunteers, this time must also be avoided. Thus, the latter two weeks of May should be ideal in terms of weather, volunteers, and avoiding high seasons.
 Please see attached charts for our planning structure, planning timetable, tournament schedule, and past statistics on weather in Fuji.
? Overall government support
The Fuji City Government and the Ryokan-Kumiai are very supportive of cricket, and should the tournament be awarded to Fuji, we are confident in gaining their support and cooperation in various areas in organizing the tournament.
? Media Activities
We have contacts with local media, City Government, and Ryokan-Kumiai which we intend to explore to increase the awareness of the tournament should it be awarded to Fuji. We also have extensive contacts with nation-wide media which we will exhaust.
? Sponsorship possibilities
We are confident that we can gain sponsorship deals through established contacts and government fund schemes, and will explore every possibility to cover some of the costs of the tournament.