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Patricia Gaumond
I actually decided to add my own  little contribution on the Web ( on the 17th of January 2001, to be precise) as this is one of the best means to introduce and make known people you admire for their achievements and you believe ought to get better exposure! I realise that as Art and Artists belong to a  very subjective world, visitors will prove indulgent towards my own tastes and actually contribute their own comments and introductions! 
Gaumond, Patricia
Bithdate: October 28th, 1975
Place of birth: Quebec City, Canada.
Graduated from the Montreal University where she obtained a Bachelor in Artistry and a Major in Visual Art.
Her paintings on this page ar conceived with acrilyc on sofa fabric, a style she sarted in 1999.
Presently lives in Shizuoka (as of 2003) to save money to study art reastauration in Paris and Italy, a field she would like to specialize in as a career.
"Depth In The Being"