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Tokyo Indian Engineers C.C. make sure of their place in 2002 Division 1 by hammering Tokyo British Embassy C.C. 
Tokyo Indian Engineers C.C.: 322/5 (Viswa Gosh, 145*; Dinesh Tashildar, 79) 
Tokyop British Embassy C.C.: 98  
Tokyo indian Engineers C.C. won by 224 runs  
Umpires: N. Harrison & R-G Martineau 

23~24/11/2001 All Japan Sixes tournament held at the Misawa Resort by JCA.  

Tokyo Indian Engineers C.C. retain Pacific Cup after levelling series against Shizuoka Kytes C.C. 
Tokyo Indian Engineers C.C.: 205/8 (Viswa Gosh, 53; Jaganath panda, 36; Vikram, 33; Extras, 33) 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C.: 145 
Tokyo Indian Engineers c.C. won by 60 runs 

Tokyo Indian Engineers C.C. vs. Tokyo British Embassy C.C. 2002 Division play-off posponed again!: 
Above game postponed to November 25th due to rain 

Tokyo Indian Engineers C.C. vs. Tokyo British Emabassy C.C. 2002 Division play-off posponed: 
Above game postponed to November 11th due to rain 

Gunma Cup: 
Wyverns C.C. are 2001 Champions! 
Wyverns c.C.: 220 
Millennium C.C.: 155 
Wyverns C.C. won by 65 runs 

Tauseef Azhar (4/3) and Mumtaz Alam (3/22) spin Tokyo Giants C.C. over Friends XI C.C. in the first new Kanto Cricket League Final: 
Tokyo Giants C.C.: 167/8 (Wasim Qasir, 48*) 
Friends XI C.C.: 144 (Aamir Ali, 35; Naeem Qureshi, 33; Tauseef Azhar, 4/3; Mumtaz Alam, 3/22) 
Tokyo Giants C.C. won by 23 runs 
Umpires: A. McCloy & M. McTamney 

MIllennium C.C. surprise Tokyo Indian Engineers C.C. in dramatic one-run win to become the only Japanese club to play in Division 1 in 2001!: 
Millennium C.C.: 104 (Extras: 44; Jaganath Panda, 3/16; Rahul Kumar, 3/16) 
Tokyo Engineers C.C.: 103 (Rahul Kumar, 32*; Extras, 32; N. Saida, 3/22) 
Millennium C.C. won by 1 run 
Umpires: N. harrison & R-G. Martineau. Scorer: P. Harrington 


Takashi Matsuura bowling
Friendly: Second-string Kytes beat Adore C.C. with difficulty: 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C.: 169/6 (M. McTamney, 56*; Farhan Ulla, 30: Extras, 38) (35 overs) 
Adore C.C.: 152/8 (Takita, 39; M. Wilson, 3/19) (35 overs) 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C. won by 17 runs 

Second Kanto Cricket League 2002 Division 1 Play-offs between Tokyo Indian Engineers C.C. and Millennium C.C. reported. 

Yokohama C. A. C. beat Singapore C. C. by 45 runs 
Yokohama C. A. C.: 167 (M. Ferris, 51; Kamran Ali, 32) 
Singapore C.C.: 122 
Yokohama C. A. C.  won by 45 runs 

Yokohama C. A. C. beat Japan National Team: 
Yokohama C. A. C.: 144 (P. Blamire, 39) 
Japan: 64 
Yokohama C. A. C. won by 80 runs 

Yokohama C. & A. C. beat Kobe R. A. C. in Annual Interport Match 
Yokohama C. & A. C.: 212 (M. Ferris, 90; A. Coles, 34; Avinash Jadhav, 30) 
Kobe R. A. C.: 134 (A. Coles, 4-19, Avinash Jadhav, 3-199 
Yokohama C. & A. C. beat Kobe R. A.. C. by 78 runs. 

Nova C.C. get their revenge on Osaka Bulldogs C.C.: 
Osaka Bulldogs C.C.: 146 
Nova C.C.: 145/8 
Nova C.C. won by two wickets 

Kanto Cricket League 2002 Division 1 Play-offs: 
Gary Parsons' heroics (6/16 & 49) not enough to prevent Tokyo British Embassy's defeat by Shizuoka Kytes led by Matthew Sharpe's bowling (6/19) 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C.: 159/8 (Extras, 43; T. Phillips, 34; G. Parsons, 6/16) 
Tokyo British Embassy C.C.: 99 (G. Parsons, 49, M. Sharpe, 6/19, M. McTamney, 3 catches) 
Shizuoka Kytes Kytes C.C. won by 60 runs 
Umpire: T. Ohira 

Kanto Cricket League Semi-Finals: 
Tokyo Giants C.C. join Friends XI C.C. in the final by squeezing past Tokyo Sri Lanka Lions C.C. 
Tokyo Sri Lanka Lions C.C.: 161 (Sujith Dharmasena, 42; Mumtaz Alam, 3/13; Khwaja Adnan, 3/25) 
Tokyo Giants C.C.: 162/7 (Khwaja Adnan, 60) 
Tokyo Giants C.C. won by 3 wickets. 
Umpire: A. McCloy 

Kanto Cup Cricket league Semi-Finals: 
Friends XI C.C. reach the Final by humbling Yokohama by 6 wickets 
Yokohama C. & A.C.: 124 
Friends XI C.C.: 125/4 
Friends XI C.C. won by 6 wickets 
Umpires: H. Smith & A. Winston 

Gunma Cup: 
Wyverns C.C. squeeze past MAX C.C. 
Wyverns C.C.: 92 & 72 
MAX C.C..: 65 & 97 
Wyverns C.C. won by 2 runs 

Kanto Cricket League Semi-finals venues changed after Tokyo Giants C.C. are penalized 
Following the 4-point penalty handed to the Tokyo Giants C.C. for using a subsitute not registered with the KCL, the standings in Group b have been inverted with Yokohama C. & A.C. taking first place and the Tokyo Giants C.C. going to 2nd place. 
Hence the amended Semi-finals venues: 

1st Semi-final: Yokohama C. & A. C. vs. Friends XI C. C.( September 2nd at Yokohama ) 
2nd Semi-final: Tokyo Sri Lanka Lions C. C. vs. Tokyo Giants C. C. ( September 9th at Fuji) 

11th Annual YCAC 6-a-side Tournament 
Pakistan beat Sri lanka in Cup Final 
India beat Japan in Plate Final 

Kanto Cricket League Semi-finals and 2002 Division 1 Play-offs 

1st Semi-final: Tokyo Giants C.C. vs. Tokyo Sri Lanka Lions XI C.C.( September 2nd at Fuji ) 
2nd Semi-final: Yokohama C. & A.C. vs. Friends XI C.C. ( September 9th at Yokohama) 

1st Play-off: Shizuoka Kytes C.C. vs. Tokyo British Embassy C.C. (September 16th in Shizuoka) 
2nd Play off: Tokyo Indian Engineers c.C. vs. Millennium C.C. (October 6th in Fuji or Shizuoka)  

Kanto Cricket League: 
MAX C.C. surprises Tokyo Bay Districts C.C. to both eliminate them from play-offs and send them to Division 2 in 2002!: 
MAX C.C.: 167/6 (Hirayama, 59, H. Suzuki,37) 
Tokyo Bay Districts C.C.: 85   
MAX C.C. won by 82 runs.  
Umpire: J. Hanada 

Anura Gunasinghe's 5 wickets help Tokyo Sri Lanka Lions C.C. overpower Wyverns C.C. to finish leaders of Group A!: 
Wyverns C.C.: 71 (Anura Gunasinghe, 5/22) 
Tokyo Sri Lanka Lions C.C.: 73/5 
Tokyo Sri Lanka Lions C.C. won by 5 wickets.  
Umpire: R-G. Martineau 

Naeem Qureshi's 6 wickets help Friends XI C.C. crush Adore C.C. after rare declaration to finish second in Group A: 
Friends XI C.C.: 208/7 dec. (26 overs) (Aamir Ali, 68; Naeem Qureshi, 33) 
Adore C.C.: 54 (Naeem Qureshi, 6/21) 
Friends XI C.C. won by 154 runs. 

Aamir Rana's bowling helps Tokyo Giants C.C. crush Yokohama C. & A.C. by 7 wickets 
Yokohama C. & A. C.: 133 (Khuwaja Adnan, 37)  
Tokyo Giants C.C.: 134/3 (Aamir Rana, 5/15)  
Tokyo Giants C.C.  won by 7 wickets. 

New Cricket club in Hiroshima City! 
We have the pleasure to announce that that a new Cricket Club has been formed in a major city, namely Hiroshima City! 
For more details contact the Hiroshima C.C. at: 
c/oP.H.I De Silva 
2-67-11 Koiue Nishiku 
Hiroshima Japan 733 0815 
Tel/Fax: 082 271 1267 
Mobile:  090 1353 3067 
E-Mail: enjoy@desilva.ne.jp 

The new roller has come to the Shizuoka Ground: 

From left to right: 
Our new lawn mower (bought by the club for 150,000 yen), the new roller (paid by the KCL for 134,000 yen), the defunct roller (originally kindly offered by Glenn Carter) 

Friendly (late report/29/07/2001) 
Fukuoka C.C. beat newly formed Hiroshima C.C.: 
Fukuoka C.C.:209  (Chris Flynn, 38; Ron Honda,  44) 
Hiroshima : 110 (Riyaz,  39; Ron Honda 4/23) 
Fukuoka c.C. won by 99 runs 

Gunma Cup: 
Tokyo Kooka University C.C. beat Wyverns University C.C. 
Tokyo Kooka University C.C.: 91 6 91 
Wyverns University c.C. 69 & 63 
Tokyou University C.C. won by 50 runs 

As reported last month, the established trial partnerships are: 
- Victorian CA in Aus with Japan & South Korea 
- Auckland CA in NZ with the Cook Islands, Samoa & Tonga 
- Cricket NSW in Aus with Fiji & Vanuatu. 
During July, News South Wales CA / ICC Country Development Officer, Neil McDonald, fulfilled a coaching placement in Fiji conducting both Under 19 elite development (in preparation for upcoming EAP Championships) and coach education activities. Victorian CA / ICC Country Development Officer, Mark McAllion is just about to depart for a placement in Japan which will see all of elite development, coach education and umpire development initiatives as well as other activities designed by the Japan Cricket Association and ICC to assist in the growing of the game in that country. Plans are being developed for partnership activities in the near future in all of Vanuatu, Cook Islands, Samoa & Tonga. 
For further information regarding the Development Program in the East Asia - Pacific Region, please contact: 
Matthew Kennedy 
ICC Development Manager, East Asia – Pacific 
Tel. +61 (0)3 9653 9921 or +61 (0)409 218 883 
Fax +61 3 9653 9911 
E-mail matthew_kennedy@acb.com.au 
Tim Anderson 
ICC Development Officer, East Asia – Pacific 
Tel. +61 (0)3 9653 9945 or +61 (0)407 841 850 
Fax +61 3 9653 9911 
E-mail tim_anderson@acb.com.au 

Kanto Cricket League: 
Millenium C.C. makes short work of MAX C.C. 
MAX C.C.: 132 (T. Yamaguchi, 36; Extras:54; S. Williams, 3/7) 
Millenium C.C.: 133/2 (S. Williams, 33; N. Saida, 33) 
Millennium C.C. won by 8 wickets 

Yokohama C. & A. C. confirm against Fuji Far East C.C. 
Fuji 158-9 (all out) in 39 overs 
YCAC 159-5 in 35 overs 
Yokohama C. & A.C. won by 5 wickets 

Kanto Cricket League: 
Another big upset in Group A with Indian Engineers' 3-wicket victory over much-fancied Friends XI C.C. to throw Group A open once again: 
Friends XI C.C.: 152 (Jamshed Ali, 31; Ashok Kumar, 4/37; Ghansh Tajave, 3/31) 
Indian Engineers C.C.: 156/7 ((Sylvester Pereira, 61*; Rahul Kumar, 31*; Jamshed Ali, 3/22) 
Tokyo Indian Engineers C.C. won by 3 wickets. 
Note: New 8th-wicket partnership record (75*) by Sylvester Pereira and Rahul Kumar (Indian Engineers) 
New last wicket partnership (46) by Zafar Iqbal and Jamshed Ali (Friends XI C.C.)   
Record for aggregate number of ducks in a single match equalled (8) 
Umpire: R-G. Martineau  

Yokohama C. & A.C. beat all kinds of records in crushing Tokyo Bay C.C.!: 
Best Team Innings Total (358/7) 
Best individual inning (twice broken!), Mark Ferris, 139; Avinash Jadhav, 121 
Record 3rd-wicket partnership and best-ever partnership (220) 
Yokohama C. & A.C.: 358/7 (M. Ferris, 139; Avinash Jadhav, 121; Extras, 34; K. Inoue, 3/43) 
Tokyo bay Districts C.C.: 150 (H. Minami, 35; Extras, 36; A. Coles, 3/18) 
Yokohama C. & A.C. won by 208 runs  
Umpires: T. Ito & Y. Hashimoto 

Tokyo Bay Districts C.C. penalized 1 point: 
Tokyo Bay Districts C.C. were penalized 1 point for not having sent their scoresheet of their game vs. Tokyo Giants C.C. to the Kanto Cricket League Committee 
Gunma Cup: 
Adore C.C. get 6 points in draw against MAX C.C. thanks to their first inning lead but fail to win by a single wicket: 
Max. C.C.: 145 (Yamada, 32; Nakazawa, 4/50) & 74/9 (Nagashima, 3/18; Ito, 3/22) 
Adore C.C.: 223 (Takita, 63; Tsukada, 31; M. Okamoto, 4/59; Yamaguchi, 3/57) 
Match drawn 

Milton Munidasa Memorial Trophy 
Tokyo Sri Lanka Lions C.C. make short work of Yokohama C. & A.C. 
Yokohama C. & A. C.: 130/9 (M. Ferris,34; Anura Neomal, 3/16; Sanath Fernando, 3/25) 
Tokyo Sri Lanka  Lions C.C.: 131/4 
Tokyo Sri Lank Lions c.C. won by 7 wickets. 

Umpire Course 
The JCA is holding an Umpire Education Course with the cooperation of the ICC and the Victorian Cricket Association, Australia on the 12th of August at Fuji. 
The ICC and the VCA will be jointly sending two specialists to organize the course. 
There are no KCL matches scheduled on this day, so we would like at least two people from each club to participate in the course. 
Please forward me the names of the two (or more) participants by the 30th ofJuly. 
For more deatials, e-mail to:  
Naoki MIYAJI:  naokiros@poppy.ocn.ne.jp 

International Sixes 
Hello all, 
I am writing to imform you all of 3 great Sixes Competitions coming up in the next few months!! 
If you (or your team, mates or club) are interested in any of these, please get back to me and I will arrange everything for you!!! 
1/ Penang International Cricket Sixes Tournament 
Friday 14 September til Sunday 16 September 2001 
2/ Philippines International Cricket Sixes Tournament 
Friday 12 October til Sunday 14 October 2001 
3/ Waratah International Cricket Six's Tournament 
Thursday 10 January til Sunday 13 January 2002 
The Penang Sixes is the closest and the one which I want to finalise as soon as possible. There are already a number of teams that are taking aprt in this event that has been running for a number of years now. 
The Philippine event is relatively new and promisses to be a fantastic event. It is a part of a 2 week festival, so no doubt there will be a hell of a party atmosphere around when the cricket event commences??? 
The Waratah Sixes is being held in Newcastle, NSW in Australia. The organisors of this event run a fantastic tournament which has a unique format. In between playing sixes cricket, you will have a great chance to visit the famous Hunter Valley to sample some of Australia's best wine!! Well worth the visit, believe me!!! 
For all of the 3 events, I will arrange for any teams you wish to enter and get invitations issued to the event that you are interested in!!  
Also I will arrange any ground (and air) content which you may need. 
I will be hoping to make up some teams of individuals that are interested in coming along. Don't worry, I will arrange all of this, I have done it before for tournaments and it works well. 
As most of you already know, the major important point of a fun cricket sixes tournament is to have some fun, play some cricket and enjoy meeting friends from all over the world. I can assure you that the 3 of these events will in fact meet all of these requirements and all. 
I will add any holiday need or request that you may request for before or after your visit to any of these particular events! 
Please get back for general imformation and if there are any questions which you have at all.  
I look forward to hearing very soon, regards, 
Michael P Maher 
World Co-Ordinator 
Waratah International Cricket Six's Tournament 2002 
Penang & Philippines International Cricket Sixes Tournaments 2001 
Corporate Sales / Tour Manager 
Lords World Travel / PadMir Tour 
Tel. (8) 9328 4892 or (8) 9443 6266 
Fax. (8) 9443 6255 
Mobile. 40 738 5481 

Kanto Cricket League: 
Shizuoka Kytes make sure of their berth in Division 1 play-offs past Tokyo Indian Engineers C.C. in another bowlers' cliffhanger: 
Tokyo Indian Engineers C.C.: 97 (M. Wilson, 4/28; M. Sharpe, 3/22) 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C.: 100/8 (Extras, 38) 
Shizuoka Kytes won by 2 wickets  
Umpire: H. Smith 

Mumtaz Alam's third half-century helps Tokyo Giants C.C. squeeze past Tokyo Bay Districts C.C. by a single wicket: 
Tokyo Bay Districts C.C.: 165 (M. Sudo, 56; Javed Iqbal, 53; Shakir Hussain, 4/12) 
Tokyo Giants C.C.: 167/9 (Mumtaz Alam, 56; Extras, 34; R. Abaid Rehman, 3/21; Hamid ASbbassi, 3/31) 
Tokyo Giants C.C. won by 1 wicket  
Umpire: Sakamoto 

Adore C.C. surprise Wyverns C.C. to see both in Division 2 in 2002 in spite of H. Kojima's 4 wickets: 
Wyverns C.C.: 127  (wide, 36) 
Adore C.C.: 128/8 (T. Maekawa, 33; wides, 30; H. Kojima, 4/19) 
Adore C.C. won by 2 wickets  
Umpire: Yamazaki 

Yokohama C. & A. C. made to work in their win against minnows MAX C.C.: 
MAX C.C.: 140 (T. Yamada, 47; Avinash Jadhav, 4/8) 
Yokohama C. & A. C.: 141/6 (J. Collingwood, 30) 
Yokohama C. & A. C. won by 4 wickets  
Umpire: T. Yamamoto 

Adore C.C. (Group A) penalized 4 points: 
The Kanto Cricket League Committee has decided to impose a 4-point penalty on Adore C.C. for having knowingly used another team's player without duly registering him. Since this was a first offense and that the player had not played for any team until then, the Committee opted for clemency (4 to 2 decision, 1 blank) instead of a stronger penalty as written in the KCL rules. 

Kanto Cricket League:  
Record 5th-wicket partnership (129) by B. Kininmont (84) and H. Smith (34) help Tokyo British Embassy C.C. crush MAX C.C.: 
Tokyo British Embassy: 208/7 (B. Kininmont, 84; H. Smith, 34; N. Okamoto, 3/14) 
MAX C.C.: 65 (N. Creak, 3/11) 
Tokyo British Embassy won by 143 runs 
Umpire: R-G. Martineau 

Tokyo Bay Districts C.C.'s bowlers headed by T. Kato (4/16) crush Millennium C.C. in surprise result and probably qualify for the play off for Division 1: 
Millennium C.C.: 77 (T. Kato, 4/16) 
Tokyo Bay Districts C.C.: 78/2 (J. R. Benson, 34) 
Tokyo Bay Districts C.C. won by 8 wickets 
Umpires: T. Ohira & S. Tsukada 

Tokyo Giants C.C. confirm against Tokyo British Embassy C.C. to get a foot and a half in the semi-finals while Tokyo British Embassy C.C. qualify for play-offs: 
Tokyo Giants C.C.: 259/8 (Sajjad Hassan, 85; Ejaz Sheikh, 58; Mumtaz Alam, 44; D. Larking, 3/41 
Tokyo British Embassy C.C.: 121(B. Kininmont, 33; Tauseef Azhar, 4/24; Waseem Qasir, 3/22) 
Tokyo Giants C.C. won by  138 runs 
Umpire: R-G. Martineau 

Tokyo Sri Lanka Lions C.C. convincingly defeat Adore C.C.: 
Tokyo Sri Lanka Lions C.C.: 210 (Sanath Fernando, 40; Azad Junaideen, 32; Indika ANurudha, 30; H. Yonekura, 3/48) 
Adore C.C.: 66 (Manura Neomal, 3/5; Rohitha Wijesekera, 3/7) 
Tokyo Sri Lanka lions C.C. won by 144 runs 

Fuji Far East C.C. crush Wyverns C.C. by 9 wickets to send both teams in Division 2: 
Wyverns C.C.: 99 (T. Baba, 34; K. Orita, 3/9; T. Yamamoto, 3/25) 
Fuji Far East C.C.: 100/1 (H. Takahashi, 61*)  
Fuji Far East C.C. won by 9 wickets 
Umpires: A. McCloy & M. McTamney 

Yokohama C. & A. C. just manage to beat Western Plains Cricket Association Touring Team from Australia thanks to pre-match tactics! 
Yokohama C. & A. C.: 175 (Kamran Ali, 42 ; M. Ferris, 37 ) 
Western Plains Cricket Association: 162 (Jabour, 55*; Kamran Ali, 5/28) 

Western Plains Cricket association beat Japanese Universities Selection by 58 runs in 40-over game: 
Western palins Cricket Association: 222/6 
Japanese Universities Selection: 164 
Western Plains Cricket Association won by 58 runs 

Kanto Cricket League:  
Yokohama C. & A.C.'S batsmen demolish Millenium C.C. in record-making total including two partnership records! 
Yokohama C. & A.C.: 345/7 (M. Ferris, 109; Kamran Ali, 84; D. Johnston, 51, A. Coles, 35) 
Millenium C.C.: 184 (S. Kanzaki, 51*; T. Fuji, 31; B. Leighton, 32;  Avinash Jadhav, 4/21; M. Ferris, 3/19) 
Yokohama C. & A.C. beat Millennium C.C. by 160  runs  
Umpire: Mahen Fernando 
New records:  
Highest Innings by a club: 345/7 
Highest individual score (Mark Ferris): 109 
Best 2nd-wicket partnership: 97 (D. Johnston/Kamran Ali)  
Best 6th-wicket partnersfip: 46 (A. Coles/R. Ewart-White)  
Best 9th-wicket partnership: 65 (S. Kanzaki/B. Leighton) 

Tokyo Indian Engineers C.C. relegate Fuji Far East C.C. to Division 2 in 2002 
Fuji Far East C.C.: 151/4 (40 overs) (Extras, 51; T. Kawashima, 37*) 
Tokyo Indian Engineers C.C.: 152/8 (37.4 overs)(extras, 43; K. Orita, 3/23; T. kawashima, 3 catches) 
Tokyo Indian Engineers C.C. won y 2 wickets 

K. Kojima's 13 wickets help Wyverns C.C. crush Aoyama Gakuin C.C. by an inning: 
Wyverns C.C.: 170/6 dec. ( Tarutani, 44*; Matsuchika, 39) 
Aoyama Gakuin C.C.: 79 ( K. Kojima, 7/17) & 56 ( K. Kojima, 6/11; Matsuchika, 3/10) 
Wyverns C.C. won by an inning and 35 runs. 

Ladies Cricket Tournament: 
Fuji Far East Ladies C.C. breeze past Senshyuu University ladies C.C. by 34 runs: 
Fuji Far East ladies C.C.: 104/5 
Senshyuu University Ladies C.C.: 70 
Fuji Far East Ladies C.C. won by 34 runs 

Kanto Cricket League: 
Tokyo Indian Engineers C..C. earn easy victory after the fastest 50 by any team (4 first overs!) in spite of Adore C.C.'s batting effort (23rd) in game played in Fujinomiya City 
Adore C.C.: 137 
Tokyo Indian Engineers C.C. 138/3 
Tokyo Indian Engineers C.C. won by 7 wickets 

Tokyo Giants C.C. overwhelms MAX C.C. thanks to half-centuries by Zaheer Babar (57) and Mumtaz Alam (50 & 2nd half-century)(24th) 
Tokyo Giants C.C.: 193 (Zaheer babar, 57; Mumtaz Alam, 50; T. Yamaguchi, 4/44) 
MAX C.C.: 83 (Qaiser mahmood, 3/20) 
Tokyo Giants C.C. won by 110 runs 

Ladies Cricket Tournament: 
Fuji far East Ladies C.C. beat Tokyo Koka University Ladies C.C. by 6 wickets: 
Tokyo Koka University Ladies C.C.: 83/3 
Fuji Far East Ladies C.C.: 84/4 
Fuji far East Ladies c.C. won by 6 wickets. 

Chuo University Ladies C.C. squeezes by Adore Ladies C.C. by 11 runs: 
Chuo University Ladies C.C.: 66/6 
Adore Ladies C.C.: 55/5 
Chuo University ladies C.C. won by 11 runs. 

Yokohama C. & A C.gets some useful practice against Wyverns C.C. 
Wyverns C.C.: 118/9 (Sunil, 67*) 
Yokohama C. & A. C.: 120/4 (Avinash Jadhav, 40; P. Howard, 39*) 
Yokohama C. & A. C. won by 6 wickets 

Kanto Cricket League 
Friends XI'S Naeem Qureshi put things righ against Shizuoka Kytes C.C. in bowlers' festival! 
Friends XI C.C.: 99 (M. Wilson, 3/5; R. Hutton, 3/11; N. Shannon, 3/34; Wides, 33; A. McCloy, 4 catches=record) 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C.: 31=lowest innings record! (Naeem Qureshi, 5/8)  
Friends C.C. won by 68 runs  
Umpire: T. Fuji 

Yokohama C.& A.C. back into form! 
Yokohama C. & A.C.: 232 (A. Coles, 75; M. Ferris, 69; D. Johnston, 37; B. Kininnmont, 4/35)  
Tokyo British Embassy C.C.: 145 (G. Parsons, 32*) 
Yokohama C. & A.C. won by 87 runs  
Umpire: N. Tarutani 

Gunma Cup: 
MAX C.C. beat Chuo University C.C. in bowlers' festival: 
MAX C.C.: 88 (Miyaji, 30; Nagasu, 5/25; Hanyu, 3/33) & 76 (Hanyu, 4/25; Nagasu, 3/17) 
Chuo University C.C.: 16 ( M. Okamoto, 4/6, Yamaguchi, 3/6) & 62 ( Yamaguchi, 4/10; Miyaji, 3/13; U(emura, 3/17) 
Adore C.C. won by 86 runs 

Ladies Cricket Tournament 
Wyverns Ladies C.C. beat Crickies C.C. by 14 runs: 
Wyverns Ladies C.C.: 77/9 
Crickies C.C.: 63/7 
Wyverns Ladies c.C. won by 14 runs 

Kanto Cricket league 
Kytes tame Lions in major upset to take the lead of  Group A! 
Tokyo Sri Lanka Lions C.C.: 89 (28 overs) ( T. Phillips, 3/21) 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C.: 91/5 (31.3 overs) 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C. won by 5 wickets. 

Friends XI C.C. confirm their might in big win against Fuji Far East C.C. 
Friends XI C.C.: 273/8 (Asad Ali, 52; Aamir Ali, 40; Zafar Iqbal, 38*)=Highest total of the year! 
Fuji Far East C.C.: 156 (P. Rundell, 34; wides, 33; Aamir Ali, 5/15; Munir Ahmed, 3/20) 
Aamir Ali's bowling figures, second best for the year! 
Friends XI C.C. won by 117 runs  
Umpires: T. Awazu, Higuchi 

Kyushu League: 
Saga C.C. beat Fukuoka C.C. 
Saga:  150/9 (Rohan, 25; Thri,  25) 
Fukuoka:  88 (R Bennett, 23) 
Saga C.C. won by 62 runs. 

Gunma Cup: 
Adore C.C. crush Aoyama Gakuin University by an inning: 
Aoyama Gakuin  University C.C.: 27 (S. Nakzawa,4/7, Y. Hashimoto, 3/18) & 69  
Adore C.C.: 129 (T. Ohira, 43; Y. Sakai, 4/35; Y. Tomita, 3/18) 
Adore C.C. won by an inning and 33 runs 

Tokyo Indian Engineers surprise Yokohama C. & A.C. thanks to a century by Sriram Sampath! 
Tokyo Indian Engineers C.C.: 230 (Sriram Sampath, 104; Kamran Ali, 3/40) 
Yokohama C. & A.C.: 185 (Kamran Ali, 40) 
Tokyo Indian Engineers C.C. won by 45 runs  

Osaka Bulldogs C.C. overwhelm Kansai Indians C.C. with the help of 71 extras! 
Osaka Bulldogs C.C.: 247 (Dean Forte, 81*, Extras, 71) 
Kansai Indians C.C.: 170 
Osaka Bulldogs C.C. won by 77 runs 

Kanto Cricket league 
Tokyo Sri Lanka Lions C.C. ease past Tokyo Indian Engineers C.C. to take the lead in Group A 
Tokyo Indian Engineers C.C.: 143 (38.2 overs) (Mahen Fernando, 3/20; Manura Neomal, 3/19) 
Tokyo Sri lanka Lions C.C.: 144/5 (33 overs) (Azard Junaideen, 56; Rahul Kumar, 3/31)
Tokyo Sri Lanka Lons C.C. won by 5 wickets 
Umpire: A. McCloy 

Gunma Cup: 
Millennium crush Wyverns University C.C. by 271 runs in strangely similar innings: 
Millennium C.C.: 129 & 129 
Wyverns University C.C.: 27 & 27 
Millennium C.C. won by 271 runs 

Tokyo Giants C.C. beat Yokohama C.A. & C. in spite of Kamran Ali's hat-trick 
Tokyo Giants C.C.: 182 (Mumtaz Alam, 53; Mujahid Butt, 34; Kamran Ali, 5/15, R. A. Fordyce, 3-26) 
Yokohama C.A. & C.: 162 (M. Ferris, 49, Tauseef Azhar, 3/17) 
Tokyo Giants C.C. won by 20 runs 

Osaka Bulldogs C.C. crushes Nova C.C. by 10 wickets! 

Nova C.C.: 111 
Oska Bulldogs C.C.: 112/0 (Langley, 62, Linn, 33) 
Osaka Bulldogs C.C. won by 10 wickets. 

Kanto Cricket League 
R. McKenna (60) and Kytes' bowlers too much for Adore C.C. 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C.: 148 (R. McKenna, 60; S. Nakazawa: 3/7) 
Adore C.C.: 75 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C. won by 73 runs  
Umpires: H. Uemura, S. Fukumoto  

Gunma Cup: 
Fuji Far East crush Tokyo Koka University C.C. by an inning: 
Tokyo University C.C.: 34  (H. Takahashi, 3/6, Priyantha, 3/11) & 27 ( Priyantha, 5/10, Orita, 4/6) 
Fuji Far East C.C.: 121/3 dec. (Kawashima, 48, H. Takahashi, 36)  
Fuji Far East C.C. won by one innings and  60 runs 

Kanto Cricket League 
Tokyo Indian Engineers C.C. crush Wyverns C.C. 
Tokyo Indian Engineers: 202/8 (30 overs), (Sriram Sampath, 71; Viswa Ghosh, 57; H. Matsuchika, 3/39) 
Wyverns C.C.: 77 (Janga Panda, 3/7) 
Tokyo Indian Engineers C.C. won by 125 runs.  
Umpire: R-G Martineau  


By Lynn McConnell  
Tapping the existing base in the Pacific Islands for derivatives of cricket  has the potential to open up vast areas for the development of the game.  
ICC East Asia-Pacific manager Matthew Kennedy told a New Zealand Cricket  development conference in Christchurch today that the potential exhibited in  the region during the recent Pacifica Cup tournament, won by New Zealand  Maori, was only the start of development efforts.  
Much will depend on a decision over what the Associate and Affiliate members  agree should be a World Cup structure.  
One suggestion has been an expansion of the traditional ICC Trophy tournament which finds three teams to attend the World Cup every four years, although in  future as many as five associates may be included in the world event.  
That would allow for regional tournaments, such as the Pacifica Cup, to be played every two years.  
The second option was to have a world cricket league where the associates and affiliates were ranked from one to 62. That provides problems of its own however. Seeding teams from one to six and seven to 12 was fine, based on the performances at the ICC Trophy.  
But ranking teams from 13 to 62 was much more difficult. The issue of whether a New Zealand Maori, and a New Zealand Islands, team take part in regional tournaments was an issue for New Zealand Cricket.  
Another issue in the East Asia-Pacific region is a request from Hong  
Kong/China to go with the Asian region. That would involve them more in the richer Asian development region which on its own receives half the funding development allocation from the ICC.  
Kennedy, an Australian who works out of the ACB headquarters in Melbourne, said the Pacific offered a prime area for development because of the cricket culture that exists already and the spaces that were available in which to play the game.  
One of the most productive areas for development was Papua New Guinea.  
"They have truckloads of players and a real cricket culture. They receive Australian television and get all the cricket, and the players are naturally talented.  
"Japan is our target for the next affiliate members in our region. They have seven competitions and 30-35 teams, and for the first time this year locals and ex-pats have united to play each other," he said.  
What Kennedy did ask for from the delegates attending the three-day meeting from each of New Zealand's major associations was to consider entering into a partnership with one of the emerging countries in the same way that Auckland has done with Samoa and Tonga.  
Victoria has links with Japan and South Korea and New South Wales is linked to Fiji and Vanuatu.  
This was a way of providing any old playing kit, advice or experience to those countries and whatever was offered was bound to be appreciated by those countries, he said.  
Support provided by the ICC to the countries was not just a monetary handout but more in the field of support and that had been well received to date.  
Kennedy said the establishment of practice nets in Samoa and Tonga, the first such facilities, and the development of a ground and practice facilities in Fiji had made a big difference to those countries and would make a difference in the future.  

Osaka CC v Doshisha University 
Osaka CC 286 all out. Doshisha 110 all out. 
Osaka opened their account of the season with an emphatic victory against Doshisha at Nango junior high school in Suminodo by 176 runs 

Kanto Cricket League 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C.'s bowlers skittle Fuji Far East C.C. to throw Group A open! 
Fuji Far East C.C.: 78 (N. Shannon, 3/18; R. Huttoon, 3/20) 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C. : 83/3 (M. Sharpe, 36) 
Shizuka Kytes C.C. won by 7 wickets 
Umpire: Mumtaz Alam 

Friends XI C.C.'s bowlers (Jamshed Ali, 6/17=new record; Shahzad Siddiqui, 4/28) showing no pity in their crushing victory over the Wyverns C.C.! 
Friends XI: 235 (Asad Ali, 67; Munir Ahmed, 30, Y. Hirose, 4/32) 
Wyverns C.C.: 46 (Jamshed Ali, 6/17; Shahzad Siddiqui, 4/28) 
Friends XI won by 189 runs  
Umpire: G. Hobson 

Tokyo British Embassy C.C. beat Yokohama C. & A.C. thanks to local rule! 
Yokohama C. & A. C.: 155 (M. Ferris, 101;) 
Tokyo British Embassy: 156/9 (A. Winston, 71; Avinash Jadhav, 3/18, Alok Rakyan, 3/39) 
Tokyo British Embassy C.C, won by one wicket 

Tokyo British Embassy C.C.'s bowlers  
(B. Kininmont, 5/10=record!; N. Creak, 4/14) just enough to beat Millennium C.C. in spite of N. Miyaji's heroics (64, 3/13)! 
Millenium C.C.: 134 (N. Miyaji, 64; B. Kininmont, 5/10; N. Creak, 4/14) 
Tokyo British Embassy C.C.: 135/8 (T. Goodwin, 43; A. Winston. 32, n. miyaji, 3/13) 
Tokyo British Embassy C.C. won by 2 wickets. 
Umpire: R-G. Martineau 


Record 1st Wicket Partnership  
(155: B. Kinininmont, 61, N. Bridge, 51)  
gives win to Tokyo British Embassy C.C. over Tokyo bay District C.C.! 
Tokyo British Embassy C.C.: 263/7 (B. Kininmaont, 61; N. Bridge, 51; N. Creak, 46) 
Tokyo bay District C.C.: 91 (R. Creak, 3/11)  
Tokyo British Embassy C.C. won by 172 runs 
Umpire: R-G. Martineau 

Combined release from the Victorian Cricket Association (VCA) & 
International Cricket Council (ICC) East – Asia Pacific Development Region 
Sent by Matthew Kennedy, 
ICC Development Manager  
East Asia - Pacific Region  
See Media Release>> 

Letter from Matthew Kennedy, I.C.C. East Asia - Pacific Region Development Manager Report 
Integral copy of letter: 
Hi Robert & Biju 
Sorry I haven't e-mailed you personally earlier, I haven't been ignoring you but have just been busy. I know I promised a report on my trip to Japan but rather than supply the official-type report I had to do for London, what I would like to do is forward a couple of Media Releases on initiatives/action/outcomes arising from the visit. The first of these re a part-time Administrator appointment, issued today, is attached. The second re a partnership with the Victorian Cricket Association in Australia will be finalised within the week and I will forward it as soon as it is done/issued. I am sure you will agree that these announcements are positive and progressive news. Also, please find attached a copy of the April 2001Monthly News Flash for the East Asia - Pacific Region Development Program. 
If OK, in the future, I will also forward you with promotional Releases/Flashes relevant to both Japan and the Region as a whole which you can utilise on your sites as you best see fit. Finally, I hope the season is going well and thank you to you both for your support in "spreading the word" of what we are all doing and for your time/advice while I was there. I am sure that the fantastic work you all do in running and growing the great game of cricket in Japan will pay dividends over the coming seasons, which is definitely an important period for what is trying to be achieved. 
Thanks heaps. 
Kind regards. Matthew  

Matthew Kennedy 
ICC Development Manager 
East Asia - Pacific Region 
61 3 9653 9921 (Phone) 
61 3 9653 9911 (Fax) 
0409 218 883 (Mobile) 

Kanto Cricket League 
Fuji Far East C.C. crushes Adore C.C. with an 184-run third wicket partnership 
Fuji Far East C.C.: 241/2 (G. Carter, 106*, T. Kawashima, 51*; extras, 62) (40 overs) 
Adore C.C.: 112 (H. Takahashi, 4/14; K. Orita, 3/20) (37.4 overs) 
Umpires: T. Fuji & N. Miyaji 

Michael P. Maher: Cricket in Thailand 
Dear All,  
As World Co-Ordinator of both the Hua Hin and Chiang Mai International Cricket Sixes Tournaments in Thailand, I believe that it is quite important that we have a team representing Japan at both of these events held in Thailand. 
There are teams representing China, Korea, Malaysia and Hong Kong (as well as Thailand of course), however I am very keen to arrange for teams from both Japan and the Philippines to enter the tournaments. 
As the events follow on from each other, it is perfect for a 2 week tour to be arranged for Thailand. 
Please, if you require assistance and/or support at any time, please feel free to ask and I will help in all ways that I possibly can. 
Kind regards, 
Mike (Cat) 
Michael P Maher  mmaher.padmir@bigpond.com 

Hello one and all, 
I write this e-mail on behalf of the CBB (Colonials Behaving Badly) Tour for 2001. 
We were formed last year after our first tour to the Penang Cricket Sixes in 2000. 
Mr Wally 'Whale' Pohl, Mr Steven Penney and Mr Dean 'Dickie Bird' Henderson (Tour non-playing Manager) of Chiang Mai along with Mr Glenn 'Scratcher' O'Brien, Mr Garry 'Handicap' Snashall (Umpire) and Myself (Cat) of Perth, Western Australia are presently making the tour. 
We require 2 or 3 more 'Colonials' to join this tour!!! The only requirements are 1/ you are a British Colonial of some kind, 2/ you have enough money to behave badly on tour & pay for everything and 3/ you can drink Vodka Slammers!! 
The tournament is on from Friday the 8th of June until Sunday the 10th of June. So the CBB's are arriving on Thursday afternoon/evening the 7th of June and departing on Monday the 11th of June! 
So there will be official CBB Tour drinks on both the evening of Thursday the 7th and Sunday the 10th of June. 
The team nomination fund each is around $25 USD and a room is $55 USD a night, so Twin Share is half that, whatever you prefer. 
As the Tour Manager, all you have to do is let me know what you want once you have joined the CBB Tour and I will arrange for you. 
Why not come along, the last tour was lots of fun and this one promises to also be even better still. Get back if you want further information. 
Regards and I look forward to hearing from you very soon. 
Mike (Cat) Maher 
Michael P Maher  mmaher.padmir@bigpond.com 

Possibility of a new ground in Fujinomiya City! 
Integral copy of letter from Glenn Carter: 
G'day Robert and Biju, 
Unfortunate news about the University ground,However, I have some news that could cheer you up. 
May 3rd, myself and 2 or 3 members of the JCA are going to look at a 
potential new ground in Fujinomiya, about thirty minutes from the Tomei Fuji Inter. The grounds(there are actually 2)are big, in reasonable condition, have onsen facilities, are reasonably priced and are managed by a company that I have a pretty good relationship with. 
I'm not promising anything but I think we have a good chance to get the use of at least one of the grounds on a regular basis. The company showed me their schedule for this year and I counted 14 free sundays between May and the end of september.Keep you fingers crossed and I'll keep you up to date. 
Regards, Glenn 

Tokyo Sri Lanka Lions C.C. and Friends XI forced to draw by the rain! 
Tokyo Sri Lanka Lions C.C.: 162/4 ( Mahen fernando, 45*, Indika Anurudha, 39)  (25.2 overs) 
Game drawn 
Umpire: R-G. Martineau 
The Tokyo Sri lanka Lions C.C. led by their captain Mahen Fernando (45*) were in the driving seat with 6 wickets left and still 10 more overs, scoring more than 6 runs an over when the umpire had no other recourse but to stop the match because of stronger and stronger rain! 
See Report>> 
Thailand Hua Hin 67s Tournament by Robert Bennett 
From the 8-12 of April 2 members of the Fukuoka Cricket Club went to Thailand to play in the Hua Hin 6's Tournament. 
It was an extremely well organized and very enjoyable 5 days of cricket and I highly recommend it. 
The venue was the Dusit Polo Club and Resort. (It has a web page) 
The Polo ground has a concrete pitch overlaid with Astro turf in the middle of it and the bounce was fast and true. The size of the ground was perfect for a sixes tournament although the grass could have been shorter. I hit more than a few balls right in the middle of the bat and was most disappointed to have to run a 2 or a 3. Maybe I should have hit them harder. 
Most of the teams were giving a "star" player, (unless you were able to bring your own). This player was usually a first class player and there were even a couple of lesser known test players (South Africans). I think it is great to play with someone who is much better than you as it inspires you to lift your game. 
There was a masters tournament and an open tournament. I was lucky enough to play in both. The ability of the players varied from fringe test players to atrocious (ie barely walking) but there didn't seem to be an overly wide gap between the teams. Most players were around the level of the ex-pats playing here in Japan. 
The Hua Hin tournament takes place immediately after the Chiang Mai one and apparently is the more social of the 2. Each team plays 6 or 7 games.  
The 5 day tournament also had 3 great dinners on the first, middle and last nights and one free nomihodai pool party. And the food really was great, although not for the waistline. 
The cricket and the 3 dinners cost yen15,000 for an individual or yen90,000 for a team. If you take 9 people it is only yen10,000 a person I suppose. At first I thought this was a little expensive for 6 or 7, 40min games of cricket and three dinners but in hindsight it is value for money. The organisers also let my girlfriend participate in the dinners for free (although being a little Japanese person she didn't eat much anyway). 
The hotel was a 5-star hotel and had  one magnificent pool, a smaller pool with a bar, and an okay beach. I don't know how much it cost because I didn't stay there, but I can guarentee it was cheaper than a 5-star resort in Japan. My friend said it was about half the cost of a Japanese resort hotel. I stayed about 8 km away from the hotel for yen2000 a night for 2 of us in a nice hotel. Quite a few people didn't stay at the hotel and paid Thai prices for everything. Most people though seemed more than satisfied at paying hotel prices so they can't have been that bad. Perhaps I'm just ketchi. 
On the whole tournament was good and the organization was excellent and I highly recommend it. 
The chief organizer was Michael P Maher and his e-mail address is mmaher.padmir@bigpond.com 
So if you want any more info please feel free to give him or me an e-mail 
Robert Bennett neckrace@kc4.so-net.ne.jp 
Kanto Cricket League 
J. Hanada and H. Kojima's bowling give surprise win for  Wyverns C.C. over Shizuoka Kytes C.C.! 
Wyverns C.C.: 72 (T. Phillips, 4/6; R. McKenna, 3/25) 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C.: 62 (J. Hanada, 5/22, H. Kojima, 4-7) 
Wyverns won by 10 runs 
Umpires: F. Nakano & T. Kamei  
Mumtaz Alam (61 & 3/14) and extras (50!) helps Tokyo Giants C.C. escape from major upset by Millennium C.C.! 
Tokyo Giants C.C.: 193/8 (Mumtaz Alam, 61; Extras, 50; Y. Yamamoto, 3/25) 
Millennium C.C.: 136 (N. Miyaji, 34; Mumtaz Alam, 3/14; Razzaq Cheema, 3/20) 
Tokyo Giants won by 57 runs. 
Umpire: Rahul Kumar 
Sujith Dharmasena's bowling helps Tokyo Sri Lanka Lions C.C. crush undermanned Fuji Far East C.C. 
Fuji Far East C.C.: 82 (Sujith Dharmasena, 4/12) 
Tokyo Sri lanka Lions  C.C.: 85/2 (Gamini Perera, 34*) 
Tokyo Sri lanka Lions C.C. won by 8 wickets 
Umpire: R.A. Fordyce 

Cricket is doing fine in Korea! 
Relayed by Hugh Smith 
From: Bradley Mitton SMTP:mitton@chollian.net 
Sent: Tuesday, 10 April 2001 2:34 PM 
To:Mr. Hugh Smith hmss@twics.com 
Subject: Korean Cricket Association... 

Dear member, 
On behalf of the Korea Cricket Association, I would like to invite you to join us in our weekend games and training clinics in Seoul. 
The KCA is now registered as a new territory with the International Cricket Council (ICC) and we currently run two twelve week seasons each year with participating teams from the UK, the Commonwealth, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and India. 
Our main goals this year are to initiate grass root coaching clinics for  
both expatriate and Korean children (male or female) and to recruit Koreans by adding cricket to the local university curriculums. We have coaching and training equipment to support both these activities and so far we have been very successful. 
Every Sunday from 2pm to 3pm, we will be holding these junior coaching clinics. If you are interested in either joining as a seasonal team player or if you are interested in getting your children involved in the game, or even better both of the above, then please contact me. Coaching class numbers are somewhat limited and I would appreciate if you could reply to me at your earliest convenience to sign up. 
For further information, please see our website, http://www.koreacricket.com/ If you require a map to the grounds then please email me and I will send by return. 
Many thanks. 
Bradley Mitton 
Tel.: 02 3445 8711 

Japan Cricket Association General Meeting 
By Hugh Smith 
This is a brief report of today's JCA Meeting, this is not an official  
report. My sincere thanks to Gareth Moneath for accompanying me today.  
Without whose help it would have been impossible to produce this report. 

The meeting covered the following issues; 

1. Cricket Grounds, JAC tried to find more grounds, held meetings and got helpful introductions from Embassies including the British, Australian and South African Embassies. The last meeting was held on Saturday 31 March, efforts will continue to secure more grounds. They require and need more leads. If you have any ideas, then please send Emails to  

2. Tournament Management, 4 members of the JCA in this section. The following tournaments have been or will be arranged, Gunma, One Day Cup(Students and Non Student Teams), Challenge Cup. The future of Japanese cricket is one -day cricket, according to ACC, ICC and JCA. 

3. Women's Cricket, creation of University and Graduate tournament, get more women involved in cricket. JWCA plan to tour Australia. 

4. ICC Development Program for cricket in Japan, Embassies to be convassed for their support for the 2002 National Competition, needs a name for the competition. Example " Prince Takamadonomiya Cup" Promote cricket internationally. Alan Border came to Japan and gave away a signed bat. JCA also received kit for juniors and score books. 

5. JCA to produce better and fuller financial report for the 2001-2002  

6. For the future there will be a Yen 10,000 Registration Fee payable to  
the JCA, this will be a one of payment, unless the team changes its name.  
There will also be Yen 20,000 Annual Fee (Student Teams Yen 10,000).  
Foreign Clubs will be expected to pay this in Season 2002. Clubs with male and female teams will only pay the fees once. Money should be paid into Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, Minami Aoyama Branch, Ordinary Account No 6548600, Nihon Cricket Kyokai. 

7. There is more but this more or less covers the meeting, however we did raise the issue of producing information for domestic communication in English. Response, JAC has limited resources and will need help from native English speakers, any volunteers? 

8. Votes were taken, one to approve the budget and for the Chair person for the JCA, both passed by majority vote. 34 participated in the meeting. 
Hugh Smith 

British Embassy Tour of Hong Kong 
For more details , check: 

Ms. mami tanabe, Japan Cricket Association Project Development Department Representative, introduced an immediate project involving all existing cricket bodies in Japan into a single competition from the year 2002 as part of the Cricket Development Project to obtain Associate Membership into the I.C.C. 
This year having already seen the birth of the Kanto Cricket League, competition opento all clubs, Japanese and Expate alike, will be followed in 2002 by a national play-off between the Kanto Cricket League, the competition grouping the Kansai and Shikoku Island regions and the existing Kyuushuu League. 
A tentative proposition to have 2 teams from the Kanto Cricket League, the champios/winners of the Kansai/Shikoku League and and of the Kyuushuu League to compete in the semi-finals and finals was aired. 
To have all interested parties meet and talk about the project, a tournament on November 23rd, 24th & 25th featuring selections from Kanto, Kansai/Shikoku and Kyuushuu regions was proposed. 
Moreover, 2002 will see a thorn in the good running of cricket in Japan extracted once for all: illegal residents will not be allowed to take part in officia JCA sponsored competitions. Whatever that may imply, this is a paramount requisite for recognition by the I.C.C. 2002 will probably see some clubs merging for the purpose of participating to the official competitions, another prerequisite for the consideration of long-time foreign residents' selection into the National Japanese Team. 
Footnote: JCA sponsored insurance will be introduced from 2002. 

Kanto Cricket league Meeting 
The 2nd KCL General meeting took place at the Y.C. & A.C.  to smooth out the last details for the 2001 season. 
We had the great pleasure to welcome Mr. Mattew Kennedy from Australia as the official I.C.C Observer (whose report will be published on this site in the near future!). Were present at the meeting: KCL Committee Members: Naoki Miyaji, Kei Imamura, Shu Kanzaki, Biju paul & Robert-Gilles martineau (Mumtaz Alam & Aamir Ali were excused for sickness). JCA directors: Naoki Saida, Taku Takabe and Ms. Mami Tanabe. 
On the agenda were the KCL games schedules, KCL constitution and Japan cricket Associations projects. 
As reports will follow shortly on all the above issues, check this page regularly! 

Cricket in South Korea 
As of March 2001, cricket will be offered as an elective subject in the Department of Sports Science at Seoul’s SungKyunKwan University and, at last count, 50 students had registered to take the subject, including five females. 
The course syllabus, which has been developed in conjunction with, and supported by, the ICC, will initially concentrate on an introduction to cricket re the history of the game, rules and equipment. Following this, lectures will take on a more practical form with students learning the batting, bowling and fielding skills through various drills designed for beginners. 
I wonder who's teaching it?? 
Tony Fordyce 

Japan Selection beat British Embassy CC  
British Embassy CC: 147 for 6 (30 overs) 
Japan Selection: 148 for 9 (30 overs) 
Japan won by 1 wicket 
For more details visit: 

Tokyo British Embassy Hong Kong Tour 
the British Embassy Cricket Club (Tokyo) is on going on a tour to Hong Kong from March 23rd thru 26th.  
For more information contact: 
Hugh Smith 
Email : hmss@twics.com 
WEB PAGE: http://www.a100.com/tmeng/BECC/main/index.htm 

Kanto Cricket League 

On February 4th the Japanese and Expat clubs (well, most of them) have joined forces to develop cricket in Japan. The first consequence was the creation a new competetion called the KANTO CRICKET LEAGUE. In 2001, 13 clubs will take part in two groups (determined during the extra meeting by the elected Committee of 7 Members): 
Group A: 
Friends XI C.C., Adolescents C.C., Wyverns C.C., Far East/Fuji C.C., Indian Engineers C.C., Shizuoka Kytes C.C., Tokyo Sri Lanka Lions C.C. 
Group B:   
MAX C.C., Tokyo bay C.C., Millennium C.C., Tokyo Giants C.C., British Embassy C.C., Yokohama C. & A.C.  and eventually a Far East/Fuji C.C. B Team. 
As for matches, they shall be played only once, whatever the cause of the cancellation (within reasonable reasons!). 4 points shall be given for a win, 2 points for a draw or a loss. 0 point for a walkover. Moreover, this year will see the strict application of the rules concerning the scoresheets. 
BOTH CLUBS SHALL SEND THEIR SCORESHEETS BY FAX TO R-G MARTINEAU BEFORE TUESDAY, 24:00 (if game is played on Sunday). The faster you send your scoresheet, the better chance you can talk to Robert and clear all contension in time! A new Scorebook shall be delivered to each club. 
The first and second-placed in each group will compete in the semi-finals and be automaticall qualified for Division 1 in 2002. 
The third and fourth club of each group will take part in a play-off to determine the 3 clubs to qualify for Division 1 and the 1 club to be demoted to Division 2 in 2002. Clubs finidhing at fifth place and under shall play in Division 2 in 2002. 
If a club qualified for division 1 does not participate in the competition in 2002, it shall be replaced by the next highest club in Division 2. New clubs participating in the Competetition from 2002 shall start from Division 2. 
The 2 bottom clubs of D1 shall be demoted to D2 and the 2 top clubs of D2 shall be promoted to D1 from 2003. 

The Committee reads as below: 


Indian Engineers Bali Cricket Tour 
The IECC is planning a weeklong cricket tour combined with some sight seeing to Jakarta and Bali during the Golden Week period this year. The plan we have in mind is: 
-  leaving Narita on April 27th/28th 
-  leaving Indonesia on May 4th/5th. 
We will be playing 2 to 3 full games during this period and the rest will be sight seeing. 
If you are or anyone you know is interested in joing us, please let me know in the next few days. You don't need to travel with us if you don't want to.  
You can join/leave us late/early, as per your convenience. 
Please feel free to circulate this mail to other members of your club. 
Biju Paul 

British Embassy Cricket Presentation 
There will be a Cricket Presentation at the British Embassy on Saturday 10 February, time 13.00 to 16.00. 
If you would like to attend please respond by Email to me before Close of Play, Monday 5 February. 
If you do not respond I will assume you will not attend and your name will not (NOT) be added to the guest list. 
Hugh Smith 
Organiser British Embassy Cricket Club (BECC) 
Tel:  + 813 5211 1216 (Work) 
Tel:  + 813 3796 2750 (Home) 
Fax: + 813 5275 3164 (Work) 
Mobile: 090 3963 4231 
Email : hmss@twics.com 
WEB PAGE: http://www.a100.com/tmeng/BECC/main/index.htm 

2001 Chiang Mai Sixes 
People & Clubs interested in this Tournament, please contact Ms. Pim Shaw at the following site:  


Hampshire CCC Expats Page 

Other Cricket Homepages in Japan: 
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 These are the flags of the countries of all the cricketers who played for the Shizuoka County Cricket Club