May 8th, 2001
Integral Copy of Document sent by Matthew Kennedy
Combined release from the Japan Cricket Association (JCA) &
International Cricket Council (ICC) East – Asia Pacific Development Region
The above organisations are delighted to today announce that the Japan Cricket Association has appointed its first-ever dedicated Administrator (part-time). Naoki Miyaji, 22, who has a Japanese University Degree in Laws and is the opening bowler for the Japan National XI with whom he has toured internationally, will commence his duties immediately. Miyaji, who has lived in Japan all his life, is fluent in English and will be based in Tokyo on a 20-hour working week basis.
This exciting appointment of a cricket Administrator in Japan has been made possible via the assistance of the ICC Development Program which has formed a strong partnership with the JCA, an ICC Affiliate Member. This assistance also involves the establishment of an office for the JCA.
In recent times, the Program has also enabled Japan to receive quality cricket equipment and a portable Flicx cricket pitch which has just arrived for the 2001 season as a trial of its suitability for use on Japanese grounds. Previously, the ICC has provided 100 junior complete plastic cricket kits for schools programs and placed a professional coach from Australia in Japan for two months to conduct coach education courses as well as junior clinics and other activities.
The focuses of the Administrator’s role will be those matters which will enable Japan to achieve its vision of progressing from an Affiliate to Associate Member of the ICC, a development which would see the JCA greatly benefit from additional support and attention. These will include; strategic and financial planning, playing and practice facility development, coach and umpire development programs, schools programs, fundraising/sponsorship, stakeholder relationships with government and facility owners etc., promotion and marketing of the sport in Japan, and initiatives to grow participation numbers in the sport amongst persons of all ages, both male and female.
 ICC East – Asia Pacific Development Manager, Matthew Kennedy, said, “There are many hard-working volunteer officials and players in Japan who have done a fantastic job to grow the sport in that country. However, they are very busy people in their own professions and the further growth of cricket in a country such as Japan requires a dedicated well-planned and continuos approach. It is seen as time that some additional manpower support is provided to these JCA Board members and other stakeholders so that more development initiatives can be undertaken amongst this enthusiastic and expanding cricket community. Miyaji’s appointment is sure to be a boost for the sport.”
On a recent visit to the country, Kennedy was able to view all the facilities in Japan as well as attend and address JCA Board and related meetings. He said, “With expanding numbers, appropriate grounds to play on are obviously at a premium in Japan. To that end, the JCA has established a Sub-Committee solely committed to seeking new playing facilities. The ICC will assist wherever possible in this regard and the establishment of a practice nets facility for both the National squad and competition cricketers of all levels has also been ear-marked as a project of immediate priority by the JCA. 
“There are many significant and positive developments in Japanese cricket at the moment and these include the establishment of the new Kanto Cricket League, involving both Japanese and expatriate teams, for this season, as well as the planning for a nation-wide Japan Cricket Competition from 2002. The JCA is also under-going a constitutional review process and should be congratulated for its pro-activity in all of these regards. Such initiatives are sure to provide long-term benefits,” Kennedy concluded.
JCA Board Chief Secretariat, Kenichiro Matsumura, said, “This is an exciting time for Japan cricket and the JCA is delighted to have arranged someone of Miyaji’s calibre to fulfil the Administrator role. This is a very important appointment for us.”
The JCA has successfully laid the initial groundwork for cricket progress to be made. With the 2001 season now under way, as in many countries, the challenge now is to ensure that all of Japan cricket’s plans and activities, with ICC support, enable a process of continuous and meaningful progression to be achieved within both immediate and long-term development visions for the game at all levels. This will require on-going and professional planning, activity and administration as well as enthusiasm, commitment and contribution from all relevant stakeholders, including cricket Bodies, administrators, volunteers, umpires, scorers, players, sponsors, government, schools, parents, facility owners/operators etc. 
For more information about cricket in Japan and the above initiatives, or to offer your support/assistance, please contact JCA Board Member, Naoaki Saida, Ph. +81 467 22 2870, Fax +81 3 5772 3471, E-mail
For more information about the ICC Development Program and this Region, supported by the Australian Cricket Board and New Zealand Cricket, please contact ICC East Asia – Pacific Development Manager, Matthew Kennedy, Ph. +61 3 9653 9921 or +61 (0)409 218 883, Fax +61 3 9653 9911, E-mail
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