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Indonesia too strong for Japan in round 1 clash 
By Russel james 

See Scoresheet>> 

Playing in their first 11-a-side International Cricket Council tournament,  Indonesia today scored an impressive 54 run victory over Japan on Day 1 of the ICC EAP Cricket Challenge. 

Played at the scenic Fujigawa ground at the base of Mt. Fuji,  
this game was billed as a clash of the ICC’s strongest East Asia countries,  and proved to be a tightly fought contest. 

Indonesia won the toss and batted amid intense local media and  
spectator interest in Japan’s first match of the tournament.   
A solid opening partnership of 56 between Ray Elliott (28) and Yeri Rosongna (13)  subdued Japan’s enthusiasm somewhat, however three quick wickets saw the score at 3 for 70 after 22 overs. 

Indonesian wicket keeper, and man of the match,  
Dan Metcalf scored a powerful 54 (from 58 balls including 9 boundaries)  and anchored the Indonesian bottom order to score 7 for 219 from 50 overs. 

In reply Japan started poorly with Indonesia opener Bernadus Elly (3 for 26)  taking the first three wickets. Wickets continued to fall at regular intervals  throughout the innings and only number 6 batsmen Jummei Hanada provided  any resistance with a hard fought 44 from 43 balls. 

Japan was eventually dismissed for 165 in the 40 overs. 

After the game Indonesian coach M.K. Suresh said, 
“This is a great confidence booster for our boys considering Japan is a strong team,  and this is their home turf.  We batted, bowled and fielded consistently today, however we still have a lot of work to do if we are to achieve our goals in this tournament.” 

Indonesia will now take on a strong Fiji unit tomorrow in what promises to be  the match of the round, while Japan will be looking for its first win over Tonga. 

For results visit http://uk.cricinfo.com/link_to_database/NATIONAL/ICC/ 


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