British/International Pub/Bar
Official Sponsor of Shizuoka Kytes Cricket Club
Address: Shizuoka Shi, Koya-Machi, Shibata Bldg. 3F close to Seibu Dept store, just opposite Nakajimaya Grand Hotel corner, above Bon Appetit restaurant. 
Tel.: 09011011245 (English, Japanese and some other languages spoken) 

Opening hours: 18:00~late everyday, Fridays and Saturdays are particularly busy with sometimes standing room only. 

Karl Emerson opened this new bar on July 19th 2003 for the great pleasure of the foreign community and Japanese alike! 
He provides a service which has been sorely missed until then: a no-frill Pub/Bar with no hassles, very good prices and maximum facilities right in the middle of downtown Shizuoka!.
Our Boozer has become the official Sponsor of the Shizuoka Kytes Cricket Club In March 2005.
Apart of bottled beers from America, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, England (400yen~) and elsewhere, as well as tap beers –Carlsberg (450yen) and Abbots (750yen  pint) and other drinks including cocktails, good quality pub grub is also available from 350 yen, including Steak Pie and Chips, Fish and Chips, Mexican and other foreign foods.. Karl is always listening to suggestions to improve the drinks and food menu, so do not hesitate! 
Pay COD at the counter bar-No extra charges! 
A full size pool table for the cue buffs and a Sky Sports Television for the Sports and Music/Film  maniacs (football, rugby etc.). Don't forget the Darts with automatic electronic scoring. 
Many projects are in the offing: theme nights, pub outings, live music, and so on! 

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