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I am passing this on to you as you may find this very interesting, I vae already been in touch with Micheal and will be looking to take a team to one or both tournaments. 
I will leave the rest to you! SEE BELOW!!! 
PadMir International presents: 
Dear Sir/Madam, 

I am e-mailing to inform you of a couple of Cricket Sixes Tournaments being held in the next six months. 

My name is Michael P Maher (Cat) and I am an official Co-ordinator for a number of cricket sixes tournaments, including the 2 events mentioned below. I am also one of the official co-ordinators for the world famous Chiang Mai International Cricket Sixes Tournament. 

I have a number of people who will speak on my behalf if you want any proof of me being authentic in this position as a co-ordinator for these events. 

I am located in Australia and handle all teams in Europe, Africa, Asia and the America's. My partner, Dr Richard Davis is located in London and he is my representative for Europe and helps also with the other regions. 

Each of the events mentioned below are a great chance to either have a guys club cricketers trip away, or to come along with partners and friends to combine some cricket and pleasure on a holiday. 
The 6th PSC International Sixes - Penang / Malaysia 
Friday 1st - Sunday 3rd December 2000 

The Penang Sports Club Cricket Section has been successfully organising the last 5 International Cricket 6’s. 

This tournament is held on the beautiful tourist Island of Penang in Malaysia. 
The tournament has now grown to greater heights by attracting many foreign and local teams. Last year, we also had the distinguished privilege of having the President of the Malaysian Cricket Association and Olympic Council of Malaysia, YAM Tunku Tan Sri Imran Ibni Tuanku Ja’afar as our Guest of Honour at the closing ceremony. 

The challenge trophy has also been upgraded and re-named as the "Tunku Imran Trophy" to befit the event. It has also been featured in the National Cricket Calender as an important event. 

Objectives / Aim 

The main objective is to allow members to play lots of Cricket among the invited Clubs and thereafter socialise and enjoy the company of the participants from the respective Clubs. 

Date of Tournament 

The tournament for this year has been fixed for during the weekend of 1st to 3rd December 2000. 

The State of Penang presently boasts of having more Cricket pitches after being the venue for the just concluded "SUKMA Malaysia". With additional facilities being available, we unlike previous years would not restrict participation by any team. You will be able to enter more than one team.  

Dinner / Entertainment 

A grand dinner will be hosted on Saturday, 2 December 2000 to extend the usual Penang Sports Club hospitality. 

The closing date for nomination and acceptance for this unique event is 15 August 2000. 

Entrance Fees 

The entrance fee for the tournament remains the same as last year i.e. US$250.00 per team. (The fee covers the welcome cocktail party, souvenir and the grand tournament dinner and shows). 

So, why not come to Penang and: 

Play some cricket. 
Laze around for a few days in the sun, either before or after the tournament. 
Visit the busling city of Kuala Lumpur on you way home/or way to Penang, for some shopping and some fun. 

The 3rd Waratah International Sixes - Newcastle NSW / Australia 
The 9th, 10th & 11th JANUARY - Finals day / Sunday 14th JANUARY 2001 

The Waratah Cricket club has successfully run this event for a couple of years but it has mainly been a local club tournament. The club officials wish to expand in an attempt to make it a truly international event. 

The New Year 2001 cricket Test match between Australia and the West Indies begins on Thursday the 4th January, 2001 in Sydney.  

Non local and international teams will have there minimum 4 games on Thursday the 11th and Sunday the 14th of January.  

We will be arranging special events for teams from outside, to the Hunter Valley (a great wine region of Australia), like Golf, a tour of the vineyards or maybe a few beers at at a local pub. 

Dinner / Entertainment 

There will be a couple of evening events with a closing dinner at the Waratah Club on Sunday evening the 14th of January 2001. 

Entry Fee 

As yet this has not been announced but it is probably going to be similar as the $250 USD that is charged for Penang Sixes. 

So why not come to Australia for the new year to: 
Enjoy the Olympic city of Sydney after the event when there will be many bargains to be had. 
See all the sights of Australia's capital city. 
Take the opportunity to go to the Cricket test between Australia and the West Indies. 
Play some fun cricket. 
Visit somewhere else in the country while here. 

So why not have a talk to your club members and come to one of the tournaments, they are great fun. 

Please don't hesitate in getting back to me for more details regarding anything at all about these or other sixes events. (The other sixes tournaments being: Hua Hin / Thailand - April 2001, Darjeeling / Dubai. UAE - Feb/Mar 2001, Shanghai / China - June 2001, Bali, Jakarta, Hong kong and Kuantan sixes) 

Kind regards, 


Michael P Maher 

PadMir Tours / Lords World Travel 

PadMir International 

World Cricket Sixes Tournament / Co-ordinator 

Tel: Australia - (8) 9328 4892 
Fax:     "          (8) 9228 3358 
Mob.    "           040 738 5481 

Licence No. 9TA 1079 
Hugh Smith 


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