Stories by Foreign Residents of Japan

     This unique collection of short stories unites the thoughts and experiences of six very different individuals sharing a common bond: they all reside in Shizuoka, Japan. These stories contain romance, tragedy, adventure, fiction, a few laughs, personal experiences, and a little bit of everything under the rising sun.
This is the first issue and I sincerely hope something interesting has stared and that we shall see more of them with other writers and stories!

     Among the pages you will find:
-Rice balls, green tea and love hotels
-A fractured family sitting down to dinner.
-A chain-smoking neglectful babysitter.
Monkeys running amok.
-A glimpse into an apocalyptic future.
-An intoxicated women trying her luck at keno and life.
-Single women searching for Mr. Right and finding a whole lot of Mr. Wrongs.
And then some.......

Featured writers:
Mari-Tricia Brooks
Marcus W. Grandon
Geoffry Dean Hinton
Chris McCLory
J. Blake Wilson

First printing: 15th of July 2002

Price: 2,000 yen
Can be bought at Yajimaya Bookstore in Shizuoka City.
For mail purchase and more information contact: