Address: Fukuoka City, Sumiyoshi. 
Access: Halfway on foot between Tenjin and Hakata 10~15 minutes walk. Between "Nakasu Kawabata Station" (Exit 5) and "Gion Station by subway. Get off at either and walk for 7~10 minutes. "Canal City Hakata Mae" stop by Nishitetsu Bus. Difficult to miss! 
Canal City Hakata was built in the mid-1990's around an artificial canal  which flows through the site, and is composed of various facilities such as amusement, shops, restaurants, cafes, cinema complex, musical theatre and hotels. 
It has become a self-sufficient city (no wonder that all the big depatment stores owners are unanimously criticizing it, poor sods!). 
The shops sell all brands you could imagine of, whole world cuisines can be enjoyed and rest can be savoured in one of the numerous cafes. 
Since you can book a hotel inside, if you have only one day to spend in Fukuoka City, don't look any further! 
MARRIAGE FRERES (World Teas & Tea Saloon) 
Address: Kyoto Shi, Chukyo-Ku, Kawara-Machi, Sanjyo, Kudaru, ni Chome, BAL Department Store, 1F 
Tel.: (81)75-2555591 
One of the 3 shops opened by the French Company (established in 1854) i Department Stores of same name. 
The ultimate in teas and tea saloons. An incredible array to be chosen from to take away or to taste in the Tea Saloon. 
Perfect service. freat cakes amd cone and jams! 
Cards OK 
MOCHIZUKI (Traditional Japanese sweetmeat cakes)
Address: 604-8004 Kyoto Shi, Nakajyo Ku, Mokuya Machi Doori Sanjyo Agaru, Nakashima Cho, 97 (at the corner of Sanjyo Street and Sanjyo Kobashi bridge)
Tel.: 075-2314125
Open until 21:00 every day.
This Japanese traditional Sweetmeat ("anko") Bakery was open in 1869 (that is far they can remember!) and has kept producing the same cakes all the time. A favourite of Kyotoites and visitors alike. The perfect "o-miyage" (souvenir).
Warm welcome!
NISHIRI (Traditional Japanese Pickles) 
Address: 600-8581 Kyoto Shi, Shimogyo-Ku, Horikawa Doori, Nana-jyo, Agaru, Nishihonganji Mae 
Tel.: (81)75-3618181 
Dax: (81)75-3618801 
The best traditional Japanese pickles in Kyoto! 
Seasonal pickles of all kinds of great quality and originality. 
Japanese and foreigners alike must try! 
Address: Blue Parrot, 606-8395 Kyoto Shi, Sajyo Ku, Marudai machi Doori, Kawabata higashi Iru
tel.: 075-7718002
Blue Parrot II, 606-8323 Kyoto Shi, Sajyo Ku, Seifuin  (south of entry to Kumano Shrine)
Tel.: 075-7618681
Fax: 75-7523020
Opening hours: 11:00~20:00
Probably oneof the best Antique shops (2) In all Kyoto. Sp@ecializes in furniture, clocks and everyday objects. From reasonable to very expensive. Great quality. Warm welcome.
Cards OK
R by 45rpm (Fashion)
Address: 604-8111 Kyoto Shi, Nakajyo Ku, Sanjyo Doori, Takakura Higashi Iri Kamiya machi, 61
Tel.: 075-2520045
Opening hoours: 12:00~20:00
Very modern fashion shop in great wooden interior. Most clothing, being of the same brand, are of the same design of a very original concept making use of warm colours in a mixture of traditional and modern materials.
Worth a visit!
Cards OK
Two more shops in Tokyo and New York!
ISHI NO KURA (All about stones & accessories) 
Address: 047-0027Hokkaido Ken, Otaru shi, Sakai machi, 2-18 
Tel.: (81)134-314455 
Opening hours: 09:30~18:00 
A great choice of stones, natural crystals and semi-precious stones for accessories. 
Also features a first-class, although small, gallery on stone art at the back. 
HYOTTOKO (Japanese Antiques & Traditional Crafts)
Address: Hokkaido Ken, Otaru Shi, Sakai machi, 1-15 (Between Sakai doori and Otaru Canal) 
Tel.: (81)134278839 
Opening hours: 10:00~18:00. Closed on Tuesdays. 
Small but very interesting shop selling a jumble of Japanese antiques and traditional crafts, especially handmade cloths and small tableware/objects. 
Worth a visit! 
Sister shop of "Romanya" in Sapporo. 
Cards OK 
Address: Hokkaido, Otaru Shi, Inaho, 3 chome, 10 
Tel. & fax: (81)134-320613 
Opening hours: Better check on the phone! 
Just left of the railway station exit lies the covered fish market of Otaru City famous for its glass craft. Along an estremely narrow alley lie a dozen stands of varying quality. But Kawashima Sengyou Ten stands out for many reasons. First they offer a fast home delivery and accept credit cards. Second their wares are definitely worth a try! Where will you find a handspan-long squilla ("shako") caught just off the coast and boiled and ready to eat or to be delivered frozen the next day anywhere in Japan (twenty for 1,800 yen!)? Of course crab, salmon in various staes, all kinds of prawns and other seafood as well as home-made preserves are available. Pamphlet available. Orders also taken over the phone or fax. 
Address: Hokkaido Ken, Otaru Shi, Chikko, 11 Ban, Mycal Otaru, Outlet Town Mall (Get off at JR Otaru Chikko Station. Direct access from Sapporo-27 minutes) 
Tel.: (81)134321500 
Opening hours: 10:00~20:00. 5,000 car park available. 
This very large (by Japanese standards) mall opened in 1998 together with the Hilton Hotel located in its center. 
Probably the largest mart of its kind in the whole of Hokkaido Island. Contains shops for all atstes, including markets, restaurants and the lot! 
Highly recommended! 
Credit cards accepted in most shops and restaurants. 
Address: Sapporo Shi, Chuo Ku, Minami, 1, Nishi, 3, Dai Maru Fujii Central Bldg. 
Tel.: 011-2311131 
opening hours: 10:00~19:30 
Closed one Monday a month. 
7 floors packed with all the stationery you can imagine from pencils to brushes, cards to canvasses, hobby tools of any kind, stones and accessory making, even dyed cloth. 
On the 7th floor, you can please your eyes in an art gallery. 
Do not worry if you spend the whole day there as you can eat succulent ramen at "Aji no San-Pei" on the 4th floor!