Western France
As a general rule it is always advisable to reserve your table in the following :
As for Paris, do not forget to check: RESTAURANTSWEB
LE CONTRE-QUAI (15~50 Euros) 
Address: rue Saint-Nicolas, Sauzon, 56360, Belle-Île-sur-Mer. 
Tel.: (33)(2)97316148 
Open April 1st~September 25th, November 1st~12th, December 26th~31st. 
Restaurant in a typical port house with wooden beams. Seafood cuisine. 

BREST (Bretagne)
Address: 2, Quai de la Douane, 29200, Brest 
Tel.: (33)(2)98804484 
Fax: (33)(2)98466129 
The place for fish and seafood. 

ILE DE RE/RE ISLAND (Charente/West)
LA BALEINE BLEUE (Seafood restaurant)
Address: Quai Launay Razilly, 17410 Saint-Martin en Re, Ile de re 
Tel.: (33)(5)46090330 
Fax: (33)(5)46093086 
Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays October~March, closed on Mondays in April, May, June and September. 
Closed december 11th~26th 
The best restaurant in town. Inventive cuisine based on wild fish and local produce. 
Four season menu. 
Three terraces, a patio, a panoramic room and a bar. 
Reservations needed in high season. 
Cards ok 
LE BELEM (Brasserie/Restaurant/Cafe)
Address: 29, Quai de la Poitheviniere, 17410, Saint-Martin en Re, Ile de Re
tel.: (33)(5)46095656
Well-located along the harbour. Very popular. If you want a table inside, you have to reserve 24 hours in advance.
Choose the original decoration inside or the easy-going terrace.
Good seafood, above average and regional specialties as well as bistrot cuisine.
Warm welcome.
Cards ok.
Address: le Martray, 17590 Ars-en-re, Il de Re
Tel.: (33)(5)46296484
Check opening hours on the phone as it is advisable to reserve!
Great seafood and local products restaurant lost along the road to Ars-en-Re along the salt fields which made the island so famous.
Seasonal cuisine. Great oysters and seafood.
The homemade pates are first class. Definitely worth a stop. Patronized by locals as much as by tourists.
Warm welcome.
cards ok.
Address: 33, Grand Rue, 17670 La Couarde-sur-Mer, Ile de Re
Tel.: (33)(5)46298426
Small restaurant tucked inside a back street. Paronized by locals as much as by tourists.
Local tasty cuisine with interesting surprises. Reasonable prices. Warm welcome.
Cards ok
CAFE DE LA PAIX (Brasserie/restaurant)
Address: Quai de la Poitheviniere, 17410, saint-Martin-de-re, Ile de Re
Tel.: (33)(5)46092055
Fax: (33)(5)46090341
Busy brasserie/restaurant located along the harbour. easy-going atmosphere. Good seafood, especially cuttle-fish and mussels.
cards ok
LE CLOCHER (Brasserie/Restaurant)
Address: Place de l'Eglise, Ars-en-re, 17590 Ile de Re 
Tel.: (33)(5)46294120 
fax: (33)(5)46296942 
Opened every day. Closed in December and January. 
Just in front of the church tower (clocher) of this charming little town. 
Relaxed atmosphere. Good local oysters. Easy-going waiters. Reasonable prices. Packed in season. 
Cards ok 
COTE QUAI (from 22 Euros~)
Address: 9, Quai de la Criee, 17590, Ars-en-Re, Ile de Re 
Tel.: (33)(5)46299494 
Fax: (33)(5)46290820 
Open for lunch and dinner June 2nd~December 11th, December 23rd~March 21st 
A local restaurant offering a gastronomic taste of the sea. recommended. 
LA SALICORNE (from 16 Euros~)
Address: 16, rue de l'Olivette, 17670, La Couarde sur mer, Ile de Re. 
Tel. + fax: (33)(5)46298237 
Opening hours: Lunch and dinner time. Check out in low season. 
This restaurant seating 40~60 is so popular that it is advicable to reserve a day in advance, even in low season. better than average cuisine making good use of local products. 
Cards OK. 
LE SKIPPER (Restaurant/Brasserie)
Address: Port de Saint-Martin-de-Re, 17410, Saint-Martin-de-Re, Ile de Re
tel.: (33)(5)46092038
Fax: (33)(5)46090235
Located along the harbour. very busy brasserie cum seafood restaurant. Easy-going atmosphere. good seafood.
Cards ok

LA ROCHELLE (Charente/West)
ANDRE (Seafood)
Address: 5, rue Saint-Jean, 17000 La Rochelle 
Tel.: (33)(5)46412824 
Fax: (33)(5)46416422 
Two entrances, one rue saint-Jean to the restaurant and the other Place de la Chaine to the bistrot. 
Very honest seafood restaurant. 
Sits up to 500 with both establishments. 
Try the "Mouscade a la Charentaise" (Mussles inlight creamy saffran sauce) 
Revisited in September 2003. Hasn't lsot a bit of its charm! Actually improved its menu! Reserve! 
"CHEZ FRED" (Seafood)
Address: 30~32, rue Saint-Niclolas, 17000 La Rochelle 
Tel.: (33)(5)46416576 
In a pedestrian-only street away from the touristic hussle, a smal seafood restaurant patronized by the locals. 
Very reasonable and good value. Warm welcome. 
Moules mariniere 9 Euros, Oysters 9~12 euros (as of 2001) 
Address: 1, rue de la Chaine, 17000 La Rochelle 
Tel.: (33)(5)46413251 
fax: (33)(5)46419080 
A restaurant-bistrot owned by Gregory, son of two-star restaurant owner Richard Coutanceau. 
Probably the best location in town at the entry of the medieval harbour by the fortified towers. 
Very warm and efficient staff. 
Typical bistrot-style seafood of a higher quality. 
Great wine list. 
try: escalopes de Lotte aux Pommes de Terre Grenaille (Frogfish fillets on Re Island fine Potatoes) 
Reservations urgently required! 
Address: 45, rue des Merciers, 17000 La Rochelle 
Tel.: (33)(5)46283030 
Good value Chinese/Vietnamese restaurant opened by a Cambodian/Cantonese family in 1998 after 10 years i nearby Rochefort. 
Also serves a great variety of take-out dishes all day long. 
Very reasonable prices with all the classics of Chinese canton cuisine. 
Warm welcome and very clean modern restaurant. 
Address: Place de la Concurrenc, 17000 La rochelle 
tel.: (33)(5)46414819 
Fax: (33)(5)46419945 
A monument derservingly considered as the best restaurant in la Rochelle and the Charente Region! A member of the Relais & Chateaux  and a 2-star restaurant in the Michelin Guide establishment, customers will nonetheless feel at ease. 
Impeccable service. Great view on the sea from the bay windows. 
The fish and seafood are simply first-class ans have been so since Mr. Coutanceau and his very precise wife opened their restaurant in 1984. 
Recommended dishes (as of 2001): 
Daurade au four sur sa peau (oven cooked seabream with its its crusty skin), Huitres et langoustines cuites au four (oven-cooked oysters and gambas), Carpaccio de Thon et tomates confites (Tuna Carpaccio and preserved Tomatoes), Poitrine de Canard cuit a la broche aux Legumes de l'Ile de Re (Duck Breats with re Island vegetables), clafoutis du mendiant at sa Glace (Beggar's Clafoutis and its ice-cream), Gelee de The et son Coulis de Fruits (Tea Jelly and its Fruit sauce). 
LE TEMPLE (Brasserie/Restaurant)
Address: 9, rue de la Ferte, 17000 La Rochelle 
Tel.: (33)(746411504 
Opening Monday to Saturday (closed on national holidays). morning to evening. 
Tucked from the touristic area, a very original bar/restaurant opened in 2000. Patronized by locals and a few clever tourists. 
Offering great lunch specials at very good prices. Come early for lunch as it quickly gets packed. 
Definitely worth a visit, even for coffee only! 
Warm welcome. 
Cards ok. 

LORIENT (Bretagne)
L'AMPHITRYON (Mr.Abadie)(25~60 Euros) 
Address: 127, rue du Colonel-Muller, 56100, Loruent. 
(3,5 km north east from Lorient) 
Tel.: (33)(2)97833404 
Fax: (33)(2)97372502 
Closed on Saturday lunches & all Sundays. 
Reservations advised. 
Good restaurant with great specialities: sardine butter potatoes, chicken egg with caviar, petit gris snails in potato ravioli, red mullet with espelette peppers, "Bara Mel" steamed seabass, lobster with chanterelle mushrooms in chicken broth, veal spleen with truffles. 

Address: Quai de Rohan, 56100, Lorient. 
Tel.: (33)(2)97212130 
Closed January 1st~15th. 
Have a drink and enjoy the seafood specialities near the marina. 

LE JARDIN GOURMAND  (15~34 Euros) 
Address: 46, rue Jules-Simon, 56100, Lorient. 
Tel.: (33)(2)97641724 
Fax: (33)(2)97641575 
Clised on Sundays & Mondays, February 3rd~18th, July 30th~August 10th. 
In warm weather enjoy the regional cuisine and seafood in the garden under a pergola. 

LE POISSON D'OR (30~55 Euros) 
Address: 1, rue Maître-Esvelin, 56100, Lorient. 
Tel.: (33)(2)97215706 
Fax: (33)(2)97646542 
Closed on Saturday lunches and all Sundays except during the high season and National Holidays. 
Closed in February. 
Seafood and regional cuisine, just 100 metres from the marina. 

PONT-AVEN (Bretagne)
Address:  Inside Moulin de Rosmadec Hotel, 29930, Pont-Aven 
Tel.: (33)(2)98060022 
Delicate cuisine by the Sebilleau Brothers. Very light and sphisticated. Potato Millefeuille with scampi and cabbage. Shellfish and seabream risotto. 

Address: Route de Concarneau, 29930, pont-Aven 
Tel.: (33)(2)98060312 
Very sphisticated seafood by Guy Guilloux: mackerel tartare, red and grey seabreams duo with Paimpol coco beans. Rhbarb crumble. Great wine list. 

L'AGAPE (160~210FF) 
Address: 29120, Sainte-Marine 
Tel.: (33)(2)98563270 
You shall not be disappointed by the cuisine of Patrick Le Guen always exploring the flavours of the sea and the land! 
Red and white tuna ravioles (dumplings), artichoke and andouille Kowing-aman, Tatin fashioned apples with iced compote and feuilletage. Precise choice of wines.