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17/12/2006: KCL AGM MINUTES* 
The First Annual General Meeting of the KCL reformed in 2006 was held on Sunday 4th March 2007 at the Nawab Restaurant in Shinkawa, Tokyo. 
Those present: 
Tony Fordyce (YCAC) 
Robert-Gilles Martineau (Shizuoka) 
Matthew Sharp (Shizuoka) 
Bobby Philips (IECC) 
Biju Paul (IECC) 
Mumtaz Alam (Tokyo Giants), with proxy from Al Karam) 
Shabeer (Friends XI) 
Mayank and ? (Tokyo Bay) 
Zahir (Gunma) 
The following matters were raised and discussed (not necessarily in this order) and all decisions were taken unanimously: 
1. Committee 
It was agreed that it was the intention at the founding of the KCL that the first committee would serve until the end of the 2007 season, and this decision was confirmed (subject to the availability of all current committee members – those not in attendance to please confirm their continuing availability). Elections for the next committee will take place at the 2008 AGM, with members serving for a period of 2 years. 

2. 2006 KCL 
It was agreed that since the final of the 2006 competition could not be played, due to 2 rain cancellations and other delays, Friends XI and Tokyo Giants would be declared joint winners. 

3. Teams for 2007 competition 
 a) Teams will be the same as for 2006, except that Shizuoka will not enter a 2nd XI and that we will invite entries from all other teams in the region. Replies will be requested by 20th March. 
 b) There will be no visa requirements (but this may be reviewed in future in case of any problems). 
 c) The KCL will do its best, but without guarantee, to assist new teams which also have commitments to other leagues, by reducing scheduling clashes as far as possible. 
4. Competition format 
a) The present intention is for this – like for the 2006 season – to be a 2 group competition, consisting of Group A and Group B. The tentative allocation of teams is as follows: 
Group A 
Group B 
Al Karam 
Friends XI 
Tokyo Bay  
b) The first additional team to join will be allocated to Group A, and any additional teams to Groups B and A by decision of the Committee. 
c) There will then be semi-finals between the team finishing first in Group A and the team finishing 2nd in Group B and the team finishing first in Group B and the team finishing 2nd in Group A, with the winners playing the final. 
d) If there are 14 teams or more for 2007, then the competition will consist of a Division 1 and Division 2 (with the teams in the 8 leading positions in their Groups for the 2006 season form Division 1 and remaining teams forming Division 2). The exact numbers are to be determined later. 
e) In any case, the KCL will consist of Divisions 1 and 2 from the 2008 season onwards, with the 8 teams finishing in the highest positions in 2007 forming Division 1, as mentioned above. 
f) The schedule for 2007 will tentatively commence on 8th April. YCAC are to advise when their ground will be available for this season, so that their fixtures can be incorporated. 
5. Additional competitions 
The KCL will invite entries from all teams in Japan to a nationwide Knockout Cricket Cup (name to be decided). The format will be Twenty20, with games organised firstly on a regional and later on a national basis. 2 games (involving a total of 4 teams) will be played at each venue, and further details will be agreed later. An entry fee of Y10,000 per team was suggested and prizes will be awarded both for team and individual performances. Entries to be advised by the end of March. Teams entering should be existing teams (in other words, players cannot make up special teams for this event). 

6. Contributions 
a) The team contribution for season 2006 has been fixed at Yen 10,000 per team. Teams which have not yet paid for balls to do so directly with Robert and/or Mumtaz. 
b) Contributions for season 2007 have been fixed at Yen 25,000 per team. This includes the cost of balls and ground rental fees (but not for the use of Flicx pitches – see further later). 

7. Bank Account 
Mumtaz to open a bank account for the KCL by the end of March.  

8. Registration 
Bobby raised the question of registering the KCL as an NPO (Non Profit Organisation). Tony replied that this had been discussed before and that we had asked Mark Ferris (who had been involved in registering the Tyler Foundation as an NPO) about it. Mark had replied that he thought it a very complicated operation and not to be recommended. In addition, we do not pay tax, so there would be little benefit. Robert advised that they had registered the Shizuoka Kytes as a Sports Body, and it was decided that we should investigate if we could do something similar with the KCL (Question: who is going to do this??). 

9. Umpires/scoring 
a) Robert advised that Anton McCloy has very kindly offered his services as umpire for KCL games this season. This will greatly assist, as he is a qualified umpire who has officiated in ICC tournaments, and will reduce the costs of providing umpires in Shizuoka. 
b) It was agreed that we should ask Anton if he could organise an umpiring seminar, as he has previously done for the old KCL. 
c) Sharpy mentioned that it was very important that when teams sent umpires to matches, they should be people who are familiar with the laws of cricket and have umpiring experience. It was agreed that this is very important. They should also NOT use mobile phones while on the field. 
d) It was further agreed, at Robert’s suggestion, that there should be a basic dress code for umpires: shoes (not sandals), black trousers and white shirt. 
e) Mumtaz requested (and it was agreed) that, as far as possible, games between 2 Pakistani teams should be umpired by non-Pakistani umpires. 
f) After the success of using non-KCL umpires for the semi-finals last year, we should also explore the possibility of having non-KCL volunteer umpires for matches this season. 

10. Tony mentioned that David Todd had been elected as captain of YCAC for 2007. 

Finally, many thanks are due to Shakheer for his permission for us to use Nawab Restaurant for the AGM and for very kindly providing an excellent lunch and drinks. 
First ever Primary School club Match held in Shizuoka and Japan! 

Miwa Primary and Shizuhata Naka Primary created history by holding the first-ever official Primary Schools Cricket Club Match in Japan! 
Read Report HERE>> 

27/11/2006: Kanto Cricket League: 
Friends XI C.C. & Tokyo Giants C.C. to play KCL Final at Kushigaya Ground on December 17th to December 3rd 

12/11/2006: Kanto Cricket League Semi-Final: 
Tokyo Giants C.C. join other perennial finalists Friends XI C.C. after comfortable win over newcomers A;l Karam C.C.: Tokyo Giants C.C.: 258/8 (35 opvers) (Hamid saeed, 55; razzaq Cheema, 50*, Munir Ahmad, 42) 
Al karam C.C.: 168 (30 overs) (Hamid Saeed, 4/23; Faisal Naseer, 3/32) 
Tokyo Giants C.C. won by 90 runs 
Umpires: Jarrad Shearer & Bjorn Pederson 
Check Scoresheet HERE>> 
In a match watched by Mohammad Akram of Surrey, England, and umpired by Tokyo Wombats C.C. of the J1C in an elegant and welcome mutual cooperation, Tokyo Giants C.C. secured their place in the KCL Final against perennial rivals Friends XI C.C. on November 19th in Ageo 

05/11/2006: Kanto Cricket League Semi-Final 
Aamir Ali and Umar Farooq make YCAC for lost early chances in helping Friends C.C. cruising to Final: 
Friends XI C.C.: 256/6 (33 overs) (Aamir Ali, 104; Umar farooq Butt, 95; Alok Rakyan, 3/43) 
Yokohama C./A.C.: 127 (33.4 overs) (Prashant E. Kale, 62; Hamad Bisharat, 3/16) 
Friends XI C.C. won by 129 runs 
Umpires: R-G. Martineau & M. Sharpe 
Check Scoresheet HERE>> 

J1C: Tokyo Wombats C.C. overwhelm Ichihara Sharks C.C. in one-sided Final 
Tokyo Wombats CC: 268/4 (S. Burke, 90; T. Whisker, 56; J. Shearer, 50; M. Ainslie, 38*) 
Ichihara Sharks CC: 93 (Fayyez Ahmed, 43; P. Shackleford, 3/19) 
Tokyo Wombats CC won 175 runs 
Umpire: N. Harrison 

J1C: Tokyo Wombats C.C. and Ichihara Sharks C.C. squeeze past Tokyo British Embassy C.C. and Wyverns C.C. in dramatic semi-finals! 
Tokyo Wombats CC beat Tokyo British Embassy CC by 5 wickets 
Umpire: N. Harrison 
Ichihara Sharks CC beat Wyverns CC by 4 runs 
Umpire: R-G. Martineau 

Kanto Cricket League: 
Friends XI CC beat archrivals Tokyo Giants CC to go top of Group A: 
Tokyo Giants C.C.: 158 (Munir Ahmad, 65; Shehzad Siddique, 3/27) 
Friends XI C.C.: 159/6 (Shakir Khan, 35*; Muni Ahmad, 3/43) 
Friends XI C.C. won by 4 wickets 
Umpires: Durgamallesiwara Sidde, Jude Joseph 
Check Scoresheet HERE>> 

Pacific Cup: 
Indian Engineers C.C. and Tokyo Wombats C.C. qualify for Final without much of a sweat: 
Indian Engineers C.C. won over Tokyo British Embassy C.C. by walkover 

Shizuoka Kytes C.C.: 154 (29overs) (J. Chamberlain, 52; A. Harvey, 51; M. Kelly, 3/20) 
Tokyo Wombats C.C.: 158/2 (18. 3 overs) (M. Ainslie, 67; J. Shearer, 51) 
Tokyo Wombats won by 8 wickets 
Umpire: N. Harrison 
Check Scoresheet HERE>> 
Read Report by Ashley Harvey HERE>> 

Japan Women's Cricket Championship: 
CATS CC beat Fuji Far East by 27 runs 
Universities Championship (Women) 
09/10/2006: Waseda U. beat Senshyu U. by 29 runs 

J1C 2007 D-1 play-offs: 
Millennium C.C. dump T.D. C.C. and Fuji Far East C.C. squeeze past Paddy Foley's C.C. to qualify. 
Friendly: Shizuoka Kytes C.C. ease past resilient Indian Engineers C.C.: 
Indian Engineers C.C.: 148 26.5 overs) (Extras, 49; A. Harvey, 3/20) 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C.: 149/5 (20 overs) (M. Sharpe, 61) 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C. won by 5 wickets 
Check Scoresheet HERE>> 
Neil Harrison writes: 
Kytes Bite Back as Shannon Scores Run 
 perfect day for cricket saw the Indian Engineers make the trip to Shizuoka to fill in as Kytes' opponents for another ultra-friendly. Engineers got stuck in holiday traffic round Gotemba, but there was still time for 30 overs apiece. Bikash won the toss for Engineers and chose to bat under a clear, blue sky. It really was a gorgeous day. 

Matthew Alphonse Sharpe opened the bowling from the Lone Tree End and continued his recent trend of bowling well with very little in the column that counts. Pants started from the Bridge End and gave both openers problems with the steep bounce he was getting. But no wickets. Anil and Sangan looked steady and some tight wides had the score ticking along nicely. So it was rather fortunate for Kytes that Sangan decided to take on Pants' arm down at long leg. Sanjeeb strolled out fresh from a ton against Dragons. He was probably still thinking about it when he lobbed an easy return catch to Pornboy off a leading edge. Anil pretty much duplicated Sangan's dismissal, though this time Matt Ryan provided the throw. Udaya made a subdued start, while Raju quickly came and went. Udaya then looked to do business and smacked Porno for a couple of huge sixes into the riverbed before an attempt to repeat the shot against Matt Ryan ended safely in Pants' hairy hands.  
Porno had woken up at the sight of Bikash walking to the crease and stepped up to collect his bunny. Sure enough, Bikash scooped his first ball to Shoaib at fine leg, but Shoaib wasn't interested in such an easy chance and punched it away for a single. Bikash tried again, this time edging to the ex-Captain still (yes, still) at slip. No go. It wasn't in the ex-Captain's zone, so he tipped it to third man for a single. So Bikash gave up and snicked Ashley to Gaurav behind the stumps. Nitin was now playing some lovely drives, and one flick to long leg had Sandeep scouring the profanisaurus for new expletives.  
In the friendly spirit of things, Shoaib got a bowl. Shoaib took to the friendly sprit in style and gifted the Engineers a hatful of extras. He then gifted Sandeep the mother of all slow half-volleys. Sandeep jumped into it and leathered it straight back with "Wear me!" written all over it. Nitin and the umpire took evasive action but needn't have bothered as Shoaib stuck out his mitts and grabbed a stunner about 20 times harder than the 3 he'd declined to hang onto.  
Jayesh hung around long enough to smash a tasty drive into Otto's thigh at mid-on. Kytes were relieved to see the Frenchman get up in one piece (next week's grass-cutting) but somewhat dismayed that Lalith had been too busy laughing to catch the rebound.  
Sanjeeb and Raju got to bat again, there being only 9 Engineers and Kytes being suckers, but could only extend the score by 10 runs before the innings closed on an eminently gettable 148. 

Udaya (24 off 15 balls, 2x4, 2x6) provided the main entertainment, top-scoring for the Engineers with some hard-hitting that was ended by an amazing catch. Nitin looked very classy and should be good for runs in the future. A few others got starts but didn't get going. 

Kytes bowled well but again gave up too many wides (49 extras, 43 of them wides, in a total of 148 is still pretty dire, boys). 

Kytes started their innings with three batsmen eyeing their 1,000th run since detailed records were kept from four years ago. Alphonse was best placed to get there on 993, but Pants (913) and Ashley (953) both had a chance for glory. Pants took strike and put the first ball of the innings into the car park. Another sweet strike for 4 in the next over and the boy looked good and set fair to put a run of poor form and dodgy decisions behind him. Pants tried to turn the next ball to leg, but was late on the shot and flicked the ball into his pad. Some poor, misguided Engineers appealed, bless them. And the umpire, who will remain nameless (and French) gave it. Pants tarried a while (from the boundary it looked like he might be inviting the umpire out for dinner that evening) before departing with "What part of my f*@%!&g bat didn't that hit?". Normal service was resumed as Ashley joined Alphonse and put on 90 runs in very relaxed style, the boundary Kytes enjoying the stroll at 119/1. Ashley went first for 34, skying a dolly to Nitin, and Alphonse (61) and Lalith soon followed. Matt Ryan looked to have sealed the match with a safe-looking 13, but when Jayesh pinged one onto the stumps off his toes, Kytes were starting to get jittery again. Porno came in with 2 required to win, but only 1 required to beat his aggregate total from his last 6 innings. The first ball he faced was a wide, and the next one he turned to midwicket for an easy single and the winning run, but spare a thought for poor Gaurav, who was out in the middle for about 4 overs without facing a ball. 

Not much in the Kytes' batting besides the Alphonse (61 off 48, 7x4, 1x6) and Ashley (34 off 38, 3x4) show, although poor old Pants looked like he meant business in the short while he was out there. 
Engineers fielded well enough but just didn't have anyone who could break the key partnership. 

Thanks to the Engineers for another great day's cricket and good company in the soba shop. That's 1-1 for the season with another game to come in November. 

Man of the Match: Matthew Alphonse Sharpe - tight bowling and his fourth 50 of the year - gotta be time for that first Kytes ton. 

04/10/2006: I.E.C.C Newsletter   Issue #67 online!  
The HTML version of this Newsletter is available at 
+  International Sports Stars Grace Japan 
+  KCL on its Last Round 
+  Indian Engineers Ink New Sponsorship Deal 
+  Interview with International Umpire Neil Harrison 
+  Shizuoka Kytes' Youth Development Program 
+  Hong Kong Invitational Cricket Festival 2006 
+  Indian Engineers' Japan Cricket Rating - New results 
+  ICC EAP News 
+  IECC Poll results  
+  Readers' corner 
+  Best of the web 
+  Snippet of the Month 
+  Trivial facts from our Archives 

Cricket demonstrattion held in Tachibana Elementary School, Shizuoka Prefecture, for new School Club! 
Read Report HERE>> 

Tyler Foundation Sports Extravaganza 
Celebrity Cricket Match, Oct. 1st, YC&AC 
Read the first draft of the match report HERE>>! 

Kanto Cricket League: 
Group A:  
Friends XI C.C. virtally assure to play semi-finals with big win over Myoden C.C. thanks to Syed Aamir Ali's new individual batting records (185*, 17 x 6's and 26 boundaries) and record-breaking 6th-wicket partnership of 240: 
Friends XI C.C.: 334/6 (35 overs) (Syed Aamir Ali, 185*; Shakir Khan, 57; Asad Ali, 47) 
Myoden C.C.: 102 (Fayyaz Khan, 3/8) 
Friends XI C.C. won by 233 runs 
Umpire: Ajay 
Check Scoresheet HERE>> 
Friends XI C.C. having won the toss found themselves in somewhat precarious position at 70/5 whenSued Aamir Ali and Shakir Khan assaulted Myoden C.C.'s bowling to amass a record of 240 runs for the 6th wicket, the second ever biggest partnership in the history of the KCL. Syed Aamir Ali also broke 3 more records: Highest individual score with 185 no, including a total of 26 boundaries and 17 6's. 
Poor Myoden C.C. did their best in reply but could only amass 101 runs, suffering two run-outs in the process to reduce the margin of defeat as much as possible. 

Shizuoka Kytes C.C. beat Tokyo Bay Districts C.C. by walkover 

24/09/2006: Tokyo Wombats CC beat Fuji Far east CC by 149 runs 
24/09/2006: Ichihara Sharks CC beat Serendib CC by 142 runs 
23/09/2006: Fuji Far east CC beat Millennium CC by 5 wickets 

Universities Men Competition: 
22/09/2006/: Tokyo Kooka U. beat Aoyama Gakuin U. by 140 runs 

Universities Satellite Men Competition: 
20/09/2006: Keio U. beat Tokyo Kooka U by 64 runs 

Japan Women's Cricket Championship: 
24/09/2006: Wyverns CC beat Adore CC by 3 wickets 
Universities Men Competition: 
20/09/2006: Tokyo Koka U. beatKeio U by 14 runs 

Universities Satellite Men Competition: 
20/09/2006: Keio U. beat Tokyo Kooka U by 64 runs 

Kanto Cricket League: 
Group A: C.C. of Nagoya too much for newcomers Myoden C.C.: 
Myoden C.C.: 85 (22.2 overs) (Raja Akram, 3/14; Saqib Khan, 3/17) 
C.C. of nagoya: 86/1 (10.2 overs) (Mohammad Tariq, 47*) 
C.C. of Nagoya won by 9 wickets 
Umpire & Scorer: Robert-Giles Martineau 
Check Scoresheet HERE>> 
Robert-Gilles Martineau writes: 
Typhoon 13 was fast approaching and Myoden C.C.'s Japanese bus driver managed to lose his way, ending in a game starting at 11:30 instead of the tentative 10:00 agreed the night before. Only one scoresheet being available and teams busy packing to avoid the coming rain, the umpire found himself scoring as well. Luckily for him the game lasted just long enough to achieve a result before it poured. Myoden C.C. elected to bat when they won the toss and disaster struck first ball with their opener bowled. They quickly found themselves 29/7 with chief destroyer Saqib Khan taking 3 wickets for a maiden in his first over. Vinod led a mini-recovery but Myoden C.C. were all out for a paltry 85, which C.C. of Nagoya chased in a hurry with rain starting falling. C.C. of Nagoya, in the end, did well to lose the toss to allow them a chance to chase and win. 
Game played in good spirits and fun to umpire! 

Group B: Al Karam C.C. book their place in the semi-finals with decisive win over Gunma XI Star C.C. 
Gunma XI Star C.C.: Gunma 202 (Ishafiq Ahmed, 78; Nawish Ali, 37; Rana Sajid Rafiq, 3/37) 
Al Karam 205/5 (Hanif Khan Mohammad, 82; Ashiq Ali, 43) 
Al Karam C.C. won by 5 wickets 
Umpires: Sanganbaswa Kalgi & Partha Sarathi Misra       
Scorer: Mumtaz Alam 
Check Scoresheet HERE>> 

Group A: C.C. of Nagoya win comfortably over Tokyo Bay Districts C.C. in spite of Sachin's Chowdhery's defiant innings. Two more dubious records achieved as well!: 
C.C. of Nagoya: 214 (33.4 overs) (Saqib Khan, 55; Khurram Pervez, 43) 
Tokyo Bay Districts C.C.: 132 (26 overs) (Sachin Chowdhery, 63*; Saqib Khan, 3/28; Raja Akram, 3/29) 
C.C. of Nagoya won by 76 runs 
Umpire: Robert-Gilles Martineau 
Check Scoresheet HERE>> 
Robert-Gilles Martineau writes: 
On a hot day when Typhoon 13 mercifully failed to materialize, brothers Saqib Khan and Khurram Pervez steered C.C. of nagoya to a somewhat unsatisfactory total of 214, but Tokyo Bay Districts C.C. showed a woeful lack of dicipline, batsmen either hitting across the line or not moving their feet in spite a a good and agressive innings from their skipper Sachin Chowdhery who got stranded at 63 at the end of their innings. 
Two dubious records were equalled ( 7 ducks in an innings by Tokyo Bay Districts C.C.) and total numebr of ducks in a single match (10). 
match played in good spirits with a positive approach from both teams who decided to brave and beat the weather odds! 

16/09/2006: Millennium CC beat Tokyo Wombats by 9 runs 

16~17/09/2006: Wyverns vs. YMCC, match drawn 

Universities Men Competition: 
16/09/2006: Tokyo Kooka U. beat Chuo U. by 8 wickets 
11/09/2006: Senshyu U. beat Chuo U. by 7 wickets 

Universities Satellite Men Competition: 
11/09/2006: Senshyu U. beat Chuo U. by 4 wickets 

15/09/2006: Papua New Guinea beat japan National Team by 7 wickets 
13/08/2006: Papua New Guinea Women national Team beat Japan Women National Team by 47 runs 
11/08/2006: Papua New Guinea Women national Team beat Japan Women national Team by 57 runs 

Kanto Cricket League Group A: 
Tokyo Giants C.C. fight their way back to beat Shizuoka Kytes C.C. in vital match for semi-finals: 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C.: 214 (39.1 overs) (A. Harvey, 84; Malik Naseem, 4/27; Ahmad Kamal, 3/49) 
Tokyo giants C.C.: 217/6 (31 overs) (Mumtaz Alam, 57*; C. H. Naveed, 30) 
Tokyo Giants C.C. won by 4 wickets 
Umpires: Shafiq Ur Rehman & Khurram Pervez 
Scorer: R-G. Martineau 
Check Scoresheet HERE>> 
Ashley Harvey writes: 
Well if you want a good read then I suggest you move on and read something else. 
that said..... 
The weather for this game was looking very hot and hot it was. most of the Kytes arrived to the game before the opposition came which is good.  
This week I won the toss and chose to bat first as it was too hot to be out in the field all day. 
Joel and Gaurav opened the inning and both where looking good until Gaurav (5) gave a simple catch to Jahangir Babar off Kamal's bowling. (1-22) Joel (25) was looking like he wanted to get a ton until he was bowled by Kamal for his 2nd wicket of the day. (2-35) Matt S joined me out in the middle and we both were going along nicely until just before the first drinks when Matt (29) got a nice ball on his pads and wasn't able to get bat on it and was bowled by Alam (3-96) Angus was next to the wicket and just like Matt and I, Angus and I kept the runs rolling over for an 81 run partnership before Angus (21) was found to be out LBW (4-177) The next 6 batsmen could only add 10 runs. I was the last to go trying to get my 100. Well that is what the boys from the side line were saying but I was further away than they were saying. Well done boys. Al was the not out batsmen with 1.  

After the lunch break the weather was still hot and wasn't looking like letting up. Both Matt S and Ben couldn't find a break through in their first spells and it was Matt R that made the first break-through with Zaheer Babar (24) caught by Joel. (1-58) Soon after that Mat R went on his own and got Ahmad (0) LBW. (2-63) I got Naseer (2) LWB (3-79) Ben had Chowdhery (31) caught by me (4-105) and then got Kamal (29) bowled and at this point in time we thought we had a very good chance of winning until Hussain and Mumtaz (57no) came out and played some intelligent cricket and worked the ball around the park. Matt S bowled Hussain (12) (6-186) and we still had a slight chance with just the tail to come, but that wasn't  to be as they were helped by some terrible bowling (if that is what you can call it) and with that the game was over.  
Well done to the Giants for a good win and hope to see you again sometime soon to return the favour. 

Group B: 
Gunma XI Star C.C. ensure their place in 2007 D-1 with good win over Dragons C.C. 
Gunma XI Star C.C.: 288/7 (Nawish Ali, 95*; Mohammad Akbar, 52*) 
Dragons C.C.: 109 
Gunma XI Star C.C. won by 179 runs 
Check Scoresheet HERE>> 

Kanto Cricket League Group A: 
C.C. of Nagoya: 179 (34.4 overs) (Mohammad Tariq, 54; A. Stewart, 48; Aamir Ali, 4/30; Jamshaid Ali, 4/34) 
Friends XI C.C.: 180/4 (24.3 overs) (Asad Ali, 38; Aamir Ali, 37*; Naeem Ud Din, 36; Shafiq Ur Rehman, 4/31) 
Friends XI C.C. won by 5 wickets 
Umpires: N. Harrison & R-G. Martineau) 
Check Scoresheet HERE>> 

Kanto Cricket League Group A: 
Friends XI C.C. bounces back with a new record to dispose of Tokyo Bay Districts C.C.: 
Friends XI C.C.: 388/8 (40 overs) (Aamir Ali, 95; Bisharat Hamad, 90; Asad Ali, 51; Sachin Chowdhery, 3/53) 
Tokyo Bay Districts C.C.: 132 (20.3 overs) (Saad Qureshi, 45; Samir Chowdhery, 32; Shezad Siddique, 5/73) 
Umpire: Kamran Ali 
Check Scoresheet HERE>> 
Friends XI C.C. bounced back with record win, scoring 388 runs, helping Tokyo Bay Districts beat three dubious records: 
Most Extras in a single innings: 80 
Most In a single innings: 60 
Most runs conceded by a single bowler in an innings: 93 (for 3 wickets)by Sachin Chowdhery. 
It must be said that the Kytes C.C. 1st ttried hard to grab some of these! 

C.C. of Nagoya creates upset of the day by overwhelming disappointing Shizuoka Kytes C.C.: 
C.C. of Nagoya 248 (32.3 overs) (Khurram Pervez, 92, Extras 55, Raja Akkram, 31; Riaz Hussain, 30; A. Harvey, 3/32; A. Liley 3/48, wides, 51) 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C.:  99 (19.3 overs) (Atif Chaudhry, 4/17, Saqib Khan, 3/10) 
Nagoya won by 149 runs. 
Umpire: Kedar (Myoden) 
Scorer: N. Harrison 
Check Scoresheet HERE>> 
Read report by Neil Harrison HERE>> 

Japan Cricket Association & Leagues Results: 
Check their Schedules and Results HERE>> (Japanese only) 
23/08/2006: Korea beat Doshisha U by 13 runs 
22/08/2006: Korea beat Gunma U17 by 7 wickets 
Korea beat Gunma & Takushoku U by 38 runs 
21/08/2006: Korea beat Japanese Universities by 36 runs 

27/06/2006: Tokyo British Embassy c.C. beat Adore C.C. by 3 wickets 
23/06/2006: Paddy Foley's C.C. vs. TD C.C.. Match drwan 

Universities Men Competition: 
29/08/2006: Waseda U beat Tokyo Kooka by 54 runs 
26/08/2006: Waseda U beat Aoyam Gakuin U by 84 runs 
25/08/2006: Waseda U beat Keio U by 13 runs 
22/08/2006: Keio U beat Aoyama Gakuin U by 20 runs 

Universities Satellite Men Competition: 
29/08/2006: Waseda U beat Tokyo Kooka U by 53 runs 
26/08/2006: Waseda U beat Aoyama Gakuin U by 1 wicket 
25/08/2006: Keio U beat Waseda U by 9 runs 
22/08/2006: Keio U beat Aoyama gakuin U by 6 wickets 

Universities Championship (Women) 
28/08/2006: Tokyo Kooka U beat Seishin U by 64 runs 
Waseda U best Aoyama Gajuin-Keio U by 41 runs 
23/08/2006: Waseda U beat Chuo U by 20 runs 
Senshyu U beat Aoyama Gakuin-Keio U by 75 runs 

Kanto Cricket League Group A: 
Tokyo Giants C.C. thrash C.C. of Nagoya thanks to Mumtaz Alam' two records in bowling (7/5) and in most runs hit in a single over (29): 
Tokyo Giants C.C.: 195 (32.4 overs) (Mumtaz Alam, 79; Jahangir Babar, 35+ Shafeeq Ur Rehman, 3/31; Ameer Afridi; 3/31) 
C.C. of nagoya: 54 (Mumtaz Alam, 7/5) 
Tokyo Giants C.C. won by 141 runs 
Umpires: N. Harrison & R-G. Martineau 
Check Scoresheet HERE>> 
Read report by R-G. Martineau HERE>> 

Kanto Cricket League, Group B: 
Indian Engineers C.C. roll over Dragons C.C. behind Sanjeeb Sahoo's maiden century and Nizzar Ahmed's 3rd ever best bowling performance added to their record 5th-wicket partnership: 
Tokyo Indian Engineers : 343/5 (dec 38 overs) (Sanjeeb sahoo, 105*; Nissar Ahmed, 89; Vimal Vikrant, 37; Partha Sarathi Misra, 36; Radhakrishnan Balaji, 4/69) 
Dragons C.C.: 117 (Jagadeesh Chaman, 53; Nissar Ahmed, 6/12) 
Tokyo Indian Engineers C.C. won by 226 runs 
Umpire: Mumtaz Alam 
Check Scoresheet HERE>> 

13/08/2006: Wyverns C.C. beat Paddy Foley's C.C. by 186 runs 
12/08/2006: Tokyo British Embassy C.C. vs TDCC, match drawn (rain-interrupted) 
Universities Men Competition: 
14/08/2006: Waseda U. beat Sendhyu U. by 6 runs 
Universities Satellite Men Competition: 
14/08/2006: Waseda U. beat Sensyu U. by 66 runs 
Universities Championship (Women) 
11/08/2006: Tokyo Kooka University beat Senshyuu University by 49 runs 

06/08/2006: Kanto Cricket League: 
Y.C. & A.C. take an option on semi-finals: 
Dragons C.C.: 104 (Kamran Ali, 4/25; C. Thomson, 3/33)  
Yokohama C. & A.C.: 105/2  
Yokohama C. & A.C. won by 8 wickets 
Umpire: Zaheer Babar 
Check Scoresheet HERE>> 

Kansai Cricket: 
06/08/2006: Kobe R.A.C. beat Kyoto C.C. by 130 runs 
06/08/2006: Ishihara Sharks C.C. beat MAX C.C. by 65 runs 
Japan Women's Cricket Championship: 
06/08/2006: Adore c.C. beat Fuji Far East C.C. by 9 wickets 
Wyverns C.C. beat CATS c.C. by 60 runs 

30/07/2006: Kanto Cricket League: 
Vimal Vikrant carries his bat to preserve Indian Engineers C.C.'s chances to D-1 promotion 
Indian Engineers c.C.: 327/8 (40 overs) (Vimal Vikrant, 154*; Sanganbaswa Kalgi , 32; Ritesh kakar, 30) 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C. 2nd: 130 (20 overs) (M. Sharpe, 51) 
Indian Engineers C.C. won by 197 runs 
Umpire: Babu Koshy Kannagil 
Check Soresheet HERE>> 
Read Neil Harrison's report HERE>> 

Tokyo Giants C.C.'s bowling too much for newcpmers Myoden C.C.: 
Myoden C.C.: 86 (24.4 overs) (Mumtaz Alam, 4/15; Tauseef Azhar, 4/22) 
Tokyo Giants C.C.: 87/5 (19.2 overs) 
Tokyo Giants c.C. won by 5 wickets 
Umpire: Shahbaz Butt 
Check Scoresheet HERE>> 

Yokohama C. & A.C. comfortably beat Gunma C.C. to vie for a semi-final spot: 
Gunma Eleven Star C.C.: 174 (37.4 overs) (Ishafiq Ahmed, 52; Kamran Ali, 3/25; Alok Rakyan, 3/32) 
Yokohama C. & A.C.: 180/3 (30.2 overs) (Rasitha Leelas, 64*; Prasant Kale, 53*) 
Yokohama C. & A.C. beat Gunma Eleven Star C.C. by 7 wickets 
Umpire: Syed Aamir Ali  
Check Scoresheet HERE>> 

Kansai Cricket: 
30/07/2006: Osaka bulldogs overun Osakaka Tigers in re-match 

30/07/2006: Tokyo Wombats C.C. beat MAX C.C. by 124 runs 
29/07/2006: Tokyo British Embassy C.C. beat Japan universities by 8 wickets 

23/07/2006: Kanto Cricket League:  
Y.C.A.C. practically ensure their participation in D-1 in 2007 by squeezing past Indian Engineers C.C. 
Indian Engineers C.C.: 142 (Kamran Ali, 4/27) 
Y.C. & A.C.: 143/7 (Avinash Jadhav, 41; Vimal Vikrant, 3/26) 
Y.C. & A.C. won by 3 wickets 
Umpires: Mumtaz Alam & Amjad Hussain 
Check Scoresheet HERE>> 
Heavy rains ruin the day:  
Shizuoka Kytes C.C. 2nd vs. Al Karam C.C.: 
Match drawn (ground waterlogged) 

22/07/2006: G-Wyevrns vs. Tokyo Koka Univ. Match drwan 

Universities Men Competition: 
24/06/2006: Tokyo Kooka Univ. beat Aoyama Gakuin Univ. by 34 runs 

Universities Satellite Men Competition: 
24/06/2006: Tokyo Kooka Univ. beat Aoyama Gajuin Un. by 1 wicket 

Japan Women's Cricket Championship: 
23/07/2006 Team FLFL beats Cats by 1 wicket 

15~17/07/2006: Kanto Cricket league: 
Depleted Kytes nonetheless booking their place in 2007 D-1 by beating old foes Friends XI for the first time! 
Friends XI C.C.: 166 (22.4 overs (Shakir Khan, 50; Umar Farooq Butt, 36; B. Tomlinson, 4/41) 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C.: 167/7 (37.11 overs) (A. Harvey, 82) 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C. won by 3 wickets 
Umpire: Mumtaz Alam 
Check Scoresheet HERE>> 
Read Report by Neil Harrison HERE>> 

17/07/2007: Paddy Foley's finally make history by achieving first win on a pitch in an official competition! 
Paddy Foley's C.C. beat Adore C.C. by 3 wickets 

Universities Championship (Women) 
15/07/2006: Senshyu U. beat Seishin U. by 9 wickets  

09/07/2006:Kanto Cricket League: 
Al Karam C.C. virtually book their place in KCL D-1 in 2007: 
Indian Engineers C.C.: 146/7 (25 overs) (Sriram Sampath, 58; Rutesh Kakar 40; Manzoor Ahmad, 3/12) 
Al Karam C.C.: 149/2 (13.3 overs) (Hanif Khan, 51*; Mohammad Idrees, 50) 
Al Karam C.C. won by 8 wickets 
Umpire: Zaheer Ahmed 
Check Scoresheet HERE>> 

Yokohama C. & A.C. beat Shizuoka Kytes C.C. 2nd XI by walkover 

08~09/07/2006: YMCC vs. Keio University Game drawn (rain interrupted)  
Tokyo University vs. Chuo University. Game drawn (rain interrupted)  

Universitie Championship (Women) 
08/07/2006: D-Wyverns beat Crickies 

02/07/2006:Kanto Cricket League: 
Al Karam C.C., Gunma Eleven Star C.C. and Shizuoka Kytes C.C. start on positive note: Yokohama C. & A.C.: 171 (39.5 overs) (Avinash Jadhav, 40; N. Lawrence, 30; Irfan Muzzamil, 5/27) 
Al Karam C.C. : 177/4 (Mohammad Hanif Mohammad, 114) 
Al Karam C.C. won by 6 wickets 
Check Scoresheet HERE>> 

Gunma Eleven Star C.C.: 251 (Ishafiq Ahmed, 120; Zaheer Khan, 36; Sanjeeb Sahoo, 4/20)  
Indian Engineers C.C.: 90 (Zaheer Ahmed, 5/23)  
Gunma Eleven Star C.C. won by 161 runs  
Check Scoresheet HERE>> 

Shizuoka Kytes C.C.: 218/8 (A. Harvey, 60; A. Liley, 41*)  
Myoden C.C.: 128/7 Vesly Gracies, 32)  
Shizuoka Kytes won by 90 runs  
Check Scoresheet HERE>>  
Ashley Harvey writes: 
Well waking up on Sunday, most of the Kytes members thought that the game would be called off by the amount of rain that was falling in the morning, but that wasn't to be. 

The rain had stopped just enough for us to lay the pitch down and to have a toss, but soon after, the rain started coming down again. We waited for a few minutes and decided to shorten the game to 25 overs a side. 

We batted first and for most of our innings we played in the rain. Anyway, Larry and Joel opened the batting and in a first, Larry didn't run himself or anyone else out before getting bowled for 0 (1-12). Joel and Arbab continued in the rain and moved the score on to 35 before Joel was bowled for 20 (2-35). Soon after, Arbab fell for 16 after dancing down the wicket and was bowled (3-63). Matt S and I (Ashley) were scoring at a nice rate before Matt was C & B for 15 (4-126). I was the next to go a few runs later when I mistimed a shot out to deep cover for 60 (5-128) Suboh and Angus were both looking good before Suboh was run out for 17 (6-176). Nick was bowled for a golden duck (7-176). Ben made a nice 10 (8-208) before he was stumped having stepped out of his crease to warn Angus about his flying bat. That left Angus 41* and Pin-up Andy 1* to finish the innings off at 8-218. Myoden bowled very well in the rain and only allowed 38 extras in their ! innings, which was good considering the ball was like a piece of soap for much of the innings. 

During the break, the rain had stopped and the ground was looking in great condition for Myoden’s innings. Toppa (who can't remember his real name) started the inning off with some very good fast bowling but it was Matt S at the other end that got the first wicket of the innings, taking Tiwari for 2 (1-3) and a few runs later at the other end Toppa bowled Kamble for 0 (2-5). Markale and Kurundakar tried hard to steady the ship but only made it to 36 before Markale was caught by Suboh off Arbab for 3 (3-36). 10 runs later, Arbab bowled Kulkarni for 1 (4-46). Kurundakar and Vesly kept the runs coming off the bat while our bowlers helped by bowling a few too many wides and it took a very good run-out by Nick to break Myoden's best partnership (Kurundakar 21, 5-82). Larry bowled Keshmukh for 1 (6-84) and Andy also bowled Vesly for 32 (7-120). The Kytes again bowled very well apart from 47 wides and let's hope we can iron those out.  

Thanks to Myoden for coming all that way and playing in the rain and good luck for future games. 

ICC EAP Cricket Trophy:  
Cook Islands: 168 (C Brown 43,; W Browne 38; N Kairua 34; G Beath 4/19) 
Japan: 142 (P Giles-Jones 36no; C Brown 3/9, D Tare 3/28) 
Cook Islands won by 26 runs 
Martin Gleeson writes: 
After two heartbreaking losses in a row, the Cook Islands have broken through to defeat Japan by 26 runs in the final match of the EAP Cricket Trophy played today at the Peter Burge Oval at Redlands CC in Brisbane, Australia. 
Producing their best batting effort of the tournament, the Cooks, anchored by a 76 run third wicket partnership between Chris Brown (43) and William Browne (38) showed intent and discipline to compile 168 before Ngatokorima Kairua was caught behind of Naoki Miyaji for a swashbuckling 34 off 27 balls to end the innings in the 44th over. 
Medium pacer Gavin Beath was the best of the Japanese bowlers with 4 for 19 off 9 overs and Naoki Miyaji bowled with good pace to claim 2 for 18 off 7.5 overs. 
After the change of innings, an aggressive Chris Brown started the rot early with two quick wickets in a testing five overs before lunch as Japan entered the break two down with only eight runs on the board. 
Tetsuo Fuji and Tetsuro Chino worked hard to steady the ship for Japan and their fighting 32 run partnership gave a glimmer of hope before Chino s run out started a middle order collapse and at 8 for 79 the game was all but over. 
Naoki Miyaji and Patrick Giles-Jones had other ideas and their 61 run partnership for the ninth wicket raised the unlikely hope of a Japan victory. The reintroduction of Chris Brown into the attack saw the dismissal of Miyaji and when Masaaki Ito was unluckily run out at the bowler s end the game was over and the Cooks duly celebrated in style. Brown claimed the bowling honours for the Cooks with 3/9 off 9 overs and Dawn Tare completed a fine game with 3 for 28 off 8 overs. 
This is a great result for us stated a jubilant Cook Islands skipper Dunu Eliaba straight after the game We have worked hard and improved over the course of the tournament and it is great to finish the week with a victory . 
The Cooks victory elevated them to second place in the tournament above Japan on net run rate with the unbeaten Fiji claiming the title as EAP Cricket Trophy champions. 

EAP Cricket Trophy final ladder 

Team                        Points       Net Run Rate 
1. Fiji                           6                  1.03 
2. Cook Islands            2                  -0.33 
3. Japan                      2                  -0.63 

30/06/2006: ICC EAP Cricket Trophy:  
Fiji: 165 (48 overs) (K. Tavo, 34; G. Beath, 3/22) 
Japan: 83 (41 overs) (S. Draunivudi, 3/12) 
Fiji won by 82 runs 
Martin Gleeson writes: 
Fiji have booked themselves a place in Division 3 of the ICC World Cricket League after securing the EAP Cricket Trophy with a convincing 82 run win over Japan today at the Peter Burge Oval at Redlands CC in Brisbane, Australia. 
Fiji batted first and started well with the Rika brothers opening combination running aggressively between wickets. The impressive younger brother Josefa was the first to go LBW for 14 and when his brother was also dismissed for 14 Fiji were 2 for 46 after 16 overs and primed for attack. 
An arm wrestle for supremacy ensued during the middle stages of the innings with Fiji putting together a number of partnerships with Japan holding them at bay claiming wickets at crucial times to stop the score getting too far away. The introduction of Japanese medium pacers Gavin Beath (3/22 off 10 overs) and Masaaki Ito (1/35 off 10) troubled the Fijians and turned the game way and when the 9th wicket fell at 123, Japan were in control. 
Tailender Kitiano Tavo had other ideas and made clear his intentions by carrying the fence for four big 6 s in the final overs to finish with an entertaining 34 not out off 32 balls. The Fijian innings was closed in the 48th over at 165 when Samuela Draunivudi was run out. 
The momentum had now turned the islander s way and they were quick to capitalise after lunch with speedsters Draunivudi and Tavo continuing their fine form reducing Japan to 4 for 19 after only 9 overs. Japan struggled to stay in the game and the Fijian s bowling discipline proved too much finally bundling Japan out for only 83. 
With three wins in three games we are now assured of winning the EAP Cricket Trophy commented an excited Fijian skipper Joeli Mateyawa after the game we are very proud to win and are now very keen to go through the tournament unbeaten by beating the Cook Islands tomorrow . 
In tomorrow s clash, the Cook Islands will be looking to avenge yesterday s narrow loss to Japan when they tackle Fiji at the Peter Burge Oval at Redlands CC. Play commences at 9am. 
For full scorecard and match information, please click HERE>>  

Team Points Net Run Rate 

1. Fiji 6 1.38 

2. Japan 2 -0.67 

3. Cook Islands 0 -0.91 

29/06/2006: ICC EAP Cricket Trophy:  
Cook Islands: 74 (G. Beath, 4/15) 
Japan: 73/8 
Japan won by 2 wickets according to Duckworth Lewis rule for rain-affected games 
Martin Gleeson writes: 
Japan overcame a fast finishing Cook Islands to secure a two wicket victory in round 3 of the EAP Cricket Trophy played today at Redlands Cricket Club in Brisbane, Australia. 
In a rain reduced contest decided by the Duckworth/Lewis method, batting first the Cook Islands were dismissed for 74 in the 30th over.  Dawn Tare top scored for the Cook Islands with 21 not out while Jonathan Kairua made 14. Gavin Beath was the best of the Japan bowlers picking up 4 for 15 from 8 overs, while Masaaki Ito provided good support with 2 for 19. 
In reply Japan started disastrously against a fired up Cook Islands attack and were 3 for 14 after 5 overs.  Middle order batsmen Munir Ahmed (14), Masaomi Kobayashi (16) and Ko Irie (13) provided some stability to the Japanese innings, however Mou Marurai’s 3 for 16 from 8 overs kept the Cook Islands hopes alive. 
At 8 for 65 in the 31st over chasing a revised target of 73, a Cook Islands victory was still a possibility however Japanese tail enders Naoki Miyaji and Masaki Ito saw their country to a memorable victory. Cook Islands captain Dunu Eliaba was a solid contributor with the ball picking up 2 for 14. 
 “Although it was a hard fought contest in the end, we are very happy to have achieved our first win of the tournament and now look forward to taking on Fiji tomorrow,” said Japan captain Tetsuo Fuji. 
With the first round of matches now complete, Fiji remain in first place with two wins.  A further win against Japan tomorrow will guarantee their qualification to Division 3 of the ICC’s World Cricket League.  A win by Japan would however break the EAP Cricket Trophy wide open and guarantee an exciting finish to the tournament. 
Cook Islands 74 (D Tare 21*, G Beath 4/15 ) lost to Japan 8/73 – on Duckworth/Lewis method (M Kobayashi 16, M Marurai 3/16) 
For full scorecard and match information, please click HERE>>  

EAP Cricket Trophy Ladder – Round 3  
Team                Points               Net Run Rate  
Fiji                       4                         1.39  
Japan                   2                         -0.11  
Cook Islands        0                         -0.91  

For more information please contact:  
Martin Gleeson – ICC Tournament Director  
Mb: +61 (0)413040849  

Kansai Cricket:  
26/07/2006: Rain prevents end of Osaka Bulldogs C.C. vs. Osaka Tigers with 14 overs remaining 

27/06/2006:ICC EAP Cricket Trophy:  
Martin Gleeson writes: 
Fiji has started strongly with a comfortable eight wicket victory against Japan in the opening match of the 2006 EAP Cricket Trophy played today at the Peter Burge Oval at Redlands CC in Brisbane, Australia. 
After a week of inclement weather, the sun came out on cue for Match 1 with Japan winning the toss and electing to bat.  At 1/128 after 33 overs their decision was fully vindicated and they were primed to set the Islanders a big target. 
The introduction of spinner Joeli Mateyawa in the 33rd over swung the game however and the Fijian skipper’s accuracy and change of pace caused the downfall of Gavin Beath (49) and then Munir Ahmad (53).  With Tetsuo Fuji (2) coming and going cheaply the runs dried up and after 40 overs Japan were 5/145 and needing a late innings rally. 
Masoami Kobayashi (34no) provided the runs from one end but he lacked support from his team mates and the final Japan total of 7/188 was probably 20 or so runs shy of what should have been.  Mateyawa (3/25 off 10 overs) was the pick of the Fijian bowlers in an honest defensive performance. 
Japan started well with the ball snaring the early wicket of Colin Rika for 2.  Tiko Kida and 19 year old Joesfa Rika steadily built and then challenged the Japanese attack with a second wicket partnership of 110 runs in 28 overs. Aided by a succession of dropped catches, Rika and Kida batted intelligently and confidently before a mid pitch mix up resulted in Kida being run out for a mature 53. 
At 2/116 Fiji were in control of the match and with the experienced Neil Maxwell striding to the crease, the game was well set.  Maxwell survived a very confident caught behind appeal second ball before settling his nerves to find some form.  Once settled, Maxwell showed his class to take the game away from the Japanese lofting the ball confidently to the outfield and scoring at almost run a ball pace for his 59 not out.  Rika provided the foil to Maxwell’s aggression in their unconquered 73 run stand and his patient 50 not out in 42 overs piloted the victory.  Opener Naoki Miyaji was the only Japanese bowler to taste success and finished with a respectable 1/36 off 9 overs. 
The Cook Islands make their debut in Round 2 tomorrow and will clash with Fiji at Peter Burge Oval commencing at 9am. 
Regular match updates each day and the full scorecards can be found by clicking on the tournament banner on the top of the ICC EAP website at 
For more information please contact: 
Martin Gleeson – Tournament Director 
+61 (0)413 040 849 

26/06/2006: I.E.C.C Newsletter   Issue #64 
The HTML version of this Newsletter is available at 

+  KCL Splits 
+  KCL Re-constituted  
+  Tyler Foundation Kapil Dev and Chris Cairns to Visit Japan 
+  Indian Engineers' Japan Cricket Rating system - New results 
+  Cricket Development in Shizuoka City 
+  ICC EAP News 
+  IECC Poll results  
+  Readers' corner 
+  Best of the web 
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+  Trivial facts from our Archives 

25/06/2006: Friendly:  
Kytes back into form! 
Shizuoka Kytes CC: 270/7 (35 overs) (M. Sharpe, 77; Subodha Gunawardene, 50; A. Liley, 39) 
Topkyo British Embassy CC: 182 (B. Kininmont, 33; C. Thompson, 31; A. Winston, 30) 
Shizuoka Kytes won by 88 runs 
Check Scoresheet HERE>> 
Read Report by R-G. Martineau HERE>> 

Universities Men Competition: 
24/06/2006: Tokyo Kooka Univ. beta Aoyama Gakuin Univ. by 34 runs 

Universities Satellite Men Competition:  
24/06/2006: Tokyo Kooka Univ. beat Aoyama Gajuin Un. by 1 wicket 

22/06/2006:[ICC EAP Cricket Trophy, Brisbane Match Schedule] 
Tues 27-June Fiji v Japan 
Wed 28-June Fiji v Cook Islands 
Thu 29-June Japan v Cook Islands 
Fri 30-June Japan v Fiji 
Sat 01-July Cook Islands v Fiji 
Sun 02-July Cook Islands v Japan 

[Hours of Play (Brisbane Time)] 
9:00am to 12:30pm - First session 
12:30pm to 1:00pm - Lunch 
1:00pm to 4:30pm - Second session 

11/06/2006:Japan Cricket Association Leagues Results:  
Adore CC and Senshyuu Un. Game drawn (raiin interrupted) 

11/06/2006: Kansai Cup Cricket Competition: Osaka Bulldogs CC win their second match in a row: 
KRAC: 181/7 (35 overs) (Extras, 49; W. Hayden, 3/24) 
Osaka Bulldogs CC: 183/7 (33.3 overs) (W. Hayden, 52 *) 
Osaka Bulldogs CC won by 3 wickets 
Umpires: Jerry Netto & Sunil Kamath  
Osaka Bulldogs CC, 26 points 
KRAC, 6 points 
Read Report HERE>> 

04/06/2006: Kansai Cup Cricket Competition on its way! 
Kyoto CC: 174/8 (35 overs) (G. Tristan,59; A. James, 3/41) 
Osaka Bulldogs CC: 178/6 (Jim K., 43; Hamish P.3/50) 
Osaka Bulldogs CC won by 2 wickets 
Osaka Bulldogs, 26 points 
Kyoto CC, 6 points 
Read Report by David Wick HERE>> 

Osaka Tigers CC: 131 (27 0vers) (Raghavan, 53, Dave G., 3/31; Derek L., 3/33) 
KRAC: 135 (23.5 overs) (R. McKenna, 52) 
KRAC won by 4 runs 
Umpire: Paul Cathcart 
KRAC, 28 points 
Osaka Tigers CC, 8 points 
Read Report by Russel Forsyth HERE>> 

11/06/2006:Japan Cricket Association Leagues Results:  
J1C: Wyverns C.C. find life easy in J1C:  
Adore C.C.: 104 (P. Giles-Jones, 3/23) 
Wyverns C.C.: 105/1 (G. Beath, 66*) 
Wyverns CC. beat Adore CC by 9 wickets 

04/06/2006: Kanto Cricket League EGM: 
New League to replace old one after official dissolution: 
At the EGM called by the Kanto Cricket League EGM following the resignation of 3 Committee members, the present League was dissolved and will be replaced by a new League of the same name to start on July 2nd. 
03~04/06/2006: Japan Cricket Association Leagues Results:  
03~04/06/2006: MAX CC beat Keio Un. by an innings and 28 runs 

Universities Men Competition:  
04/06/2006: Keio Univ. beat Senshu University by 4 wickets 

Universities Satellite Competition:  
03/06/2006: Waseda Univ. (Y-Wyverns) vs Chuo Univ.: 
Tied game