(Integral text as sent by Lawrence Taylor)
Osaka C.C. held its AG.M. on 27 Feb> in Toyonaka.Present were;Connal Langley,Rod Linn,Chris Kaye,Dave Wicks,Simon Lovell,Mohammed Haroon,Brian Slater & Lawrence Taylor.The meeting lasted for two cases of beer.The main point on the agenda was the club`s position viz a viz the Kansai League.There were two proposals;one ,to take part in a league which did not include the Pakistan team or two ,to withdraw completely for the coming season and play friendlies and tour games.The second option was adopted unanimously after a brief discussion.The members feel that the problems of last season ,not only the ugly incident with the Pakistan team but the lack of co-operation generally from some of the teams  is just to much hassle.Everybody just wants to enjoy a Sunday`s cricket and a few beers in good company.So if any of the Tokyo teams want to set a reciprocal tour game please contact us.The season will kick off with a visit by Fuji C.C. on 19th March followed by a friendly against Nova C.C. on 26th March.
The following officials were elected for the 2000 season:
President: Brian Slater
Secretary: Lawrence Taylor
Treasurer: Chris Kaye
Vice President: Rod Linn
Following a very successful season as skipper( only one defeat) Connal Langley was unanimously re-elected captain and the returning Chris Kaye was elected vice-captain.The selectors will be:Brian Slater,Connal Langley & Lawrence Taylor.Scorer: Asuka.
Membership fees have been set at 12,000yen including one club shirt or 14,000yen including two shirts.The meeting broke up due to lack of beer and everyone went home to dig out their moth-eaten whites and to fumigate their boxes in anticipation of a good season`s cricket!