Cricket in Bali by
Robert Bennett
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Dear Robert,  
I am writing to tell you about my summer holiday trip to Bali. If you think the information enclosed is interesting please feel free to post it on the web page.   
This August I spent 3 weeks in Bali and was able to play 2 games of cricket for the Bali International Cricket Club.  
They play every Sunday and were more than happy to give me a run.  
They have a great set-up down there. A grass field ,with a turf wicket, which they can use every Sunday. The wicket being freshly laid down is pretty lively and one of their local rules is a maximum of 5 metres for the bowlers run up.  
They also have their own bar/restaurant a few minutes drive from the ground which they can use for a club headquarters and post game drinking.  
There are a number of Indonesians playing the game, indeed they are paid to play (about R200 ,a day's wage in Indonesia) so the Indonesians could even be called semi-professional players.  
As Bali is so close to Australia most of the ex-pats are Australians although a few other nationalities are represented.  
Bali is a great place to visit and as such, cricket teams are more than happy to tour there. While I was there the Bali I.C.C. hosted a team from Darwin. It is also very cheap. Hotel yen 1000 a night. Rental Car yen 1000 a day. Restaurant meal yen 200. Beer yen 100.  
I know that many foreign residents in Japan travel to Bali some time during their stay in Japan and if you want to play cricket when you go there I am sure you'd receive a warm welcome from the guys at the Bali I.C.C.  
Here are some contact details:  
Bali International Cricket Club; Address: Jalan Danau Poso 111 Sanur ; Phone  0361-286490.  
Terry Firmstone:  Phone 0361-286508 Fax 0361-289508.  
Steve Eaton (Club Captain) Phone 0361-978742.  
Robert Bennett 


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