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Please find below the list of Hampshire presently on the Internet. We would be extremely grateful for any supplementary information as well as contacts from the clubs themselves.
The clubs more properly introduced answered to our queries!
Leckford Cricket Club
Lecford cricket Club presently plays their first team in the hampshire County Division 2. They do have overseas palyers. They are quite active with junior cricket and have regular tours (Ireland in 2001). Moreover they answered to special queries concerning the Hampshire CCC Expats Homepage (Thanks to David Walmsley!)
For more details contact the club at:
Penton Cricket Club
Penton Cricket Club is situated in Hampshire, in the south of England, approximately 70 miles west of London and 25 miles north of Southampton. Its nearest town is Andover 3 miles south.
Penton Cricket Club was reformed in 1970, having previously been wound up after the 1964 season. The clubs history goes back much further than that with score books going back 
to the 1930s still in existence.
Visit their homepage at:
For more details, E-mail to Mr. Mike Wells at:
Rowner Cricket Club
The Rowner Cricket Club plays on Rowner Green in Hampshire, England, and their first XI competed in the Hampshire 2nd Division. They seem to be quite a bunch of characters for usually sedate Southerners! Their page is quite funny and deserves a good look!
For more information, e-mail to Mr. Rob Bowman at:
Actually the Rowner Cricket Club,  has two sites.  We would like to introduce the second one as it  has been devised by 15 years old (as of 2001) Craig Pollard (on the photo, first row, first from the left!). The club fields teams both on Saturdays and Sundays and seems to employ quite a few young players!
Visit his site (do not forget to sign his Guestbook!) at:
For more information e-mail to Mr. Craig Pollard at:
Langley Manor Cricket Club
Langley Manor Cricket Club (LMCC), Hampshire ,England, 
was formed in 1897.
LMCC is a small friendly cricket club which has over the years competed successfully in a number of 
local leagues and friendly matches.
LMCC is affiliated to the Hampshire Cricket Board (HCB) and though this to the English Cricket Board (ECB). They field 3 senior teams, Under 17, 16, 15, 13 & 11Teams. In 1998 a Ladies Team was formed
Visit their site at: 
For more information e-mail to David & jane Wilkinson at:
Langstone Cricket Club
Langstone is situated in the South East corner of Hampshire England, just a few miles from the birthplace of Cricket. They are a Sunday side but they also play a few 20-over midweek games. They do not play in a league.
Visit their homepage at:
For more details, E-mail to Mr. Kevin Stroud at:
Our hundred and twenty-ninth friends 
hail from Hampshire, England!
Headley Cricket Club
Headley play in the I’Anson league, and are situated on the Hampshire/ Surrey border.
They field two elevens in a season starting end of April.
Visit their very friendly homepage at:
For more information e-mail to Mr. Michael Hughes at:
Our one hundred and thirty-fourth friends 
hail from hampshire, England!
Mortimer West End Cricket Club
Mortimer West end Cricket Club is located in a small village of the same name in Hampshire, England.
They are a very-well organized club with their own ground, groundsmen, Double nest, car park, children area, 
a Pavilion with bar and catering facilities, pool table.
They also seem to have quite a membership 
and are very busy with their Colts Section.
They even have a Barmy Army (See picture above!)
Visit their homepage at:
For more details, e-mail to Mr. Ray Roberts at:
 Andover Cricket Club 
Amport Cricket Club 
Bournemouth Cricket Club 
Cove Cricket Club
Eastleigh Cricket Club 
Easton & Martyr Worthy Cricket Club
 Eversley Cricket Club
 Fareham & Crofton Cricket Club
 Hamble Cricket Club
Hambledon Cricket Club
  Hursley Park Cricket Club 
     Liphook & Ripsley Cricket Club 
Old Basing Cricket Club 
Portsmouth Cricket Club
Rowledge Cricket Club
United Services (Portsmouth) Cricket Club
Southsea Cricket Club
Sparsholt Cricket Club
 St.Cross Symondians Cricket Club 
Yateley Cricket Club

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