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Kanto Cricket League 2005 Annual General Meeting 

January 30th 2005 
11:00am – 3:00pm 

Meeting called by: KCL Organising Committee 

Attendees:   KCL Club representatives and interested parties. 

Note: Please refer to the attached KCL2004AGMNotes.doc document for a brief explanation on the starred (*) items. 

Meeting Agenda 

11:00  Meeting Chairman’s Greeting – Anton McCloy 

11:05  2004 KCL Competition Report – Biju Paul 

11:20  2004 Financial Report – Kei Imamura 

11:30  Umpire Improvement Program – Anton McCloy * 

11:40  General Agenda 

1. Lateness (Shizuoka/Wombats)* 
2. Edogawa Ground use in KCL competition (Edogawa Falcons CC) 
3. Transfer Rulings (Giants)* 
4. Mower Finance (Shizuoka)* 
5. KCL Website (Wombats) * 
6. Division Constitution & New Teams (Committee) 
7. Committee Structure – Umpire Appointments (Shizuoka/Giants)* 
8. AGM Agenda Proposals (Committee)* 

2:00  JCA Membership Explanation – David Davies 
    KCL/JCA Fees Discussion following  

2:30  KCL Committee Elections  

2:55  Meeting Wrap-Up 

KCL 2004 AGM Agenda  -  Notes 

The KCL committee and AGM Chairman urge you to print out and look through these notes carefully before the meeting to improve your understanding of the issues that will be raised during the meeting and to help the meeting keep time.  Thank you. 

11:30  Umpire Improvement Program 

Anton McCloy will make a short presentation introducing the Japan Cricket Umpires Improvement Program.  This is a program aimed at improving the standard of umpiring in all cricket competitions in Japan.  It involves voluntary participants evaluating their own umpiring performances as well as captains submitting umpire evaluations when they are asked to.  What is needed from the AGM is broad approval to oblige the captains to send these umpire evaluations when they are asked to. 

11:40 General Agenda 1. Lateness (Shiz/Wombats) 

During recent seasons there have been several instances when one team’s lateness caused a game start time to be delayed.  Current KCL regulations say that the team at fault is to forfeit 1 over (batting innings - of course) for every 3 minutes the game is delayed.  Up to now, no umpire has been willing to dock teams’ overs as the KCL regulations require them to.  This has been for the sake of good relations and trying to keep the game played in the best spirit. It has lead to shortened lunches and late/dark finishes and some ill feeling. 

The submission is that this regulation is to be changed to 1 over lost for every 5 minutes delay.  The submission is also that the umpires are obliged to penalize a team that is entirely responsible for the game starting late. 

General Agenda 3.  Transfer Rulings (Giants) 
Applications were made late last season for the transfer of some players.  Apparently these applications caused some ill-feeling or friction amongst teams likely to make the finals.  

Below are the current KCL Transfer and Registration regulations 

Player Transfer Rules 
 A player can be transferred from one club to another if all of the 
 following conditions are met: 
 1. The representative of the club that is accepting the player makes a  formal written request to the Committee by email or fax or postal  mail. 
 2. The club that releases the player agrees to the transfer.  
 3. The Committee approves this transfer after being convinced that this is a fair transfer and does not unduly benefit the player or either of the clubs or is not likely to result in any perceptible change in the result of the remaining matches of any division or 
 4. It does not infringe on the New Player registration rule(see below)  
 Note: See the Player qualification rules for the transferred player's  eligibility to play the knockout matches. 

New Player Registration 
The following conditions apply to register a new player: 
1. A new player must be registered 48 hours prior to the game the player is expected to play. 
2. If the new player is the result of a player transfer from another club and the accepting club has already reached the knockout stage(quarter-finals, semi-finals or final) at the time of the request, the player in question shall not have played any match for any other club during the league stage. 

3. In case the above clause results in any kind of contradiction with the Player Transfer rules, the above clause stands. 
 Player Eligibility  
 In addition to the existing rules for player eligibility, for an  interclub transferee to be eligible for the knockout stage(quarter-finals, semi-finals or final), the following conditions apply: 

1. He shall play for the new club at any stage of the tournament provided he has not played or included in a playing eleven for his previous club. 

2. If he has played one or more matches or had been included in a  playing eleven at least once for his previous club, he must have played at least 50% of the matches(rounded to the lowest possible  whole number) for his new club. 
The submission is that no transfers be allowed at any stage after the start of the competition.   

General Agenda 4.  Mower Finance (Shizuoka) 
The Shizuoka club needs a new mower before the season begins.  A replacement for the mower they have now would cost about 100,000en.  The Shizuoka club is asking that the KCL pay for, or contribute to, the cost of their existing mower that has “had it” apparently. 
The submission is that the KCL pays for, or contributes significantly, to the cost of a new mower. 

General Agenda 5.  KCL Website 
The submission is that the KCL competition set up its own independent website. 

General Agenda 7.  Committee Structure – Umpire Appointments 
The following was submitted by Shizuoka/R-G as a proposed change to the current committee structure which appears to have some problems. 

The KCL Committee should comprise two Sub Committees and 1 Chairman: 

1- A Working Committee composed of 4 Members. History has amply shown us that such a number is the maximum of willing and able volunteers we can possibly get. The emphasis is not on their respective roles but on their wish to work. The 4 elected Members can then decide how to allocate the tasks and inform the KCL Clubs later as soon as they have worked it out. 

2- A Disciplinary Committee composed of 3 elected Members who will handle complaints, disputes and discipline reports by Umpires. 

3- The KCL Committee Chairman whose role would be that of a Coordinator and Enforcer, if needs, be to secure a quick and final decision concerning the running of the competition or confirming a disciplinary action. He will not have a veto right, although he will be the final authority if the Disciplinary Committee cannot agree on a decision. 
All disputes, complaints and Umpires' reports will first be directed to the Working Committee who will channel them to the Disciplinary Committee. The Disciplinary Committee shall then send their decisions to the Working Committee who will send them to all the Clubs. No complaints, disputes or reports will be accepted by the Disciplinary Committee if not sent to the Working Committee first if sent personally to any member of the Disciplinary Committee or the KCL Committee Chairman. 
The tasks of the KCL Working Committee will include Secretariat in both English and Japanese, Treasury, Club Needs (Scorebooks, Balls, etc.), Competition Schedule, Umpiring Schedule, Scoresheets Receipt, Stats, KCL Homepage, News Dissemination (possibly a Newletter) and Communications. 
The submission is that the above KCL Committee structure be adopted from the 2005 season. 
General Agenda 8.  AGM Agenda Proposals 
The committee proposes that in the future, if a club wishes to make a submission for items to be included on the AGM  Agenda then these submissions are to be "moved" (made) by one club, and "seconded" (supported) by another club before they can be considered for addition to the agenda. 
The submission is that a club wishing to submit an agenda item must have a supporting club before their submission will be considered for inclusion on the AGM agenda.