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G'day Mates,  
When's the next Fukuoka tour???  I'm in!!!'ve heard all the dribble tales pertaining washouts I thought I'd add a different angle to help urge your basic instincts to be involved for the next rained out Fukuoka tour.....anyone for cricket?  
It all started when I met Chris for the 5pm Rapi*t bound for Kanku. The traditional warm up beer and onto the Airport. With no planned return trip, I eargerly bounced all over the cutest ANA chick available, unfortunatley only for Chris' amusement. Still ain't called!!! With return voucher in pocket we headed for the next beer station which turned out to be on the other side of security. Thru security we go, emptying pockets filled with Keitais, wallets, get my drift, only to find I get harrassed to step aside and open my lil backpack. To my surprise (and absentmindedness), Mr. Badge decided to confiscate my Scissors. Didn't ask me why I had them. Just told me to pick them up in FUK. He walked a couple of metres away and proceded with goodness knows how many pieces of paperwork when suddenly it struck me. I needed them to cut the legs off my newly arrived (that morning) cricket pants, as I had previously decide to stitch the legs in the air. So I calmly waltzed over to him and took them back, much to his surprise and Chris' amusement. I then proceded to cut my pants right there. On a shift change, a tidy piece came out of the woodwork, carrying a nice rack (just ask Chris) and offered her assistance on the 2nd leg. So there we are, the rack, Chris and I doing the chop when it finally dawned on know gaijin get stared at at the best of times....well, picture 2 of them and a rack holding up proceedings at the security check at the airport. Finally....after the finalisation of the paperwork...we were permitted to the nearest beer vendor.   
We boarded last to save the Mido-suji style rush for the door and were greeted with smiles and Good Evenings from the not so tempting staff. Before take-off, I pulled out my trusty lil sewing kit and pants pre-pinned and began the monotonous task. We first grabbed attention when the first English announcment came on as we both peered over the chairs to see who was talking. With a hazukashii smile, we were in the air. Newspapers, newspapers, anyone for newspapers. "Yes please...........thank you" with the first smile of amazement at my stitching coming from the "politically correct" flight steward......."ah....excuse me..(as she's walking away) you have today's paper?"  (insert small fit of laughter) We couldn't believe Saturday paper...oh well, back to the stitching. "Would you like a drink?"  No beer......WHAT!!! We took a dry flight........I cannot believe that! Had we known...we woulda stocked up. After a smile per walk by and one inspection of 1 finished leg from the stewardess, we landed and de-planed (not to mention de-beered).  
Phase to collect my scissors...and Chris' cricket bat. Forgot to mention that eh. They took that at Kansai too...after many weird throat noises trying to individually figure out what kind of a weapon it may be! Over comes the guy with 2 definitely a bat half wrapped in newspaper and the other in a zipper sealed green bag, (my scissors). Well, Chris half spat the dummy. My scissors were babied better than his County. Must of gone by age I guess, the scissors were brand new.  
Well, that concludes the first 3 hours of the tour. The rest you seem to know the basics. Drunken Hawks fans, beer, yatai food, beer, taxi's, beer, rain more beer, extra curricular activities, finished off with more beer.  

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