Chef: Mr. Tetsuya Sugimoto 
Address: 420-0072 Shizuoka Shi, Ni ban-cho, 4-1 
Tel.: 054-2531160 
Opening hours: 11:45~14:30, 17:30~22:30 
Closed on Wednesdays 
When Mr Sugimoto,one of the most promising chefs among the new generation, decided to fly on his own wings in November 1999, he bought out a very Japanese restaurant away from the bustle of the center, a great piece of courage in itself, to create one of the very few new fusion cuisine exponents in the city. 
When considering the very reasonable prices, I had difficulties to understand how he could come up with such fresh ingredients, especially with herbs and vegetables. He prepares dishes which can been enjoyed with chopsticks or western cultlery, pleasing a large clientele which already counts some die-hard officionados. The food is thought according to the season and never ceases to surprise. I would be hard put to give my favourites as I still have to try everything! But in my next article, I shall produce some photographs which should suffice to convince you! 
But you cannot miss it when opting for his Scallops Salad, "Kawaagi" Carpaccio, Deep-fried white-flesh Fish Salad and Creme brulee! 
Do not forget to peruse through a very well-chosen wine list for all budgets! 
Look out for the pics within this month!