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2000 Season
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Shaun Williams' coaching report in Japan 
Shaun Williams hailing from Darwin, Australia, spent the 2000 summer coaching the Japan National Team and Japanese players in general. 
Read Report>> 
Also have a look at the homepage of his club, Darwin C.C at: 

Kanto Cup Final 
Very sad ending, indeed! Edogawa Falcons C.C. and Friends XI C.C., unable to agree on a different venue, Edogawa Falcons C.C. were declared winners by forfeit! 
A different format is already being studied with the new proviso that all participants must possess proper visas! 

Pacific Cup 
Indian Engineers C.C. win third leg to take series: 

Tokyo Indian Engineers C.C.: 203 (Sriram Sampath, 74; S. Sondhi, 34; N. Harrison, 3/23)  
Shizuoka Kytes C.C.: 92 (B. harris, 33; Biju Paul, 4/16;  
S. Subramamiyam,  4/9) 
Tokyo Indians C.C. won by 111 runs. 

Kanto Cup: 
Friends XI C.C. rolls over Tokyo Giants C.C. to reach Final 
Tokyo Giants C.C.: 75 (Aamir Ali, 3/18; Asad Ali, 3/18) 
Friends XI C.C.: 76/4 (Munir Ahmad, 37*) 
Friends XI C.C. won by 6 wickets 

ACC Trophy: 
UAE completes Japan's misery 
UAE beats Japan by 6 wickets 
Japan: 95 
UAE: 98/4 

Japan trounced by Maldives: 
Maldives beat Japan by 8 wickets.  
Japan: 59 all out in 26 overs (Extras 19) 
Maldives: 60 for 2 in 11.3 overs.  

Nepal Humbles Japan: 
Nepal beat Japan by 7 wickets. 
Japan: 133 all out in 49.5 overs. (Extras 23) 
             (H.Takahashi 28, N.Saida 23, Y.Sato 23 notout) 
Nepal: 137 for 3 wickets in 20.4 overs. (Extras 20) 

ACC Trophy Schedule: 
15 Nov 
Group A: Malaysia v Hong Kong Sharjah Stadium  
Group A: Kuwait v Singapore Dubai Cricket Council I  
Group B: Nepal v UAE Dubai Cricket Council II  
16 Nov 
Group A: Kuwait v Malaysia Dubai Cricket Council I  
Group A: Hong Kong v Singapore Dubai Cricket Council II  
Group B: Japan v Maldives Sharjah Stadium  
17 Nov 
Group B: Maldives v UAE Sharjah Stadium  
Group B: Japan v Nepal Dubai Cricket Council I  
18 Nov 
Group A: Malaysia v Singapore Sharjah Stadium  
Group A: Kuwait v Hong Kong Dubai Cricket Council II  
19 Nov 
Group B: Maldives v Nepal Sharjah Stadium  
Group B: Japan v UAE Dubai Cricket Council I   
Semi Finals:  
21 Nov SF1: Winner Group A v Runner-up Group B TBA  
22 Nov SF2: Runner-up Group A v Winner Group B TBA   
24 Nov Final  TBA  

Kanto Cup: Edogawa Falcons C.C. squeeze past Lalazar Sports C.C. into Final in cliffhanger: 
Edogawa Falcons C.C.: 98 (Aqeel Ur Rehman, 3/14) 
Lalazar Sports C.C.: 95 (Ashok Kumar, 3/18; Shafiq Virani, 3/9) 
Edogawa Falcons C.C. won by 3 runs  

Pacific Cup: 
Indian Engineers C.C. win second leg to square series: 
Tokyo Indian Engineers C.C.: 167/6 (Balu Lal, 43, Sachin, 43) 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C.: 147/8 
Tokyo Indians C.C. won by 19 runs 

Tokyo British Embassy C.C. beat Chuo University C.C. 
British Embassy C.C.: 155 (R. Gilhooly, 52)  
Chuo University C.C.: 109 (Rose, 3/10) 
British Embassy won by 46 runs 

Kanto Cup: Lalazar Sports C.C. qualify for semi-finals 
Lalazar Sports C.C.: 205/8 (Muhammad Aslam, 50; Ejaz Ahmed, 53; K. Orita, 3/30) 
Japan Selection: 142 (Gulzar Passia, 3/20) 
Lalazar Sports C.C. won by 63 runs 
More details coming soon! 

Friendly (Kyushu) 
Sunday November 5 was the final day of the cricket season in Kyushu. 
In a beautiful autumn day Fukuoka played a joint Nagasaki/Saga team at Kurume University's Baseball Ground. 
Fukuoka batted first and scored 209 off 40 overs.(Uzair, 70;  Mackey, 33; Miyazaki, 3/42) 
Nagasaki/Saga scored 134 (Thri, 41; Honda, 3/13) 
Fukuoka won by 75 runs.  
Robert Bennett. 

Composition of the Japan Team gor the UAE Tour: 
Yoichi Sato (Cap, Far East C. C.) 
Jummei Hanada (Vice Cap, Wyverns C. C.) 
Tomohiro Amino (Far East C. C.) 
Kazuhisa Orita (Far East C. C.) 
Takeshi Kawashima (Far East C. C.) 
Hirokazu Takahashi (Far East C. C.)  
Naoaki Saida (Millennium C. C.) 
Jun Saito (Far East C. C.) 
Tetsuo Fuji (Millennium C. C.) 
Fumito Miyakawa (Tokyo Bay C. C.) 
Naoki Miyaji (Millennium C. C./Keio University C. C.) 
Nobuyasu Yoshioka (Millennium C. C.) 
Takahisa Yamamoto (Far East C. C.) 
Ken Wadano (Tokyo Bay C. C.) 
Glenn Carter (Coach) 

Miyagimura Cup: 
Max C.C.: 78 (Ito, 4/16) 
Adolescents C.C.: 79/9 (Miyaji, 3/19) 
Adolescents C.C. won by 1wicket. 

Japan team UAE Tour  (ACC Trophy) 
The Japan Team will be going to the UAE from the 13th of November to play in the ACC Trophy.  
There will be an announcement party of the Japan Team and the ACC Trophy on the 11th of Nov from 18:00 to 20:00. It will be held at an Indian/Pakistan restaurant near Hanzomon station, Tokyo. The cost is 5,500 yen per person.  
We would be honoured if you and your team-mates could join us.  
The name of the restaurant is "Siddique". 
It's about a 5 min walk from Hanzomon station No 1 exit. 
Naoki MIYAJI at  

Kanto Cup Quarterfinal washed out again! 
Due to the rain (for a change!), Lalazar Sports C.C. & Japan Selection will have to replay their match on the 5th of November! 

Miyagimura One-Day Cup: 
Far East C.C.: 130/6 (H. Takahashi, 62; Miyaji: 4/11) 
Keio University C.C.: 40 (Yamamoto, 5/9; Terao, 3/6) 
Far East C.C. won by 90 runs 

Friends XI C.C. qualified with no sweat! 
Due to ground unavaibility, Shizuoka Kytes C.C. offered a forfeit to their opponents to ensure that the Kanto Cup is completed this year in spite of the incredible disruptions brought about the inclement weater. 
Friends XI C.C. will play against Tokyo Giants C.C. in their semi-final. 

OSAKA Bulldogs' 100 th Game: 
To All Past, Present and Future Osaka Cricketeers & Friends!: 
It might have escaped your notice,but our next game will be the 100th game of the Osaka Bulldogs.We are now in our 8th year. 
As it stands we have played 99 games won 51 drawn 3 lost 43 tied 1 abandoned 1 
Any suggestions to mark/celebrate the occasion? 
Dick Downing 

Miyagimura One-Day Cup: 
Adolescents C.C.: 139 (Takabe, 4/24) 
Chuo University C.C.: 52  (Morishita, 4/11) 
Adolescents C.C. won by 85 runs 

MAX C.C.: 93 (Ikuta, 3/24) 
Aoyama Gakuin University C.C.:  28 (Yamaguchi, 3/4; Uemura, 3/4) 
MAX C.C. won by 65 runs 

Miyagimura One-Day Cup 
Millennium C.C.: 42  
Keio University C.C.: 43/8 
Keio University C.C. won by 2 wickets 

Glenn Carter Coaching the next Japan National Team to participate to the ACC Tournament>>  

The other side of the coin... 
Read Paul Cathart's views!>> 

Kanto Cup 
Tokyo Giants C.C  & Edogawa falcons C.C. qualify for Semi-final. 
Tokyo Giants C.C. (180) beat a 9-player Fuji C.C. (138) by 42 runs, while Edogawa Falcons C.C. progressed to the semi-final without a fight as Yokohama C. & A. C. could not field a team due to the long holidays. 
The other two quarterfinals on the 9th were wasged out and will be rescheduled. 
Detailed results coming soon! 

Miyagimura One-Day Cup: 
Far East C.C.: 157/7 (Takahashi, 38*) 
Tokyo Kooka University C.C.: 24 
Far East C.C. won by 13 runs. 

The Osaka Cricket Club's 2 game tour of Kyushu was ruined by rain. 
Sunday October 8th 
Saga v Osaka 
Abandoned after 6 overs. Osaka 32/0 
Monday October 9th 
Fukuoka v Osaka 
Abandoned with out a ball being bowled. 
On behalf of the Saga and Fukuoka C.C.s I would like to thank the Osaka C.C. for their continuing committment to provide the somewhat isolated cricketers in Kyushu with a chance to play. 
Robert Bennett. 

Should we mention we had rain again? 

Rain, rain,rain... 
Kanto Cup 
Once again the rain delayed the first Kanto Cup quarter-final between Fuji C.C. and Tokyo Giants C.C. 
(Postponed to the 8th of October) 

Kyushu League 
Saga C.C.: 156 (Thri, 64; Paul,  43; Manish, 4/11)  
Nagasaki C.C.:  158/7 (Uzair, 77;Thri, 4/42)  
Nagasaki C.C.  won by 3 wickets 

Kanto Cup Quarterfinals washed out again! 
New schedules:  
1) Yokohama C. & A. C. vs. Edogawa Falcons C.C. (October 8th/Edogawa))  
2) Tokyo Giants C.C. vs. Fuji C.C. (October 1st/Fuji)  
3) Friends XI C.C. vs. Shizuoka Kytes C.C. (October 9th/Fuji)  
4) Lalazar Sports C.C. vs. Japan Selection (October 9th/Edogawa)  

Semifinals: 1) vs. 4) ( October 15th)  
                 2) vs. 3) (October 22nd)  

Final: (October 29th)  

Just to show that "they" play the game in my country! 
Paris UC lifts French Club Championship  

The Final of the French Club Championship was played on  
Sunday. Paris University Club beat Dreux CC in a tight finish  
to a 40 over game. PUC scored 247 for 9. Dreux scored 246 all  
out with 1 ball to play. Batsman of the match: Sarfraz (PUC)  
with 88. Bowler of the match: Halim (Dreux) with 5-23.  

CricInfo's coverage of cricket Beyond the Test World: 
Tuesday, September 19, 2000. World Edition No.770  

Kanto Cup: 
Quarterfinal between Yokohama C & A. C. and  Edogawa Falcons C.C. washed out. 
To be played on October 8th. 
Kyushu double wicket Tournament: 
Miyazaki (Nagasaki C.C.) and Sisil (Saga C.C) were the winning pair scoring 31 runs of their 5 overs. 

Kanto Cup Quarterfinals: 
1) Yokohama C. & A. C. vs. Edogawa Falcons C.C. (October 8th) 
2) Tokyo Giants C.C. vs. Fuji C.C. (September 24th) 
3) Friends XI C.C. vs. Shizuoka Kytes C.C. (October 9th) 
4) Lalazar Sports C.C. vs. Japan Selection (September 24th) 

Semifinals: 1) vs. 4) ( October 15th) 
                 2) vs. 3) (October 22nd) 

Final: (October 29th) 

Kanto Cup: 
Group A: 
Tokyo Giants take second spot: 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C.: 100 
Tokyo Giants C.C.: 105/5 
Tokyo Giants C.C.: won by 5 wickets. 
Details coming soon! 
Group B: 
Tokyo British Embassy C.C. eliminated: 
Lalazar Sports C.C.: 200 
British Embassy C.C.: 137/7. 
Lalazar Sports C.C. won by 63 runs. 
Details coming soon! 

Yokohama C. & A. C.: 144  
YCAC Rugby Club: 120 
Yokohama C. & A. C. won by 24 runs 

Air Lanka Cup: 
Yokohama C. & A. C.: 242 
Tokyo Sri Lankans C.C.: 113 
Yokohama C. & A. C. won by 131 runs 

Saga C.C.Tour of Tokyo: 
September 2nd:  
Saga C.C.: 179/6  
Indian Engineers C.C.: 72 
September 3rd: 
Saga C.C. 104 
Far East C.C.  98 
Saga C.C. won by 6 runs 

Robert Bennett's Report on Cricket in Bali!!>>  

Kanto Cup:  
Group B: 
Lalazar Sports C.C. beat Edogawa Falcons to ensure third spot: 
Lalazar Sports C.C.: 177 (Muhammad Rizwan, 39; Manzoor Ahmed,  
Edogawa Falcons C.C.: 143 (Fazal Mahmood, 47; Zia Abbas, 35; Gulzar 
                                     Passia, 4/11) 
Lalazar Sports C.C. won by 34 runs. 

Kanto Cup: 
Group A:  
Indian Engineers C.C. miss quarterfinals: 
Tokyo Giants C.C.: 260 (Sajjad Jasan, 67; Zaheer Babar,30;  
                                            5 runout/record!) 
Indian Engineers C.C.: 86 (Mujahid Butt, 3/14) 
Tokyo Gianys won by 174 runs. 
Qualify for quarterfinals: Yokahama C. & A. C., Tokyo Giants C.C., Japan Selection, Shizuoka Kytes C.C. 

Yokohama C. & A. C.: 195/7 
Friends XI C.C.: 196/9 
Friends XI C.C. won by 1 wicket 

Group B: 
Fuji C.C. make sure of their qualification: 
Fuji C.C.: 229/ 8 (M. Fernando, 62; F. Carter, 39; Qamar Mir, 3/28 
Edogawa Falcons C.C.:  135 (Amjad Mirza, 36; Sujith Dharmasena, 4/35; Muhammad Arbab3/24; M. Fernando, 3/31) 
Fuji C.C. beat Edogawa Falcons C.C. by 94 runs. 
Qualify for quarterfinals: Friends XI C.C., Fuji C.C. 
Last two spots to be decided between Lala Sports C.C., Edogawa Falcons C.C. & Tokyo British Embassy C.C. 

Kanto Cup: 
Fuji almost qualified for the quarterfinals, British Embassy likely to miss them: 
Fuji C.C.: 203 (Farhan Ullah, 41; M. Fernando, 30)  
Tojyo British Embassy c.C.: 147 (B. Kininmont, 49; Upul Pereira, 3/23) 
Fuji C.C. won by 56 runs 

British Embassy C.C.: 153 
Yokohama C.& A. C.: 154/5 
Yokohama C. & A. C. won by 5 wickets  

Kanto Cup: 
Imran Rehman's bowling (6/15)  main factor inTokyo Giants's destruction of Japan Selection. 
Japan Selection: 48 (Imran Rehman, 6/15) 
Tokyo Giants C.C.: 48/5 
Tokyo Giants C.C. won by 5 wickets. 

Edogawa Falcons C.C. (163) overwhelms Yokohama C. & A. C. (53) by 110 runs! 

Indian Engineers end their draught at the banks of Fuji River! 
Indian Engineers vs. Fuji (35 overs) 
Fuji 123 (33.4 overs) 
IECC 124/6 (31.3 overs) 

Kanto Cup: 
Japan surprises Shizuoka Kytes into submission! 
Japan Selection: 165 (Jun Saito, 36) 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C.: 146 (T. Phillips, 47; Naoku Saita, 4/20; H.Kotani, 3/35) 

Friends beat Edogwa to take first place on Group B 
Friends XI C.C.: 227/9 (Munir Ahmed, 61; Rasheed Wadood, 41, Naeem Qureshi, 31; Ashok Kumar, 3/26) 
Edogawa Falcons C.C.: 192 (Amjad Mirza, 75; Aamir Ali, 3/36) 
Friends XI C.C. won by 35 runs 

Yokohama C.& A. C. suffer their first defeat at the hands of the Tokyo Giants: 
Yokohama C. & A. C.: 160/9 (M. Lay, 67; Mumtaz Khan, 3-23) 
Tokyo Giants C. C.: 161/6 (Ejaz Sheikh, 80*, Kamran Ali, 3 wickets) 
Kyushu League 
Another clifffanger! 
Fukuoka 101 
Nagasaki 98 (Miyazaki 28) 
Fukuoka won by 3 runs 

International 6-a-side Tournaments 
The 6th PSC International Sixes - Penang / Malaysia 
Friday 1st - Sunday 3rd December 2000 

The 3rd Waratah International Sixes - Newcastle NSW / Australia 
The 9th, 10th & 11th JANUARY - Finals day / Sunday 14th JANUARY 2001 

Miyagimura Cup: 
Far East Cup Winners! 
Far East C.C. beat Millennium C.C. 
MAX C.C. beat Wyverns C.C. 

Kanto Cup: 
Avinash Jadhav breaks bowling record (7/18) to ensure Yokohama C. & A. C. 's first place in Group A! 
Yokohama C. & A. C.: 234 (Murray Clarke, 83, Pawan Malik, 53;     
Indian Engineers C.C.: 129 (Avinash Jadhav, 7/18) 
Yokohama C. & A. C. beat Indian Engineers C. C.  by 105runs. 

Kyushu League: 
Saga C.C. beat Fukuoka C.C. in cliffhanger! 
Saga C.C.: 206/6 (N. Carver: 74; Thri: 33)  
Fukuoka C.C.:  204 (Arshad: 55; C Doody:  55; Sisil: 5-13) 
Saga won by 2 runs. 
Perhaps the most exciting game ever played in Kyushu.! 

Kanto Cup:  
Laazar Sports defeat Fuji after at the end of a scorer's nightmare! 
Lalazar Sports C.C.: 295/8 (Aamir Rana, 112, Ejaz Ahmed, 57; Wides, 45!; Mahen Fernando, 3/30) 
Fuji C.C.: 213/9 (M. Fernando, 60; R. Wijesekera,35; Muhammad Aslam, 3/3/18) 
Lalazar Sports C.C. won by 92 runs 

Miyagimura Cup: 
MAX C.C. beat Adolescents C.C. 
Wyverns vs. Fare East C.C. washed out 
Friends XI C.C. vs. British Embassy C.C. 
Drawn (waterlogged ground) 

Yokohama C. & A. C.: 181 (H. Fajemiroku, 47; Pawan Malik 37) 
Kanto Selection: 65 (Avinash Jadhav, 5/30) 
Yokohama C. & A. C.: won by 116 runs. 

Kanto Cup: 

Japan Selection shocks the Indian Engineers C.C. into defeat! 
Indian EngineersC.C.: 113 (Sriram 51) 
Japan Selection: 114/4  
Japan Selection won by 6 wickets. 

Miyagimura Cup: 
Far East C.C. (47/2) beat MAX C.C. by 8 wickets 
Adolescents C.C. (94/9 in 38.3 overs)  Beat Millenium C.C. (65/7 in 21.4 overs) on run rate 

Fuji C.C. vs. Edogawa Falcons C.C. rescheduled because of waterlogged ground 

Shizuoka Kytes C.C. vs. Tokyo Giants C.C. rescheduled because of rain-interrupted game. 
The Tokyo Giants C.C. were 83/3 after 18 overs when a sudden storm interrupted the game! 

Yokohama C.  & A. C.: 198/7 (Pawan Malik, 33; Murray, 53; H. Fajemiroku, 39) 
Lalazar Sports C.C.: 161 (M. Ferris, 3 wickets) 
Yokohama C. & A. C. won by 37 runs. 

Osaka Ashes Announcement: 

Kanto Cup 
Avindash Jadhav (5/20 & 41) help  Yokohama C. & A.C. beat Japanese Selection 
Yokohama C. & A.C.: 175 (M. Ferris, 67, Avinash Jadhav, 41; N. Saita, 4/35, T. Yamguchi, 3/12) 
Japanese Selection: 77 (Avinash Jadhav, 5/20) 
Tokohama C. & A.C. won by 98 runs.  

Indian Engineers C.C. vs. Tokyo Giants C.C. rescheduled because of rain. 

Kanto Cup 
Yokohama C. & A. C. beat Tokyo Giants C.C. 
Yokahama C. & A. C.: 199/3 (Kamran Ali, 85; M. Ferris, 46*) 
Tokyo Giants C.C.: 151 (Razaq Cheema, 30; Pawan Malik, 3/27) 
Yokohama C. & A.C. won by 48 runs. 

All Wast Japan games  washed out on the 10th &11th of June!  

Osaka Bulldogs C.C. (120) beat  Kyushu Selection (93) by 27 runs.  
Osaka Bulldogs C.C. (135) beat Kyushu  Selection(67) by 68 runs. 

Kanto Cup 
Friends XI C.C. beat Lalazar Sports C.C. 
Friends XI C.C. (193) beat Lalazar Sports C.C. by 103 runs to become the first qualifiers for the quarterfinals. 

Miyagimura Cup 
Millennium C.C. (51/4) best Wucerns C.C. (50) by 6 wickets 
Far East C.C. (142/6) beat Adolescents C.C. (119) by 23 runs 

Ladies Corporate Cup: 
Flying Flappers C.C. (128/2, 72 extras!) beat Wyverns C.C. ( 34) by 94 runs. 

ACC Japanese Selection Tour 
A Japanese Selection will leave from Narita Airport on the 16th of June for Shanghai to participate in a two-day 6-a-side tournament. 
Japan will field two teams to join Melbourne C.C., Shanghai C.C., Beijing C.C., a Hong Kong Selection and Brunei. 

Japan Women's Selection Practice Camp 
A practice/coaching camp will be held for the National Japanese Women  Squad in Mw 28th, June 11th anf Junw 18th under the supervision of Simpson Barry Gordon from Australia. 

Rain wrecks havoc again! 
Kanto Cup 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C. vs. Yokohama C. & A.C. drawn (Washed out? warelogged? Pick your choice!)  
British Embassy C.C. vs. Lalazar Sports C.C. rescheduled (Waterlogged pitch) 
Kobe R.A.C. play their first fame since the Freat Kobe/Kansai Earthquake! 
Kobe R.A.C. (223/7) beat Odaka Bulldogs c.C. (200/8) by 21 runs.  

The Indian Engineers have just put the photographs of their game vs. the Kytes online! Great fun! 
Click there for the Indian Engineers Pics>> 

Kyushu League 
Saga C.C. surprises Fukuoka C.C. by 15 runs! 
General good batting sees saga C.C. (199) beat favourites Fukuoka c.C. (184) by 15 runs.  

Kanto Cup 

T. Phillips (5/16) bamboozles Indian Engineers 
Shizuoka Kytes' bowlers (T. Phillips, 5/16; T. Matsuura, 3/13) and tight fielding were the main factors in their overwhelming the Indian Engineers by 7 wickets. 

Unlucky Fuji see their domination brought to nought by rain 
After piling up a total of 192 and bringing Lalazar Sports to their knees at 19/5, Fuji saw their efforts brought to nought by a sudden downpour and will have to replay their game at a later date! 
Friends XI C.C. vs. British Embassy C.C. game washed out and to be rescheduled 

Kyushyu League 
Nagasaki C.C. vs. Fukuoka C.C. washed out 

Gunma Cup 
Millennium C.C. beat Wyverns 

Kyushu Team Tour of Osaka 
Robert Gayst writes: 
The Kyushu team will be making a tour to Osaka. The last time we went there was in June 1998, exactly two years ago where the honours were shared 1 win each. 
The Kyushu and Osaka teams have had a fine tradition toghether since their first game back in October 1996 and have managed to organise games against each other at least once a year.Games have always been played in a competitive but friendly atmosphere. 
The Osaka team visited Fukuoka last July with the first game being washed out. The second game was a very tight affair with Fukuoka just getting the verdict by half a dozen runs.No doubt the Bulldogs in Osaka will be waiting with sharp and shiny teeth for our arrival next month.We`re looking forward to a great battle. 
Six games have been played between the two teams since 1996 with Osaka holding a 4-2 lead. 
Games schedule: June 10th and 11th. 

Late comments by Hugh Smith about the game between the Tokyo British Embassy and the Edogawa Falcons! 
Great fun! Don't miss it! 
Look at Photographs> 

Bruce Harris got a second son! 
Read Letter>>  

Edogawa Golden Cup 2000 
Lalazar Sports C.C. Winners. 
Chuo University C.C. Plate Winners! 
See Photographs>> 
Chuo University C.C. (154) Beat Doshisha University C.C. (41) by 113 runs. 

Kansai Indians C.C. (344/2) beat Osaka Bulldogs (321) by 23 runs 

Coatsy's Letter from Qatar 
Fuji C.C.'s much feared bowler writes us fron the heat of Qatar!  
Read Article>> 

Kanto Cup 
Robert Gilhooly's bowling not enough for British Embassy to stave defeat by Edogawa Falcons: 
Edogawa wins opener of Group B by beating The Tokyo British Embassy by 4 wickets in spite of remarkable bowling figures od 5/22 by Robert Gilhooly . 
Look at Photograph> 

Munir Ahmed (120*) & Jamshed Ali (6 wickets) help Friends XI crush Fuji: 
Friends XI C.C. crushed Fuji C.C. with an unassailable total of 277/8 marked by a great batting performance by Munir Ahmed (120 not out) and then reducing them to 94 with Jamshed Ali (6 wickets), their main destroyers.  

Lalazar Sports Cricket Club  also have their Homepage! 
Lalazar Sports Cricket Club, a well-established club belonging to the Kanto Cup Committee have just put their homepage online! 
Visit their club at: 
Contact Aqeel Uhr Rehman for contributions at: 

Osaka Bulldogs C.C. beat Kansai Indians C.C. by 7 wickets. 

Gunma Cup 
Millennium C.C. beat last year's Champions Far East C.C. by 4 wickets! 

Kanto cup 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C. vs. Indian Engineers C.C. rescheduled due to waterlogged ground. 
Kyushu Sixes Tournament 
Fukuoka C.C. runs away with the 2000 6's! 

Doshisha University C.C. beat  Osaka C.C. by 5 wickets 

Corporate Ladies Cricket Cup 
4 teams will participate in this year's event, first in a round robin starting on June 4th, then a Final. 


Kyushu Season 
The season in Kyushu, that is the Kyushu League, after the sixes Tournament on April 23rd, will start on April 23rd to end with the Final on October 22nd. 
This year's edition will see only 3 clubs taking part: Fukuoka C.C., Nagasaki C.C. and Saga C.C. 

Rain plays havoc on Kanto Cup and Gunma Cup 
The rain prevented the Kanto Cup matches between Lalazar Sports C.C. vs. Friends XI C.C. as well as Shizuoka Kytes C.C. vs. Yokaohama C. & A.C. Consequently these had to be resheduled. Chek new schedule at: 
The first Gunma Cup between Wyverns C.C. 107 & 71/1) and Tokyo Bay C.C. (154 & 87/6 dec.) ended up in a tame draw due to the rain. 

British Embassy C.C. beat Indian Engineers C.C. by 7 wickets. 

Nova C.C. (146/7) best Osaka "Bulldogs" C.C. (143) by 3 wickets 

The Saga Club has started their own homepage 
The Saga Cricket Club, located in Kyushu Island and member of the Kyushu League,  run by Jason Rafton has opened their own homepage (still under construction) at: 
Contact Jason Rafton for contributions at : 

The Kobe Regatta Athletics Club is back! 
Good news my fellow Cricketeers! 
At long last after the Hanshin earthquake the K.R.A.C is finally resurrecting the cricket team and will be open to challenges from April after a couple of practice games.They have a ground in Sannomiya(Isogami koen) a mat,equipment,captain and manager and treasurer. 
Those long in the tooth will remember how joyful it was to play there and escape to the great bar afterwards(or before).Also the day/night game complete with floodlights will always be a special memory to those who played in it. 

The lady responsible for the resurrection is: 
Marianne Moore 
fax: 078-4524736  
e-mail: . 
She is a very nice person and has put a lot of effort into it with her husband George.I hope you will welcome them into the cricket community with open arms. 

Dick Downing 


Keio University C.C. beat Kyushu University C.C. in first game of 2000 season 

The Cricket season has started in Kyushu.  
The Keio University C.C. team traveled to Fukuoka for 2 games Sunday 19th of March and Monday the 20th. 
Sadly the Sunday game was abandoned without a ball being bowled. However, Monday's game resulted in an exciting one wicket win to Keio. 
The details are as follows: 
Keio University won by 1 wicket.  
Kyushu University 104 
Ali       33 
Uzair   3/3 
Miyaji  2/6 
Keio University 105/9 
Uzair      44 not out 
Iwasawa  28 
Noor      6/12 

Robert Bennett 


What a pisser (Osaka Bulldogs)! 
First game of the season,and after spending over two hours to get to Sanda,the heavens opened up and didn't stop all day.What a pisser! 
So we all adjourned to a local restaurant/bar and spent all afternoon doing the usual thing,ie:regaling each other with cricketing tales,predicting retribution in the forthcoming Kansai Ashes series,drinking,eating ect.I played "think while you drink" for about 5 hours non-stop and came away with a bit of a headache. 
Proceeding were livened up a bit with Sunny Barollia's "shish kebabing" of a near-tearful young waiter,but hey..we are after all,the Osaka Bulldogs. 
Next week we play Nova,who if accounts are to believed,will reveal their two new English wondermen. 
We all look forward to the return of Gavin,Brennan and Alan from a land down under or near abouts. 

Richard Downing 

The Osaka Cricket Club held their Annual  General Meeting. Read full report by Lawrence Taylor at: 
Osaka CC AGM 


Shizuoka Kytes C.C./Mucha C.P.C. AGM 
The Shizuoka Kytes C.C. and Mucha C.P.C. concurrently held their Annual General meeting in Shizuoka City. Anton McCloy is this year's Kytes Captain.  Read report below:  
Shizuoka Kytes & Mucha C.P.C. AGM> 


Read all about the Annual Bulldogs C.C. Party as commented by Richard Downing! 
Osaka C.C. Cricket Party> 



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