Coaching Letter of Intent
Japan Universities Menís Representative Team
(Japanese Translation available on request/E-Mail, please!)

From Gavin Beath, Robert-Gilles Martineau, Mayank Dabral and Anton McCloy 

Dear University Players, Captains, Club Representatives and Interested parties, 
After due process, the J.C.A. has appointed us as the coaching and management team for the inaugural Japan Universities Menís Representative team. 
We are excited and honored to be have been chosen to help shape Japanís cricketing future and look forward to working with many of you. 
This letter gives brief introductions of each member of the coaching and management team.  It will then outline our broad goals as well as our plans for the immediate future. 

Coach/Manager Introductions:  

Iam Robert-Gilles Martineau. I was born in ijon, France and am a French National, not an auspicious start for cricket, indeed! 
After graduating from Bournemouth of College of Technology, Hampshire/Dorset-England, I came to Japan on March 23rd, 1976 in Shizuoka and have stayed there ver since. I helped creating the Shizuoka Prefecture Cricket Club, later called Shizuoka Kytes Cricket Club on November 3rd 1984 (first match). 
I am a visiting French Lecturer at University and run my own business. I have been involved with the Japan Cricket Association since 1987. 

Head Coach:  
I am Gavin Beath from Dunedin, New Zealand. After playing high level cricket for a number of years in New Zealand along side some of New Zealandís current national players.   I moved to Auckland city in search of a job then to South Korea to teach English.  I did that for a year, and after that I decided to cross the Sea of Japan to Japan.  I got a job here with Aeon Eikaiwa and met a student who introduced me to ĎThe Wyvernsí Cricket Club.  I am enjoying cricket here and am looking forward to coaching Japanese Menís University Team. 

Assistant Coach: 
I am Mayank Dabral and Iíve been in the Japan cricket circuit for one season '2003. 
As an Indian, I have played cricket from a very early age. 
I started cricket at school level in the year 1990 as a batsman. 
After 5 years at school level, I continued to play cricket at University level for another 3 years and started bowling. Unfortunately I had to give up cricket for a while as I started a job after graduation and luckily came to Japan in 2001.  I started playing for Tokyo Bay C.C in the 2003 but didn't get to play many matches due to rain and a tight schedule. 

Assistant Coach: 
I am Anton McCloy.  Iím from Otago, New Zealand.  Iíve been in Japan for 7 years and have been involved in cricket since I arrived.  I was a member of the Shizuoka Kytes Cricket club for 5 years before changing job and deciding to join Fuji Far East Cricket Club. 
I live in Fuji City and work for myself as an English teacher.  Iíve coached at high-school level in New Zealand and have been acting as an assistant to the National Team at their practices.  Iím looking forward to using my cricket experience to help you enjoyment of cricket. 

Our Goals: 

- Speed up the development of young cricketers 

- Retain player members after graduation 

- Develop disciplines strategic to Japan cricket development at higher levels 

- Continue to support the current good work and efforts of University clubs in developing a solid base of cricketers that will improve Japan cricket at all grades. 

- To create an enjoyable and rewarding team atmosphere conducive to playing good positive cricket. 

Our Immediate Plans: 

We ask that all captains, administrators and interested parties share the following information with as many university club members as possible irrespective of ability or participation levels. 
1.   Selection Camp: 

We will hold a selection camp on the weekend of May 15th and 16th in Shizuoka Prefecture.  (Fuji or Shizuoka City) 

This camp will involve two games of cricket (one on each day) as well as a range of skill assessment drills and exercises. 

We ask that the captains put forward the names of those interested in trying-out for the team over that weekend. 

With the names of those who are interested we ask that the player himself fill-out a simple cricket profile of himself and forward it to us by e-mail before APRIL 23rd 
(The profile is attached to this mail) 

The reason for this is that we may need to restrict numbers for the first selection camp in case of too many people applying to try-out. 

2.    Selection criteria for the initial squad is as below: 

An initial squad of an undisclosed number will be chosen from those who attend the initial camp.  This squad will be a starting point for future University teams and will be open to additions and changes made by the Coach/Management group. 

Selection Criteria: 

- Last year results. 

- This year results. 

- Impression on coaches at the selection camp. 

- Performance in the selection camp games. 
- Discipline in demand.* 

* There are some cricketing disciplines that have been identified as being in short supply in Japanese cricket (e.g. leg spin bowling) 

The Coach/Management group thanks you in advance for all your help and look forward to working with you in the near future. 

Regards and Happy Cricketing 

Gavin Beath 
Robert-Gilles Martineau 
Mayank Dabral 
Anton McCloy 

Contact Details:

Gavin Beath
Address:  High Piano 201, 2-3-14, Fujimishi, Nishi-Tsuruse, Saitama,
Postal code Ė 354 0026
Tel.:   0492526950
Mobile no:  08032080322
PC E-Mail address: gbeath@khaki.plala.or.jp

Robert-Gilles Martineau 

Mobile Phone Number: 09041977698
E-mail Address: lapin-dragon@vcs.wbs.ne.jp