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2004 Kanto Cricket League Report (Biju paul): 

2004 was the third successful year of the Kanto Cricket League since its inception in 2002. In 2004, 16 teams, in two groups of 8 each, took part in what can be considered as the premier cricket championship of Japan. The clubs that took part in the KCL 2004 are listed below: 

Division I                   Division II 
British Embassy       Adore 
Friends XI                 Edogawa Falcons 
Fuji Far East             Ichihara Sharks 
Indian Engineers     Lalazar Sports 
Millennium               MAX 
Tokyo Giants           Shizuoka Kytes 
YC&AC                    Tokyo Bay 
Wyverns                  Tokyo Wombats 

In all, 16 games were washed out and there were 4 instances of walkovers. 


The Committee was able to hold the finals of both divisions in October, which was an improvement from 2003 season when the finals were held in December. 

The Tokyo Giants defeated YC&AC in the D-I final and retained the top honor for the third consecutive year. In the D-II final, Tokyo Wombats defeated Lalazar. 

Congratulations to both the teams! 

Both the KCL Committee and JCA together have together decided that the award ceremony of the KCL and all the JCA competitions will be held together this year on Sunday, February 6. The venue and time will be announced shortly. 

KCL-supported events in 2004 

In 2004, KCL actively supported and lent helping hands to two major events, one of which was a major milestone in Japan’s cricket history. In May, the 4-nation EAP Challenge tournament was held in Fuji, which was the first international event ever held in Japan. The tournament also saw the Japan national team registering its first win in a full 50 over match. Congratulations to the national team and its captain! 

The winner and runner up of the D-I in 2003 had generously donated the amount that would have been spent on the award ceremony and their Trophy, towards the conduct of the four-nation EAP Challenge tournament. 

Earlier in the year, almost every club sent their members as volunteers to develop the second Fuji ground in time for the EAP tournament. 

In June, a one-day seminar was held by Mr. Anton McCloy to update and improve the umpiring standards of the KCL. 

General conduct of the teams on the field 
-In general, all clubs and the respective captains deserve a round of applause for the manner in which they conducted themselves during the season. 
-The season was largely smooth and matches were held in a peaceful and friendly atmosphere. However, there were complaints of varying degrees such as abuse of authority, playing without a full team, lack of communication that resulted in teams not reaching the ground on the scheduled time etc. The Committee believes that all issues were dealt with appropriately. 
-Incorrect/illegible score sheets continue to be the bane of the tournament. 

General points 
-In the run-up to today’s meeting, you may have noticed some unprecedented procedures. Unlike the previous years, the Committee asked every club to submit items to be considered for the Agenda for the AGM today. The Committee discussed all the proposals it received and the approved Agenda was circulated in advance so that the participating clubs are aware of the items that would be considered/discussed during the Meeting. 
This was done in order to utilize the limited time we have and to help conduct the meeting smoothly, efficiently and professionally. 
-In addition, the fact that the tournament was finished as planned by the Committee at the beginning of the season is a testament to the efforts the Committee has taken to run the competition and this Meeting professionally. 
-The Committee believes that it was a fantastic year for the nascent cricket in Japan and hopes that last season helped the teams to grow in stature while helping the game grow in Japan. 
-The Committee expresses its thanks to Mr. Anton McCloy who has agreed to chair the meeting today and Mr. McCloy’s valuable contributions to help finalise the agenda. 
-On behalf of the Committee, I would like to thank all the members for electing us last year to this privileged body to run this competition and the AGM. I hope the Committee performance was up to your expectations, if not beyond it. 
-Last but not the least, on behalf of the Committee, I would like to thank the YC&AC for letting KCL use their facilities without cost, JCA for all its support, the teams for their understanding, the umpires for volunteering their service and all other individuals and clubs, who have helped the Committee in managing a successful tournament. Without your support, understanding and help, cricket in Japan would not have been what it is today. 
Thank you. 

Biju Paul 
Secretary, KCL Organising Committee