Letter of Intent 
 Players' List, May 15th~16th 
AS of 2004, a Japan National Universities Squad Coaching Programme was initiated under the auspices of the Japan Cricket Association. This page will help interested and concerned persons to keep posted with its developments!
Japan Universities Squad announced!
The Squad of the Japan Universities to play against Korea on 26th June has been announced!

Edagawa Kou - Waseda University
Ginga Kobayashi - Waseda University
Chino Tatsuro - Waseda University
Harunobu Kobayashi - Waseda University
Ito Masaaki - Keio University
Yousuke Hatanaka - Keio University
Ryoki Kato - Keio University
Satoshi Kodaka - Keio University
Naoki Takashima (Wicketkeeper) - Keio University
Takuro Hagihara - Tokyo University of Technology
Satoru Kobayashi - Tokyo University of Technology

Players' Profiles 
The List of Players invited to the first Coaching Session in Fuji, may 15th~16th has been finalized! 
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A Letter of Intent has been forwarded to all Universities pertaining to the Japan National Universities Squad Coaching Programme (with Coaches and Manager's profiles) 
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Japan National Universities Squad Coaching Programme Officers: 
Gavin Beath: Head Coach. 
Presently Member of Wyverns Cricket Club 
Anton McCloy: Assistant Coach 
Presently Member of Fuji Far East Cricket Club 
Also Japan Cricket Umpires and Scorers Association Chairman 
Mayank Dabral: Assistant Coach 
Presently Member of Tolyo Bay Districts Cricket Club 
Robert-Gilles Martineau: Manager 
Presently Member of Shizuoka Kytes Cricket Club 
Also Kanto Cricket League Committee Member 
Coaches and Manager's profiles can be forwarded upon written request! 

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