September 12th 2004
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Kanto Cricket league:  6 records broken! 
Division 1: 
Avinash Jadhav's bowling record and another record 7th-wicket  partnership see Yokohama C. & A.C. cruise against Millennium C.C. to qualify for the semi-finals:  
Yokohama C. & A.C.: 246 (40 overs) (Kamran Ali, 52, T. Hill, 46*, M. Ito, 3/39). 7th-wicket partnership record: 64* (T. Hill/M. Davis)  
Millennium C.C.: 101 (29.2 overs) (Avinash Jadhav, 6/11; Kamran Ali, 3/20)  
Yokohama C. & A.C. won by 145 runs  
Umpire: Sheikh Nisar Ahmed 
See Scoresheet>> 

Division 2: 
Ichihara C.C. confirms against courageous MAX C.C. thanks to N. Creece's second century of the season and new 2nd-wicket record partnership: 
Ichihara C.C.: 250 (39.3 overs) (N. Creece, 129; D. Lollback, 50; Extras, 32; Y. Fukuyama, 3/30) 2nd-wicket partnership record: 195 (D. Lollback & N. Creece) 
MAX C.C.: 190 (34.5 overs) (M. Hirayama, 62; T. Yamada, 60; Extras, 41; C. Thurgate, 3/2; D. Lollback, 3/32) New Japanese partnership record: 122 (M. Hirayama & T. Yamada) 
Ichihara C.C. won by 60 runs 
Umpires: R-G. Martineau & N. Shannon) 
Scorers: R. Echiga & Y. Togashi 
See Scoresheet>> 
Robert-Gilles Martineau writes: 
A very long game that proved to be, 6 hours thanks to rank full tosses being disptached all over and beyond the ground by both teams! Lucky theyhad come on time, or we would have had a draw on our hands! 
Interestingly enough there was not a single dropped catch and the fielding was quite good all day actually! It must have been the heat, then... 
N. Creece must have been ruing his missed opportunity at beating the record when he was caught "on" the hill boundary. At the same time, had one of his streaking edges over the slips in the first overs gone to hands, Ichihara would have been in a fix. Well that is cricket,... 
M. Hirayama scored his second half century helped by T.. Yamada's Barry Bonds batting style to beat their team's own partnership record. By the way, MAX C.C. is the only exclusively Japanese team in the KCL! 
Great day all in all. Superb spirit shown by both teams. Beautiful work by the scorers. A pleasure to umpire! Thank you guys and gals! 

Lalazar Sports C.C. crushes unhappy Adore C.C.thanks to a record 5th-wicket partnership and fastest century by Ahmed Gulzar (41 balls): 
Lalazar Sports C.C.: 300/4 (Gulzar Ahmed, 108*, Muhammad Idrees, 52; Amjad Mirza, 52*, Younus Masoor, 32; Extras, 38). 5th wicket partnership: 144* (Ahmed gulzar/Amjad Mirza) 
Adore C.C.: 117 (38.2 overs)(Extras, 38; Aqeel Ur Rehman, 3/6) 
Lalazar Sports C.C. won by 183 runs 
Umpires: A. McCloy & N. Harrison 
See Scoresheet>> 
Neil Harrison writes: 
Lalazar rolled up late as usual and proceeded to bulldoze Adore aside with an impressive batting display that improved throughout the innings as the Adore bowling went from good to bad to ugly. 
Although Adore won the toss and fielded when batting seemed to be the way to go, good 4-over spells from each of the first four bowlers (Nakazawa, Shimada, Brady and Y. Kobayashi) had Lalazar subdued at 60/1 after 20 overs. Nakazawa and Brady in particular bowled excellently from the Shink end, and the only scoring shot off Brady was an edge through slips. Lalazar lost their captain early, but Younus (32) and Idrees (52) brought up the hundred with a steady partnership that ended as both tried to force the pace (though both were dropped in the same over that the captain fell). By this time the Adore attack was in Bad mode and the fielding Worse. Bizarre bowling changes (both Brady and Nakazawa came back on at the "wrong" end) and more dropped catches gave Lalazar numerous chances that they were happy to accept. Ahmed Gulzar (108*) came in at four and proceeded to tear the bowling apart in a calculated, clean-hitting but preening assault that may well have broken the record for fastest century in the KCL (it did! 41 balls=R-G. Martineau). When Amjad (52*) joined Ahmed Gulzar, things turned ugly for Adore as a succession of lost balls dragged the innings out to 3.5 hours for a total of 300/4. 

Adore made a lively start to their chase, taking advantage of a bagful of wide stuff, but seemed to give up as soon as the first wicket fell. Thereafter Terashi and later Tsukada dropped the dead bat on everything and killed the game in the space of a few overs with a soporific display that had umpires and fielders alike struggling to stay awake. Aqeel took the opportunity to try out practically his entire team (9 players bowled) as, apart from the usual suspects (Takita, Nakazawa and Brady), nobody looked interested in or capable of chasing the score. Adore survived until the first ball of the last over, when a comical runout ended proceedings on 117 to give Lalazar a thumping win by 183 runs. 

Tokyo Bay Districts C.C. ends mediocre season on a sad note: 
Tokyo Wombats C.C. beat Tokyo Bay Districts C.C. by walkover 



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