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Source: AAP|Published: Friday January, 16th, 2002 12:50 PM
Riot police have been sent to Shizuoka city in preparation for a Shizuoka Cricket Club party, this Saturday at 5:00 PM at Hotel Associa.
Police believe the combination of an all-you-can-drink offer, starting at 5:30 PM and finishing at 8:30 PM with the known trouble-makers in the club will lead to problems.
Several people were injured but no one has been reported killed in the many incidents of previous parties held by the club.
One of the injuries was to a bar-tender, who refused to serve 17 pitchers of beer to Todd Phillips at 8:29 PM during the last party.
A police spokesman said that rumours of some members of the club also being friends of Saki Kochi were also troubling.
"We know she is a very dangerous person. If she does turn up to this party, we will immediately call in reinforcements from Tokyo, Nagoya, and elsewhere in Shizuoka Prefecture. It should be good training for dealing with soccer hooligans later in the year."
The Social Democrat Party has criticized the police for being under-prepared. They say that in 1996, Saki Kochi assaulted 358 members of a soccer hooligans gang in Fulchester City, England. Although Kochi was unhurt, 241 of the hooligans required hospital treatment and three of them were in comas for a short while.
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