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Dear Team Representative, 

Thank you for attending the Kanto Cricket League(KCL) AGM at the YCAC on January 26, 2003. This document contains the minutes and major decisions taken by the AGM and the KCL Organising Committee, which was elected at the AGM, subsequently. 

AGM Minutes 

-The number of teams in Division-I was expanded to 8. 
- Approved the promotion of Fuji Far East and Adore to Division-I. 
-Approved the entry of three new teams into D-II (Lalazar Sports, Edogawa United and Gunma Eleven Star). 
-There will be a semi-final for D-I from season 2003. 
-The two-group system in D-II will continue for this season with 5 teams each in each group. 
-An Umpiring Course will be conducted by the JCA as soon as practical. All KCL teams are invited to send as many members as possible to this seminar. All participating teams, regardless pf the number of representatives, will gain one point for their attendance that will be counted towards the KCL competition. Those teams that are not represented will have zero point. 
Like last year, all games will be governed by one neutral umpire from the opposite Division. The umpiring schedule will be announced later. A team that fails to send an umpire to the scheduled match will be penalized half of the game point. Points and Penalty System for more details. 
-Umpires must report to the KCL Organising Committee any on-field misbehaviour or abuses by the players. 

KCL Organising Committee 

A new seven-member Organising Committee was elected by the AGM. The new members are: 

1. Aamir Ali (Friends XI, E-mail: aamir@zae.att.ne.jp ) 
2. Biju Paul (Indian Engineers, E-mail: bijupaul@hotmail.com ) 
3. Hideharu Kojima (Wyverns, E-mail: hideharukojima@hotmail.com ) 
4. Jarrad Shearer (Edogawa United, E-mail: macgyver@sezax-mpd.gr.jp ) 
5. Kamran Ali (YCAC, E-mail: autoline@mb.infoweb.ne.jp ) 
6. Kei Imamura (Fuji Far East, E-mail: kei@mri.co.jp ) 
7. Robert-Gilles Martineau (Shizuoka Kytes, E-mail: lapin-dragon@vcs.wbs.ne.jp, rg-martineau@ezweb.ne.jp ) 

Other decisions taken by the KCL Committee 

-A team registration fee of ¥ 40,000 per team must be paid to KCL. This will include the cost of the balls. This fee must be paid to the KCL account by March 29th (see the bank account details below). 
-Any team that was found guilty of playing a player without a valid visa will lose all the points it earned from that match and will also be banned for one subsequent game. If it is the winning team that was found guilty, the loser shall be declared as the winner. 
-There will be an inspection of visa status of players on the day of the match. This inspection will be conducted at randomly selected venues, which means that the matches or venues will not be disclosed in advance. All captains are requested to make sure that his team members understand this rule clearly and co-operate with the inspector. The Committee has authorised Mumtaz Khan to do the inspection. 
-A list of your team members must be registered with the Statistician by March 15th. Any new members must be registered 48 hours prior to the match he/she is scheduled to play. 
-Both the winning and losing teams must submit the scorecard to the Statistician (Robert). 
-The scorecards must reach the Statistician within 2 days after the game was completed. Failure to execute this will attract the penalty as mentioned in the Points and Penalty System elsewhere in this document.  

Competition structure 

Division I 

With the promotions of two teams from D-II to D-I, there are eight teams in D-I this year. The matches in this division are played on a round robin basis. Each team plays every other team and the top four teams will qualify for the semi-finals. If there is a difficulty in determining the top four as a result of more teams having same number of points, like last year, the Net Run Rate will be used to determine the semi-finalists and the match opponents. 

The winner of D-I final will be declared as the KCL Champion. 

Division II 

With the admission of three new teams in D-II, the total number of teams in this division has increased to ten. These teams have been divided into two groups and each group will play on a round robin basis. Each team in each group plays every other team in the same group and the top two teams from each group will qualify for the semi-final. If there is a difficulty in determining the top two as a result of more teams having same number of points, like last year, the Net Run Rate will be used to determine the semi-finalists and the match opponents. 

The winner of D-II final will be declared as the KCL D-II Champion. 

Teams and Divisions 

The following are the teams in D-I. 

1. Adore 
2. Friends XI 
3. Fuji Far East 
4. Indian Engineers 
5. Millennium 
6. Shizuoka Kytes 
7. Tokyo Giants 
8. YC&AC 

The following are the teams in D-II. 

Group A 

1. Edogawa 
2. Tokyo Bay 
3. British Embassy 
4. MAX 
5. Serendib 

Group B 

1. Bangladesh Tigers 
2. Gunma Eleven Star 
3. Lalazar Sports 
4. Pakistan Eaglets 
5. Wyverns 

Points and Penalty 


Win   4 points 
Loss 1 point 
Washout or a tie    2 points 
Team walking over  4 points 
Team conceding a walkover 0 points 

Apart from the above, one bonus point will be awarded to all clubs that are represented at the Umpiring Seminar. 

The Committee has decided to strictly enforce the penalty system from this year. Accordingly, appropriate points will be deducted from the defaulting teams. The penalties include, but limited to, the following: 

1. Unsatisfactory scorecards  1 point. 
2. Failure to send the scorecards to the Statistician within the stipulated time  1 point. 
3. Teams that fail to provide an umpire on the designated day, the defaulting team will lose 1 point. 

Apart from the above, appropriate points as deemed fit by the Committee will be deducted for bringing the game into disrepute or any other incidents where a penalty is to be imposed. 

New or changed One-day international rules 

There have been changes to existing rules as well as new ones have been introduced by the ICC. KCL recognises all ODI rules set by the ICC unless otherwise mentioned. Some recent changes are: 

-If a ball bounces more than twice or rolls along the ground before it reaches the popping crease, No ball to be called and signaled. 
-If a ball comes to rest in front of the line of the striker's wicket No ball to be called and signaled followed by Dead ball. Striker does not have right to hit the ball. 
-One bouncer per over is allowed (same as last year. Included for the benefit of new teams). 

Sports Insurance 

Like last year, a sports insurance has been made available to all KCL teams. The details will be sent to you in due course. 

Important dates and deadlines 

-Team registration - March 15, 2003 
-Participation fee  - March 29, 2003 (see the account details below) 
-New player registration - 48 hours before the beginning of the match 
-Score card to be sent to the statistician - within 2 days after the game was completed 
-Insurance premium for the team - before the first match of the team. 

KCL  Account details 

A/C Name : Kanto Cricket League Representative Imamura Kei 
A/C No.  : 4288402 (Futsu) 
Bank  : Tokyo-Mitsubishi Bank, Shin Marunouchi Branch 

Team registration and Scorecards 

Team and new player registration and scorecards must be sent to the statistician within the dates and times stipulated above.  

Robert-Gilles Martineau   
E-mail: lapin-dragon@vcs.wbs.ne.jp  
Phone:  090-4197-7698 
Fax: 0542-63-5619 

Yours in Cricket, 

Biju Paul, 
Secretary, KCL Expat division. 

E-mail: bijupaul@hotmail.com  
Phone: 0424-70-2284 (home)


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