As a general rule it is always advisable to reserve your table in the following :
As for Paris, do not forget to check: RESTAURANTSWEB
(12:00~14:30; 19:30~2:30. Reservations a MUST!) 
Address: 6, rue Arsene Houssaye, 75008, Paris. 
Tel.: (33)(1)42899500 
Androuet has recently moved to a new and accessible address but fortunately the formula and the cuisine have not changed, far from it. This THE CHEESE RESTAURANT in Paris! You ban either order from a menu featuring cuisine based on cheese or simply choose from various trays of crumptious cheeses (100~150 kinds!). We are talking about discoveries here! 
The favourites?: Saint-Nectaire onion soup, fried Camembert, ravioli de chèvre, Roquefort tart, Issau Iraty raclette. Well-chosen wines. 

L'AMBASSADE D'AUVERGNE (Traditional French, 25~35 Euros, dinner wine & cheese tray, 40 Euros)) 
(12:00~14:00, 19:30~23:00) 
Address: 22, rue du Grenier-Saint-Lazare, 75003, Paris. 
Tel.: (33)(1)42723122 
Dax: (33)(1)42788547 
This is one of the oldest traditional regional restaurants in Paris looked after by the indefatigable Mrs. Françoise Moulier at the ovens and her moustachioed maître d'. All the pork-based "charcuterie" and cheeses dirctly come from the Auvergne region in Central France. You must try the "Aligot", the Auvergne "national" dish made from cheese and potatoes! Also try the lukewarm green lentils salad, the cabbahe "pottée", the grilled Salers beef and the famous "tripoux". 

(11::00~18:30. Closed Sundays) 
Address: 57, Passage des Panoramas, 75002, Paris 
Tel.: (33)(1)45085587 
If you are a coin or stamp collector  or a hoobby-maniac this is the perfect gallery-street. You can reward your companion for his/her patience by ordering one of the salted tatrs (39~42 FF), salmon-oseille, goat cheese and cress salds (35~56 FF) and top with with crumble (apple, red fruit). Very popular at lunch with th yappies of nearby stock exchange. Come at a quarter to twelve and you will get a seat!. 

Address: 25, rue de Buci, 75006, Paris 
Tel.: (33)(1)44321600 
Opening hours: 12:00~21:00 
A brasserie serving all-you-can-eat oysters. The place is a delight for jazz fans as well, with music in the basement.

Address: 34, 5ue des Rosiers, 75004 Paris 
Tel.: (33)(1)48876360 
Opening hours: 11:30~19:00 
Closed on Saturdays 
The most famous Falafel Restaurant in Paris. 
Good value for good food. 
20~75FF. Drinks available 
AU BRETZEL (Alsatian Cuisine)
Address: 1, rue Leopold robert, 75014 Paris
Tel.: (33)(1)40478237
Opening days: lunch + dinner. Closed on Sundays and Mondays
A very small (seats barely 20~25) hidden restaurant in the 14th Arrondissement on a side street leading to Boulevard Montparnasse.
Probably the best and most genuine Alsatian restaurant in Paris. Patronized by locals.
Short but solid carte. Few but good wines available by the glass, jug or bottle.
Great Choucroutes and Flammenkueche!
try the Mirabelle Ice Cream for Dessert!
very reasonable prices and warm welcome!
Cards ok

L'AVANT-GOUT (9~18 Euros) 
(Christophe Beaufort) 
Address: 26, Rue Bobillot, 75013, Paris 
Tel.: (33)(01)53802400 
Coing roti a la vanille. Compote de pommes au romarin. Terrine de faisan. Sabayon de brocolis et saumon fume. Onglet de veau aux pommesde terre grenaille a l'aïl et au citron. Cabillaud en croûte de sésame. 

BOUILLON RACINE (16~38 Euros) (Belgian) 
Address: 3, rue racine, 75006, Paris 
Tel.: (33)(1)44321560 
Fax: (33)(1)44321561 
Opening hours: 11:30~00:30 
Closed on Sundays. 
Belgian and Flemish specialties in a beautiful Art Nouveau interior, complete with levelled mirrors and mosaics. 

AU BOURGUIGNON DU MARAIS (French Wine-bar/Restaurant) 
(Opening hours: 10:00~01:00-Closed on Sundays) 
Address: 19, rue de Jouy, 75004, Paris. 
Tel.: (33)(1)48871540 
The cream of its kind. In a very chic decor you can either enjoy a glass of wine at the counter or have a meal chosen from a short but excellent carte. Also features regular seasonal specials ( some very good surprises actually!). Warm welcome. Very professional service by the owner from Burgundy, Jacques Maroslavac-Bavard who knows and enjoys his work. Wines from Burgundy but Champagne also available. Short but very well chosen wine list. Sell wines on the premises and take large orders. 

Address: 92, rue des Entrepreneurs, 75015, Paris. 
Tel.: (33)(1)45789344 
Opening hours: 13:00~15:00, 19:30~22:30. Closed on Sundays. 
A very sympathetic, small, unpretentious restaurant serving traditional Corsican cuisine with Corsican goat and ewe cheese and charcuterie 

LE BAR DE L'ASTOR(Lunch/Brunch 12 Euros) 
Address: Hotel Astor, 11,rue d'Astorg, 75008, Paris 
Tel.: (33)(1)53050531 
Ideal place for a sophisticated brunch: omelette froide au thon et jambon, sandwichs au jambon ibérique ou au filet de thon, fritûre de rouget "vendangeurs". 

Address: 11 bis,, rue VillenoisMareuil, 75017, Paris 
Tel.: (33)(1)45744380 
Fax: (33)(1)45744381 
Good quality-price ratio for delightful and innovative cuisine. 

À LA BICHE AU BOIS(14~23 Euros) 
(Open 11:30. Closed on week-ends) 
Address: 45, avenue Ledru-Rollin, 75012, Paris 
Tel.: (33)(1)43433438 
Very reasonable bistrot remarkable for its game (gibier) fare. Try the venison terrine (terrine de chevreuil). Reservation a must on Fridays. very warm welcome. 

LE BISTRO(very reasonable) 
(Closed on Sundays & one week-end every month) 
Address: 5/7, rue Gros, 75016, Paris 
Tel.: (33)(1)42889746 
A very simple, cheap bistro bang on the pavement. Very popular with locals. Better than average home-style fare. Doubles as a wine bar. Very good value for your money. Very warm relaxed welcome. 

Address: 75, avenue Niel, 75017, Paris 
Tel.: (33)(1)42278844 
Closed Saturday lunches and whole Sundays. 
Guy Savoy left his mark on this reasonably priced, but high-quality bistrot. 

CHEZ ALBERT (French/Portuguese) 
Address: 43,rue Mazarine, 75006 paris. 
Tel.: (33)(1)46332257 
French/Portuguese restaurant. One of the best cuisine in the Quartier saint-Germain district. Warm atmosphere. Reservation advised. 

Address: 2, rue des Hospitalieres-St-Gervais, 75004, Paris. 
Tel.: (33)(1)42721886 
Perfect for lunches. Always crowded. I would suggest the composed plates for very good value and typical tasty Jewish cuisine. Friendly and easy-going staff. 
LA COCHONAILLE (Pork products)
Address: 21, rue de la Harpe, 75005, Paris. 
Rel.: (33)(1)46339681 
Fax: (33)(1)40517736 
Unpretentious restaurant/bar which serves reasonable filling set lunches in a very crowded tourist spot. Interesting bar downstairs. 

LE CONGRÈS (25~50 Euros) 
(open 24 hours, 7 days,12 months of the year!) 
Address: 80, Avenue de la Grande Armée, 75017, Paris 
Tel.: (33)(1)45741724 
My favourite night brasserie in Paris! Warm welcome. Great oysters and seafood. The "écailler", Mr. Gaulthier, always so amiable. Nice decor. Bistro food available. 

LE COUDE FOU (Restaurant/Wine Bar)
Address: (33)(1)42771516 
Address: 12, rue du Bourg-Thibourg, 75004 Paris 
Tel.: (33)(1)48040898 
A very convivial restaurant cum wine bar open every day serving hearty and tasty meals . The menu at 145FF is a bargain. All the bistrot classic are home-made. 
Great wines served by the bottle or glass. 
Parking available. Reserve after 21:00! 
DAME JEANNE(17~24 Euros) 
Address: 60, rue de la Charonne, 75011, Paris 
Good food at reasonable prices in simple warm surroundings. Hure de saumon au basilic, tournedos à mâche et aux champignons, pot-au-feu de cuisse de canard. 
FELLINI (Italian)(15~32 Euros) 
Address: 47, rue de l'Arbre sec, 75001 Paris. 
Tel.: (33)(1)42609066 
Founded 8 years ago, it is the "little brother" of the restaurant in the 15th arrondissement. Definitely higher class Italian restaurant in Paris. Extremely warm and competent sercice. No less than 3 Italian chefs. Very international clientele from the the great gotels nearby. Very well balanced menu. Slightly expensive but the quality justifies it! 110FF lunch menu available. A la carte comprises such delicacies as Pesche Fellini, Beef or Tuna Carpaccio (that's what we tried!). Short but nice wine list (with half bottles!). Definitey not for the "Pizza & Bolonese Spaghetti maniac"! 
(Mssrs. Alberto Heraiz & Pierre Riffin) 
Address: 10, rue Saint-Julien le Pauvre, 75005, Paris. 
Tel.: (33)(1)43543133 
Fax: (33)(1)43540700 
Reservations advised. 
Opening hours: 19:00~00:15; 12:00~14:30 too on Saturdays & Sundays. 
Pribably the best Spanish restaurant on Paris. Quite new (1997). located in a quiet area. Seats only about 25~30 pepple, so reserve! 
Freat real paella. The tapas are probably the best bet as they are very personal creations, original and sophisiricated. Co not forget the "sweet tapas" for dessert. 
Short but great list of Spanish wines includinf Ribera del Duero. 

Address: 25, rue de la Reynie, 75001, Paris. 
Tel.: (33)(1)40266534 
Dax: (33)(1)40266538 
Opening hours: 12:00~23:00. Closed on Sundays. 
Eric Lefebvre opened this cheese specialist restaurant in June 1998 in relation with his cheese shop. You must try the Tricolour Fondue! 

GALLOPIN (21~32 Euros) 
(M. Alexandre) (Open at least until 01:00 a.m. Closed Saturdays & Sundays) 
Address: 40, Rue Notre-Dame des Victoires, 75002, Paris 
Tel.: (33)(1)42364538 
Fax: (33)(1)42361032 
Brasserie dating back to 1875. Sole meuniere ou grillée. Terrine de champignons. Filet de cabillaud roti a la tapenade. Poisson marine. Crème brûlée. 

LA GARE(Reasonable to slightly expensive)
(11:30~14:30, 18:30~23:00)(Reservations advised) 
Address: 19, rue de la Muette, 75016, Paris 
Tel: (33)(1)42151531 
Fax: (33)(1)42151523 
Go downstairs and suddenly you find yourself in a humongous restaurant located in a former station (hence the name) decorated with huge very colourful pictures of vegetables and fruit Service better than usual for this type of slightly yuppie restaurant in Paris. Traditional young bistro fare with a menu changing with the seasons. For the young-at-heart! 
Check on  or 

IL CORTILE (Italian) 
Address: Hotel Castille, 37, rue Cambon, 75001, Paris 
tel.: (33)(1)44584567 
Considered by many as the best Italian restaurant in Paris at the moment (circa 2000). Supervised by Alain Ducasse. 
Nicolas Vernier serves a very serious, precise and fresh cuisine. 
Scallops Carpaccio, Zucchini Risotto, Ricotta Ravioli, "Plancha" Seabass, Marsala and Truffles Beef. Tiramisu, Panna Cotta. 
Superb wine list. 

Address: 23, rue des Couronnes, 75020 Paris 
Tel.: (33)(1)43491929 
Opening hours: 12:00~14:30, 19:00~23:00 
Wide range of Chinese dishes such as duck withginger, steamed ravioli, salt-and-pepper crab. 
Discreet, efficient service. 

Address: 30, rue Pierre-Lescot, 75001 Paris 
Tel.: (33)(1)42367013 
The Parisian answer to the 1960's New York restaurant. Created in 1972, it has become a favourite venue for theatre actors after their shows. A new menu every day and brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. 

KIM LIEN (Vietnamese) 
Address: 33, Place Maubert, 75005, Paris. 
Tel.: (33)(1)43546813 (Reservations advisable) 
This is another very good Viernamese restaurant in Paris in spite of fierce competition. Extremely well-located on the Seine Left bank especially during the warmer seasons when you can eat outside. Excellent food with a short but surprisingly adequate wine-list (rare in that type of restaurant). Recommended dishes: stramed crab. Fish cakes. "Pho" soup. Raw Spring rolls. Easy-going sraff. 

Address: 8, avenue de Taillebourg, 75011 Paris 
Tel.: (33)(1)43562003 
Reservation advisable. 
Another great Thai restaurant. Probably more typical in decor and personnel. Highly popular with locals. Reasonable prices. Short but well-balanced menu. Reasonable wines available. A bit crowded sometimes. Excellent cuisine. 

LAC HONG(Vietnamese) (15~35 Euros) 
(Closed in August & Sundays) 
Address: 67, rue Lauriston, 75016, Paris 
Tel.: (33)(1)47558717 
The best Vietnamese restaurant in Paris. Great soups. Food perfect. Fresh fruit!. Bill can become expensive. Multilingual menu. 

(Closed on Sundays) 
Address: 25, rue du Roi Sicile, 75004 Paris 
A very reasonable and excellent Cuisine in this little Chinese restaurant lost in the Marais district. Customers mostly local. Thai and Chinese cuisine cooked and served by a couple of ethnic Chinese couple. Very warm welcome. Steamed food a must! Great soups and deep-fried duck. Take-outs OK! Practical when staying at nearby hotels. Cards OK. 
Revisited in 2001 September: 10,50 Euros "All Stam Menu" (1 soup+1 bowl of rice+5 kinds of steamed food) highly recommended! 

MANSOURIA (Moroccan) (14~45 Euros) 
(Fatima Hal) 
(Open until 23:30. Closed sundays) 
Address: 11, rue Faidherbe, 75011, Paris 
Tel: (33)(1)43710016 
Fax: (33)(1)40242197 
A creative cuisine in the best Moroccan restaurant in Paris. Try the assortment of vegetarian salads & starters, tagine a la daurade rose, couscous au pistil de safran, lamb or cheese birouattes, lamb and apricot tajine, pigeon pastilla, couscous au blé concassé et fèves fraîches and the surprising "couscous voilé" (meat is hidden under a cover of couscous semolina). 

(Open every day, 12.00~0:30) 
Address: 6, Place du Tertre, 75018, Paris 
Tel.: (33)(1)46063269 
In the most Parisian district of Paris, this restaurant founded in 1793 invites you to experience the true atmosphere of Montmartre, where in a musical ambiance you will be able to taste Traditional French cuisine. True "Por-au-Feu". Choose the table by the window where you will be able to observe the outside life from without being hassled by the various hawkers and beggars posing as "artists". In warm weather make a point to eat on the terrace outside or in the garden inside. Warm welcome. 
Set menus, 14 Euros ("Menu du Jour"), 27 Euros ("Menu Danton") & 35 Euros ("Menu Catherine"). A  la carte, 30~40 Euros. 

Address: Le Méridien Montparnasse Hotel, 19, rue du Cdt. Mouchotte, 75004, Paris. 
Tel.: (33)(1)44364426 
(Opening hours: 12:00~14:00; 19:30~23:30. Closed on Saturdays, Sundays & National Holidays & August) 
Located inside the Meridien Montparnasse Hotel, this restaurant is remarkable for its cheese selection prepared by Mr. Gérard Poulard: Tomme de brebis, Caillé frais, Tommette des Corbières, Bombe de Gatine, Tomme de Banon, Cabrette aux Truffes, Chèvre are only some of the varieties featured on the sumptuous cheese tray. 
Lunch:35 Euros, dinner: 43 euros, cheese tray: 18 Euros. 

LA MURAILLE DE JADE (Vietnamese/Chinese/Thai) 
Address: 5, rue de L'Ancienne-Comédie, 75006 Paris. 
Tel.: (33)(1)46336318 
High quality for such a restaurant. 

NEW HOA KHOAN (Chinese/Vietnamese) 
Address: 15, Avenue de Choisy, 75013, Paris. 
tel.: (33)(1)45858131 
Open every day till about 24:00 
A very popular restaurant in Paris Little China. Steamed dishes especially good. Reasonable prices. Easy-goung service. A bit crowded though. Take-away dishes available. 

LE PAIN (Brunch/Lunch, Bakery) 
18, rue des Archives, 75004, Paris. 
Rel.: (33)(1)44540307 
Small branch of main shop but probably the most friendly of the lot 
Address: 18, Place du Marche Saint-Honoré, 75001, Paris. 
Rel.: (33)(1)42963170 
Open every day. Brunch on Sunday. 
Very popular restaurant at lunch time (Come at 12:00 sharp as nearby yuppies come in droves at 12:15!). 
Enormous tasty salads. Very good value. Good breads on sale (actually it was a bakery originally). Sraff a bit aloof. The orange-dyed hair lady cashier slightly cold although extremely enthusiastic toward her gay-macho friends. 
All in all, one of the most interesting experiences for lunch in Paris. 
Also have restaurants/bakeries at following addresses: 
3, rue Bachaumont, 75002, Paris. 
Rel.: (33)(1)40419826 
3, Place Richelme, 13100, Aix-en-Provence (Southern France) 
Tel.: (33)(4)42234857 

LA PETITE CHAISE(25~40 Euros) 
(Open until 23:00. Closed for Christmas) 
Address: "Restaurant Paris 1680", 36, rue de Grenelle, 75007, Paris 
Tel.: (33)(1)42221335 
Fax: (33)(1)43297044 
Probably the oldest restaurant in Paris. Typical Paris bistro. Terrine de maquereaux, rascasse a la nage de légumes safranée, crème brulée. 

Address: 5, rue Lobineau, 75006, paris 
Tel.: (33)(1)43542849 
Opening hours: 12:00~15:00, 19:00~23:00. 
Closed on Sundays & Mondays. 
This well-known restaurant has been renovated and still serves family-style cuisine at great prices. 

PHO BANH CUON 14 (Vietnamese)
Address: 129, avenue de Choisy, 75013 paris 
Tel.: (33)(1)45836115 
No-frill quick service Vetnamese restaurant. Very large portions. 
Pho soup is a bargain and a full meal i itself. 
Half of the customers are local Vietnamese, sufficient proof of taste and authenticity. 
Croded. Come early! Cheap. 
PIZZA SANT'ANTONIO(Pizzeria/Italian)
Address: 1, rue de la Verrerie, 75004 Paris 
Tel.: (33)(1)42777847 
Open every day 12:00~02:00 
Enormous pizzas and salads. All the classics 
Warm welcome in conviial location 
Very reasonable. 
Address: 42, rue de Tourtille, 75020 Paris 
Tel.: (33)(1)46369895 
Opening hours: 11:00~15:30, 18:00~23:00 
Closed on Sundays 
Small, friendly restaurant serving steamed and vegetarian dishes and ultra-fresh sandwiches. 
Mint or jasmine tea at only 3FF! 

SAWADEE(Thai) (106~260 FF) 
(0pen until 22:30. closed on sundays) 
Address: 53, Avenue Emile Zola, 75015, Paris 
Tel. (33)(1)45776890 
Fax: (33)(1)45775778 
Probably the best Thai restaurant in Paris. All the typical dishes on the menu. The deep-fried crab is a beauty! 

STELLA MARIS (Tateru Yoshino)
Address: 4, rue Arsène-Houssaye, 75008, Paris. 
Tel.: (33)(1)42891622 
Probably the most under-rated restaurant in Paris seemingly for the single reason that this French restaurant cuisine is prepared by an all-Japanese kitchen team under the exacting Tateru Yoshino. 
Very progressive cuisine making use of fresh natural products. (Mr. Yoshino should know as he was born in a farming family!) 
Red tuna mille-feuille with aubergine and caviar, herb-flecked roasted Breton lobster. Irresistible anise-grapefruit cake with chocolate-rosemary sauce. 

Address: 79, rue Saint-Dominique, 75007, Paris 
Tel.: (33)(1)47054975 
Opening hours: 12:~15:30, 19:00~24:00 
Traditional parisian brasserie -yuppie style- woth an old-fadhioned decor. Good Southwetern cuisine, with copious portions and reasonable prices. 

VERSION SUD (Jérome Douillet)
Address: 3, rue Berryer, 75008, Paris. 
Tel.: (33)(1)40760140 
Fax: (33)(1)40760396 
Closed on Saturday lunches & Sundays. 
The second restaurant of Huy Savoy where Jérome Douillet concocts a traditional and international cuisine. Warm welcome. English spoken. 
Recommended (see pictures): Stewed Lamb, Stuffed Rabbit Legs with Masged Potatoes, Garlic & Rosemary. Also excellent Pasta. 
(Courtesy of Yasushi Imaizumi) 
(Open until 05:00 a.m. Dinners only) (Closed on week-ends & National Holidays) 
Address: 5, Rue des Prouvaires, 75001, Paris 
Tel.: (33)(01)42362182 
A very convivial and crowded place mainly patronized by locals 
Reservations a must during the colder days. 
Pot au feu. Boeuf bourguignon. Chevreuil au sang. Assiette de charcuterie. Andouille. Haricot d'agneau. 

CHEZ YVAN (25~42 Euros) 
(Open until 24:00. Closed Sundays) 
Address: 1 bis, Rue Jean Mermoz, 75008, Paris. 
Tel.: (33)(1)43591840 
Fax: (33)(1)42893095 
Moules frites "clin d'oeil". Lotte aux endives et mousseline a la gueuse. Croustillant de sardines. Escalope de foie gras poîlé. Daurade au céleri-rave. Rognon de veau aux figues. Desserts (special!)