AUSTERIA (Jewish, 20$)
Address: Ulica, 6, Krakow
Tel.: (48)(12)4213870
In the Jewish Kazimierz district. Very central European atmosphere.
Excellent cuisine: Jewish carp, goose liver dishes, etc... Nostalgic music and yiddish songs by orchestra.

Address: Ulica Agnieski, 1, Krakow
Tel.: (48)(12)4218520
Jan Kosciusko opened this restaurant 20 years ago southe of Krakow before moving to town. The Name's meaning (Farmer's grub) is a bit provocative but while simple, it's extremely tasty. Extraordinary forest mushrooms soup. Try the homemade noodles, spread tour bread with smalec. Plenty of traditional dishes to return to true rural tastes or to discover.

HAWELKA (~30$)
Address: Rynok Glowny, 34, Krakow
Tel.: (48)(12)4224753
Founded in 1876, This tavern is very popular with artists and inteligentsia. The room upstairs was decorated by the great painter Tetmayer. One can eat good Krakow cuisine on the ground floor for less than 15$.

LEONARD'S (~30$)
Address: Rynek Glownt, 25, Krakow
Tel.: (48)(12)4219894
Excellent gastronomic restaurant serving French-inspired cuisine and brewery with Typical Polish food.

Address: Ulica Grodzka, Krakow
A fashionable restaurant ("At the Neighbour's) installed inside a XIVth-Century cellar. Trditional recipes. Barbecues, meat or fish griled over wood fire. Great choice of wines. Make sure to reserve.

Address: Ulica Scczepanska, 1, Krakow
Tel.: (48)(12)4228896
The name means "Under the Peartree". Its dinig-room created by Baltazar Fontana has been designated by UNESCO.
Classical Krakow cuisine.

WIERZYNEK (20~25$)
Address: Rynek Glowy, Krakow
Tel.: (48)(12)4221035
Probably one of the most famous restaurants in Poland where history meets gastronomy. Still a royal location, a unique atmosphere and greast game cuisine.