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 To: ICC East Asia – Pacific Coaching and Development Seminar Attendees 

From: Tim Anderson (ICC) Date: 15 November 2002 

Subject: Important Information for Attendees


Congratulations on being nominated by your respective home cricket boards to attend the inaugural ICC East Asia – Pacific (EAP) Coaching and Development Seminar in Melbourne.  This is an event the ICC is very excited about , as we hope it will provide the impetus for all attendees to drive the improvement of cricket at a ‘grass roots’ level within their respective countries, and therefore within the region.

Below is some important information regarding the seminar which you should understand before arriving in Melbourne.

1.  Course Aims and Objectives 
Without doubt one of the most important cricket development strategies within the emerging nations of the EAP is the continued introduction and growth of the game among children and teenagers.  In order for this process to be successful, and importantly sustainable, two important issues must be addressed.  These include the establishment, and or, continued improvement of appropriate junior development structures with these countries, and the ability of local coaches and development staff to enthuse and educate people within their countries to become involved in cricket coaching at a basic, introductory level.
Considering the above, this seminar will concentrate primarily on educating participants to: 
1. establish, and or improve the junior development structures within their countries
2. conduct basic, introductory level coach education sessions within their countries

2.  Seminar Content
I have attached a document that outlines the content of the seminar, and as you will notice, the schedule is very full.  Activities will range between lectures and practical education sessions, guest speaker and participant presentations, as well as visits to junior clinics, club trainings and cricket matches.  Furthermore interactive discussion on numerous topics will be encouraged between participants in order to discover the ideal structure for both junior development and coach education in each individual country. 

It is important to understand that due to each EAP country currently being in a different phase of development, and furthermore, as all countries operate in vastly diverse environments - socially, financially, geographically and climatically, this seminar will not aim to tell you how junior development and introductory coach education should be structured in your country.  Rather the seminar will attempt to provide you with:
1. Guidelines as to the areas you need to focus attention on, and
2. Information, Ideas and Practical Examples as to how a program can be structured and implemented.
Therefore fool proof methods, or golden rules with guaranteed success will not be demonstrated, rather guidance will be provided that yourselves and your respective boards will have the responsibility to act upon.

3.  ICC Expectations
ICC EAP is dedicated to the sustainable development and growth of cricket throughout the emerging cricket nations of the East Asia – Pacific region.  Considering the aims of this seminar that are stated above, and the fact that you have been identified as a leader of cricket development in your country, ICC expect that upon returning home you will begin to implement - with the support of your respective boards - many of the initiatives that will be demonstrated during the week.  This point cannot be stressed enough, however I am sure with the calibre of attendees expected, much progression in regards to grass roots development will be made in each individual country following the seminar.
4.  Attendee Role
During the seminar, your role will involve:
• Thinking broadly about how cricket development can be improved in your country
• Sharing Information
• Learning how to conduct a basic cricket education course
• Gaining Experience
• Devising a proposed plan for Junior Development in your country
• Making Presentations 
• Enjoying and having fun
• Making friends and contacts
It is hoped that many sessions will be conducted in a interactive environment and therefore attendees will be encouraged to contribute and ask questions at all times. 

5.  Attendee Preparation
On the first day of the seminar attendees from each country will be expected to make a short presentation (about 10 min), outlining what your country currently does in regard to junior development.   This can be done as a group if your country is represented by more than 1 person.  Within your presentation please provide information on the below areas in regard to your junior development program:
• successful initiatives
• problems encountered
• goals for the future
You will have access to a PowerPoint projector, overhead projector or white board if you wish to use such aids during your presentation.

6.  What to Bring??
Temperatures in Melbourne during December are quite warm and tend to range between 25 and 35 degrees celsius.  Activities will be conducted both inside and outside, and will range between coaching and attending lecture sessions at the Australian Cricket Board offices. 

For outdoor sessions, tracksuit pants or shorts, a collared shirt and jogging/walking shoes would be recommended.  For indoor sessions casual dress (ranging from jeans, dress pants or tracksuit pants with a collared shirt) will be fine.  Please bring along cricket shirts from your home country to wear if you have them.  Please refrain from wearing t-shirts, sandles or thongs during the sessions at the ACB.

I strongly recommend you bring a note pad and a couple of pen, while you will be supplied with a folder that can be filled with presentation notes once you arrive.  

Finally could you please bring a pair of slacks (dress pants) to wear, as we have been invited to attend a small function at the MCG on Friday evening during the one day game between Victoria and South Australia.

7.  Accommodation 
Accommodation will be at the:

Metro Hotel Melbourne
133 Jolimont Rd
VIC  3002

Ph:  +61 3 9663 4321
Fax: +61 3 9650 1833

The Metro is a 3min. walk from the Australian Cricket Board offices (where much of the seminar will be held) and the MCG.  It is a 15min. walk, or 5min. tram ride, from the city centre of Melbourne.

8.  Meals
Breakfast – will be supplied at the Metro every morning of your stay
Lunch – will be provided on each day of the conference (ie. Monday to Friday).  Therefore you will need to purchase your own on other days.
Dinner – is not provided on any nights apart from Thursday when a Team Dinner will take place.

9.  Other Costs
As is stated above, the ICC will cover your breakfast, lunches on seminar days and one dinner, all other costs while are to be incurred by you personally.

10.  Transport 
Unless you are otherwise informed, you will be picked up from the Melbourne airport by either myself, Russell James or Matthew Kennedy.

If you require anymore information, or would like to clarify any of the above, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Safe travels and I look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks.




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