Shizuoka Kytes C.C. 2004 AGM
-Election of Officers: 
Club Manager: Robert-Gilles Martineau 
1st XI Captain: Neil Harrison 
Vice-captain: Todd Phillips 
Events Organiser: Todd Phillips ~ starting with Kytes New Year's Party on January 29th, 2005 (Saturday) 
Other positions to be rotated. 

-2nd XI: 
It has been agreed that a club worthy of its name ought to have at least two XI’s. Next year the match schedule will make room for at least one friendly game per month for the sole benefit of the 2nd XI. 
Therefore, all of us should try his/her best to recruit new players, whatever their level. 

The club will ask the JCA to provide a new lawn mower, as well as an Equipment Container (if we can get a container, we could store a ride-on mower in it – as at Fuji).  

-Youth Program: 
The club has celebrated 20 years of existence. The next 20 years will depend on the inclusion of Japanese players and management. The earlier we start, the better, as it will simply expand to the whole Prefecture! 
Robert-Gilles Martineau will make a proposal for all members to read and help with. 

Ayako Fujii proposed 4 possible logos, and one was chosen by vote. Ayako will propose final revisions of the chosen logo within the next few days. The logo will be embroidered on cricket shirts to be ordered before the 2005 season. 

-Other Items: 
-November Tournament: A proposal fot his new type of Tournament will be made ready by Neil Harrison and sent to all members for agreement before notifying other clubs and higher autorities. 
-Match day duties: It was agreed to set up a rota for duties such as checking and packing gear, collecting fees and fines, ropes. It will be the Captain's authority at every game  
-Ground upkeep: It was agreed to involve more Members in groundwork such as mowing, weeding, digging, cutting the jungle, cleaning duties.  
-Umpiring: (more volunteers): It was agreed to involve more Members in umpiring duties. Names of volunteers were registered and documentation + advice will be provided.  

-Homepage, match reports, statistics, etc: It was agreed to set up a rota for this type of sundry duty. Neil Harrison will look for a purpose-made Excel sheet for team statistics.
-Contributions & Fines (Is it time for a membership fee?): It was agreed, with some reservations, to introduce a membership fee, which will include an insurance policy (Robert-Gilles Martineau will check the latter). It was also agreed to re-instate the fines system, with some modifications. Details to be sent to all Members later.
-2005 Schedule: Games, Tournaments & Practice: A separate document will be sent out after the KCL AGM.
-BBQ’s, social events and other fund raising: Todd Phillips' authority with help from all Members.
- “No golf”, “No studs”, “No dog shit” placards: It was agreed to post signs around the ground. Todd Phillips will make enquiries.