ADORNO (Italian)
Chef: Mr. Douglas Adorno de Abreu
Address: 420-0035 Shizuoka Shi, Shchiken-cho, 18-1, Pivot Shizuoka 1F (50 metres from Orion Cinema on the left-hand side)
Tel.: 054-2218308
Opening hours: 18:00~24:00 (Generally closed on Sundays, but check!)
After one and a half years absence, Douglas is back with us and opened his new restaurant on the 2nd of September. Douglas Adorno de Abreu is a Brazilian  national whose parents emigrated from Sorino City in Piemonte, which the international flavour of his restaurant. Although he considers his establishment a bar/bistrot/ristorante combination, it is definitely the hogher claa type of Italian restaurant.
"Italian cuisine is done step by step" in Adorno's own words, so expect high quality. Fast service does not mean better food!
If you are in a hurry you can always choose among raw ham, parmegiano or antipasti plates as they are all on display in front of you!
I would advise guests to have a little chat with Adorno before ordering, as he is always to come up with a few surprises! Moreover, no less than 30 kinds of wines are available.
English/Italian/Portuguese/Japanese spoken.

Chefs: Mrs Mochizuki & Izumi
Address: 420-0035 Shizuoka Shi, Shichiken-cho, 8-25, Tomi Bldg. 2F
Tel. & Fax: 054-2515032
Opening hours: 18:00~02:00. Closed on Sundays.
Very Japanese-style restaurant but food could be classified as internetional. Very Japanese atmosphere. 8 guests can sit on tatami in front of counter but with feet comfortably resting in hollowed space in front of you. 12 more can sit at 3 low tables.
Roasted Quail, yen 1,400; Roasted Lamb, yen 1,400; Wild Boar Rashers, yen 1,400; Horseradish Duck, yen 950; other dishes, yen 580~1,600.
Wine glass, yen 600; Cocktails, yen 600~800; Beer, yen 550~600.

Chef: Mr. Ide
Address: 420-0031 Shizuoka Shi, Gofuku-cho, 2-8-9
Tel.: 054-2542660, 2510722
Opening hours:11:30~14:00, 18:00~21:30. Closed on Tuesdays.
A very traditional French restaurant. One of the oldest in Shizuoaka. Traditional bourgeois cuisine. Prices reasonable to medium. I always go for the morels in cream & brandy and the different fish dishes. Organises extremely satisfying buffet parties for very fair prices!
Credit cards OK.

Cheg: Mr.Aoyagi Ken
Address: 420-0034 Shizuoka Shi, Tokiwa-cho, 1-4-11, Sugitoku Bildg. 1F
Tel.: 054-2523366
Opening hours: 18:00 till late. Closed on Sundays.
Aoyagi has moved!
It is now definitely easier to find, it seats 15 people (almost three times as before!). You can choose between the counter and a Japanese tatami room. All the decor has been conceived in the most typical Japanese style but top French wines are still available without forgetting the extremely tasty Japanese "sake" to accompany an original modern Japanese cuisine spiced with some definitely foreign specialites depending on the market avaibility!

Chef: Mr. Goshima Hagemu
Address:420-0911 Shizuoka Shi, Sena, 4-9-1
Tel. & Fax: 054-2642341
Opening hours: 11:30~14:00, 17:00~late at night.
Mr. Goshima moced hid former restaurant from Ryogae-cho,an area synonimous of decrepitude to the relatively rural and quiet Sena. A very homely bistrot-style restaurant with very reasonable prices ideal for tight-laced purses! Food is both Japanese and French. Reasonable wines (try the Givry from French Bourgogne!) by the glass or the bottle. Great Japanese sake available, too.
My suggestions:
Pate de Campagne (pork terrine), yen 900 (freat value!); French style Seafood Carpaccio yen, 1,200; Confit Chicken Wings, yen 500; Roasted Herb Lamb Leg Cut, yen 1,500;Confit Chicken & Musgrooms Salad, yen 800. Freat gomemade Tarts.
Credit cards OK.

Chef: Mr. Mochizuki Akihiro
Sommelier: Mrs. Mochizuki Takami
Address: Shizuoka Shi, Koya Machi, 6-4, Shiba Bldg. 2F (in front of Nakajimaya Hotel)
Tel. & fax: 054-2218863
Opening hours: 18:00~24:00
Closed on Sundays.
This French Wine-Bar & Restaurant os probably the "most ideal" place for ladies with a toght-laced purse but nonetheless wanting to enjoy good food and wine in a relaxed atmosphere. Akihiro Mochizuki's cuisine is light-style but very inventive and satisfying while his bustling wife Takemi takes care of the service and wine counselling in a very efficient but easy-going manner. A piece of advice: Try the different dishes together one by one.

Address: 420- 0035  Shizuoka Shi, Shichiken-cho, 8-26
Tel.: 054-2217666
Opening hours: 11:30~14:00, 17:30~23:00 (last orders: 22:30). Closed on Tuesdays.
A very honest trattoria in a city where you find all kinds of restaurants labelled Italian! Definitely for the younger kind of customers. Menu changing with seasons. Simple but inventive cuisine. Reasonable prices. Good and cheap wine by the glass or carafe.

Address: 422-8021 Shizuoka Shi, Oshika, 1413-1
rel.: 054-2893223
Opening hours: 11:30~14:00, 18:00~20:30
Closed on Thursdays & 3rd Wenesday
Located on a height overlooking the southern part of Shizuoka City, this French restaurant offers an unysual seasonal menu, including home-made bread, cuisine & cakes.
Reservations a must!
(Courtesy of Mrs. Chieko Yamada)

Address:420-0031  Shizuoka Shi, Gofuku-cho, 2-9-1, Gennan Kairaku building, 2F
Tel.: 054-2547655 (Reservations advisable)
Fax: 054-2210509
Opening hours: 12:00~14:00, 18:00~last orders for meals at 21:30. Bar time 18:00~23:30. Closed on Mondays.
High class French restaurant with consequent prices. Precise service, excellent cuisine regularly varying with seasons and great wines! I regularly visit this restaurant for the fresh "fermier" (farmer) cheses tray (the only one to be found in Shizuoka!). A simple order of assorted cheeses you can choose yoursel directly from the tray with a glass of wine will be gladly served to you. You will be able to taste not only real French cheese but also Italian and British delicacies! As the tray changes almost weekly, you are in for a surprise every time!
Credit cards OK.
Seasonal menu (6,000 yen):
Salad de Caille Gentil (Gentil Quail Salad)
Bouillabaisse riche (riche Bouillabaisse-Marseille Fish & Seafood Pot)
Tarte aux Fraises parfumées (Perfumed strawberry Tart)

Wines: Marquis de Grachat Selection, glass 900 yen, bottle 5,000 yen (white)
            Saint-Joseph (red)

Cheese: Plate of 5 different fresh kinds, 1,500 yen

Address:420-0032 Shizuoka Shi, Ryoogae-cho, 2-5-8
Tel.: 054-2540884
Opening hours: 11:30~13:30, 18:00~21:00. Closed Sundays.
The best steak (or whatever you call it!) restaurant in Shizuoka. Either choose among three menus priced at5,000, 7,000 and 8,500 yen (can change any time!) or from the carte (when available in season). You will taste the best beef in Japan in various ways all cooked on charcoal piece by piece with other delicacies in front of you and served in beautiful ceramic, in a space designed as an old traditional Japanese restaurant but without tatamis or uncomfortable seating. Beer, wine sake available. More reasonably priced menus at lunch.
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HOYOKEN (Korean/Yakiniku)
Address: 420-0036 Shizuoka Shi, Suruga-cho, 6-18.
Tel.;: 054-2528929
Opening hours: 17:00~24:00. Closed on Mondays.
All Korean restaurants in this country seem the same at first glance. So the difference will be noticed in the quality of the meat, the attitude of the staff and the general atmosphere. Founded in 1949, this is definitely the best in Shizuoka City and it is quite crowded most of the time. Even so, the staff works hard th serve you as soon as possible in a quiet and effective manner. A hint?: vhoose a seat at the counter and you will see everybody at work. Some great sakes in store, too.
Credit cards OK.

Chef: Mr. Tooru Okuda
Address: 420-0032 Shizuoka Shi, Ryogae-cho, 2-3-2, NS Court Bldg, 2F
Tel. & Fax: 054-2210024
Opening hours: 17:30~23:00
Opened in October 1999, this Japanese "Izakaya" fits in the much-needed middle-range style restaurants/drinking establishments. A fairly long counter allows you to share a chat with mr. Okuda while he expertly prepares your food. As this place also serves wine, you have a ready topic! The food although modern in style is very Japanese. Good Sashimi (Raw Fish), tasty range of appetizers lined in front of you. Have the chef explain the dishes before ordering as the menu changes regularly. A side room sits about 20 and can be noisy at times so sit at the counter. Ideal place for ladies. Resomable yo slightly higher prices. Warm welcome, sometimes very busy.

KASAI (Japanese)
Chef: Mr. Kasai Akinori
Address: 420-0029 Shizuoka Shi, Togiya-cho, 50
Tel.: 054-2733226
Opening hours: 17:30~24:00. Closed on Sundays & National Holidays.
This "Sumi-Yaki-Kushi-Ya"  (Japanese brochettes grilled on charcoal) must be the best in its own genre, unless somebody can inform of a better one! Patronized by all classes, it offers an array of succulent meat , vegetables or fish brochettes and other tidbits all according to season.
Od course, sake, chilled varieties included, sho-chu and even wines can be ordered as well! To top it all, the prices are deginitely reasonable!
Japanese homepage:

KATSUYOSHI(Shizuoka City)(Japanese)
Address:420-0838 Shizuoka Shi, Aioi-cho, 6-22
Tel.: 054-2464884
Opening hours: 11:30~20:00.
Easily the best Tonkatsu (pork cutlets) restaurant in the whole Tokai area except for its twin in Shimizu City! You will be served on large dark wooden tables in a surrounded by likewis wooden beams. Ask for one of the set menus at lunch. All pork served is "Kuro Buta" (black pork) of the finest quality. Katsuyoshi makes and sells either in his restaurants or at department stores different sauces, croquettes (in real fresh breadcrumbs!), cheese puffs and even salt!

KATSUYOSHI (Shimizu City)(Japanese)
Address: 424-0935 Shimizu-Shi, Numata, 9-8
Tel.: 0543-353391
Opening hours: 11:30~21:00
See Katsuyoshi in Shizuoka City for same comments. The only difference is that it is bigger in a whole house!

Address: 420-0841Shizuoka Shi, Kamiashiarai, 2-7-28
Tel.: 054-2469412
Opening hours:
In a city not renokwn for its sushi, Matsu No Sushi stands out for the fact it is always trying to feature the unusual and satisfy its customers' sometimes strange orders! Some examples apart from the usual fares (all excellent): grilled pickled mackerel with sauce, slices of raw deer liver, steamed angler (frogfish) liver and so on! Better be on the owner's cards and beauties will start popping out!

MIZUKI (Traditional Japanese)
Address: 420-0839  Shizuoka Shi, Takajo, 3-10-3, Gokoo Dai Ni Bldg. 1F
Tel.: 054-2518366
Opening hours: Usually everyday from 18:00~24:00
Definitely one of the best "o-fukuro-san" Japanese style restaurant in Shizuoka City! Serves only home-made cooking but also will produce first-class tuna sashimi. From where? Don't ask me! All I know is that she has many good friends in the right places. Most of the cutomers are middle-class businessmen. Foreigners welcome. Try it for a real taste of homestyle Japanese cuisine!

Address: 422-8041 Shizuoka Shi, Nakada, 1-4-5
Tel.: 054-2895533
Fax: 054-2895616
Opening hours: 11:00~14:00, 18:00~24:00 (depending on business). Closed Mondays.
The best French restaurant on the south side of Shizuoka City. Offers set menus, Carte and specials of the day within fairly reasonable prices. Also offers set lunches. Depending upon seasons, try the spinach stuffed quail,  the duck breast in wine and honey sauce, the basilico lamb, the balsamico eel, chicken liver country terrine, the sautées veal spleen (ris de veau) with breadcrumbs or just the special hors d'oeuvres salad, a meal in itself! Some very good wines!
Fish Carpaccio yen 1,500
Seafood Terrine yen 1,500
Dartois of Snails, Veal Spleen and Mushrooms (cooked inside a small pot and top with salted pastry) yen 1,300
Grilled Duck with Pepper and Leeks yen 1,500
Mustard Chicken yen 1,400
Quail stuffed with Foie-gras yen 3,000
Sauteed Ceal Spleen in Breadcrumbs yen 2,000
Credit cards OK.

NASU (Japanese)
Chef: Mr. Mochizuki Satoshi
Address:  420-0839 Shizuoka Shi, Takajo, 1-42-12, Shinohara Bldg 1F
Tel.: 054-2739872
This restaurant whose name means "aubergine" (egg-plant) was opened  two and a half years ago and has just transformed  itself from a counter-restaurant to a  fully-fledged establishment. Very Japanese style. First-class food changing with seasons. Reasonable prices nonetheless. Original "sake" list. A good experience in traditional Japanese cooking.

Address: Shizuoka Shi, Koya-Machi, 6-23, Matsunaga Build. 2F (in front of Nakajimaya Hotel)
Tel.: 054-2535778
Opening hours 11:300~14:00, 17:00~22:30. Closed on Sundays & National Holidays.
The only true Thai restaurant in town. Very popular with the locals. From reasonable to slightly expensive. Very good soups.

Chef: Mr. Satsukawa
Address: 420-0034 Shizuoka Shi, Tokiwa-cho, 1-4-8
Tel. & fax: 054-2733166
Opening hours: 11:30~14:30, 17:3~22:00 (~24:00). Closed Tuesdays.
Probably and deservingly the most widely-known French restaurant in Shizuoka City. The cuisine is bistrot style with a certain sophistication. The raw fish salad has set a vogue in this town although nobody has been able to equal it! Simple menu and carte. Try the different variations on homard, Chinese duck sliced fillets, the stuffed quail, the lamb cutlets and don't forget the caramel ice-cream. To add to all, a superior cellar! Also caters for small to medium parties upstairs. Doubles up as a wine bar at late hours.
Credit cards OK.

Address: 420-0032 Shizuoka Shi, Ryoogae-cho, 2-7-1, Akiyama Bldg, 1F
Tel.: 054-2738587
Opening hours: 18:00 till very late in the morning. Closed on Sundays.
Suimu has a new chef Shuusuke Asaba until 22:00 when Mr. Tauchi's, the owner, takes over his apprentice and that should speak for itself! Although this spot looks more like a sushi bar (It used to be a traditional Japanese restaurant before it changed owners), one can appreciate some very tasty tidbits or fuller dishes mostly French and Japanese. Prices vary from 700 yen for raw ham to 3,000 yen for foie gras or quail with wild rice. Seasonal dishes like venison, duck, pigeon,  rabbit, various fishes. Full reservations for small parties possible.
Recently I have personally tasted Hare simmered in wine (3,200 yen), Sturgeon Carpaccio (2,000 yen) and Grouper fish ("Hata") in Herbs & Cream Sauce (2,100 yen) .

Address: 424-0942 Shimizu Shi, Irifune,10-6
Tel.:  0543-538804
Opening hours: 11:30~14:00, 18:00~21:00. Closed
The best Fench restaurant in Shimizu City. In a class of its own. Offers only set menus at dinner for 6,000, 8,000, 10,000 & 12,000 yen using the day's market products, hence the menus are always subject to sudden changes for the pleasure of the customer. Happily marries Japanese & French tastes. You are in for a discovery every time!
Credit cards OK.

Address: 420-0032 Shizuoka Shi, Ryogae-cho, 2-3-1
Tel.: 054-2512898
Opening hours: 16:00~02:00 (until 11.00 on Sundays)
Not to be confused with its mother restaurant in Tamachi and subsidiaries in Mizuho and Utoh (I have doubts about their staff, sorry!), this is probablu the most convivial sushi bar in Shizuoka City. There might be more renowned places, but the staff, young but experienced, are extremely welcoming and agreeable while quick and professional. The other important thing is that all items' prices are clearly indicated and reasonable.
Foreigners must try the 'California Roll' and 'Chyawan-mushi'!
Credit cards OK.

TAIHEI (Japanese)
Address: 420-0032 Shizuoka Shi, Ryoogae-cho, 2-3-11
Tel.: 054-2513902
Opening hours: 15:30~21:00. Closed on Sundays.
A very convivial Japanese "Izakaya", always full in spite of unusual opening hours. Big helpings! Fair prices.

Address: 420-0031 Shizuoka Shi, Gofuku-cho, 2-7-10, Kanamono Kaikan, 2F
Tel.: 054-2517689
A better-than-average Italian & Mediterranean restaurant where the chef tries to regularly vary his menu and bring his own inventions. Very popular with ladies. Very informal and friendly atnosphere. Reasonable prices. Some excellent wines. Parties possible.

Address: 420-0037 Shizuoka Shi, Hitoyado-cho, 2-6-5
Tel.: 054-2537825
Opening hours: 17:30 until fridge is empty! Closed on Sundays.
An unusual Chinese cum ramen shop. Only absolutely fresh products used! Dishes cooked one at a time. Worth the patience. Prices slightly over the norm but quality miles over Shizuoka's norm! You must try the "Ebi Ramen"! Also serves 8 kinds of Chinese wines (sake).

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