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Author's note: Some of the following animals  being exclusively indigenous to or only eaten in Japan, no English names exist for them! I shall do my best to find their Latin names!  

Akemakigai (Ougigai): 
Akagai: Ark Shell, Bloody Clam  (see picture) (see picture
Ark Shell related ingredient: Akahaiimo (the filament part od the ark  
Asari: Common Cockle  
Awabi: Abalone, Disk Abalone  (see picture
Abalone varieties:   Ezoawabi  
                              Kuroawabi  (see picture
                              Madakaawabi  (see picture
Aoyagi (Bakagai=Minatogai): Round Clam, hen Clam  (see picture) 
Bafununi: Sea Urchin Variety  
Bai (Shirobai=Ecchubai=Shirobaigai=Mabai): Ivory Shell 
Bakagai (Aoyagi=Minatogai): Round Clam, hen Clam  (see picture) 
Round clam related ingredients: Aoyagi (the central "tongue" inside the  
                                                    shell) (see picture) 
                                                    Kobashira (the two round muscles on both  
                                                    sides of the "tongue")  (see picture) 
Round clam sushi variety: "Kobashira no Gunkan" (Round clam round  
                                        muscles on top of a rice ball wrapped with dry  
                                        seaweed) (see picture) (see picture
Chibusaboya (Hoya, Maboya): Ascidian, Sea Squirt  
Ecchubai (Shirobai=Shirobaigai=Bai=Mabai): Ivory Shell 
Ezoawabi: Abalone Variety 
Ezobafuuni: Sea Urchin Variety  
Ezobora (Ezoboramodoki, Himeezobora, Himeezoboramodoki, Mabbu, Tsubu, Ezotsubu, Matsubu): Neptune, Whelk  
Ezoboramodoki (Ezobora, Himeezobera, Himeezoboramodoki, Mabbu, Tsubu, Ezotsubu, matsubu): Neptune, Whelk 
Ezotsubu (Ezoboramodoki, Ezobora, Himeezobera, 
     Himeezoboramodoki, Mabbu, Tsubu, Matsubu): Neptune, Whelk  
Hamaguri: Hard Clam (see picture
Clam sushi variety: "Nihamaguri" (Simmered clam) (see picture
Himejako (Himejakogai): Giant Clam 
Himejakogai (Himejako): Giant Clam 
Himeezobora (Ezoboramodoki , Ezobora, Himeezoboramodoki, Mabbu, Tsubu, Ezotsubu): Neptune, Whelk  
Himeezoboramodoki (Ezoboramodoki , Ezobora, Himeezobora,  Mabbu, Tsubu, Ezotsubu, Matsubu): Neptune, Whelk  
Hokkigai (Ubagai): Surf Clam  
Hotate (Hotategai): Scallop (see picture) (see picture) 
Hotategai (Hotate): Scallop (see picture) (see picture) 
Scallop related ingredient: Hotate no Kaibashira (Scallop central muscle) 
                                        Hotate no Ranoo (Scallop egg sac) 
                                        Hotate no Seisoo (Scallop sperm pouch)  
Scallop related sushi variety: "Nihotate" (Simmered scallop)  
Hoya (Maboya, Chibusaboya): Ascidian, Sea Squirt  
Sea aquirt variety: Maboya  
Itayagai: Noble Scallop 
Kaki: Oyster  
Oyster varieties: Serugaki  
Oyster sushi variety: "Sugaki" (Vinegared oyster)   
Kitamurasakiuni: Sea Urchin Variety  
Kobashira: Round Clam Round Twin Muscles 
Round clam sushi variety: "Kobashira no Gunkan" (Round clam round  
                                        muscles on top of a rice ball wrapped with dry  
                                        seaweed) (see picture) (see picture
Komagai (Terajaa=Komagai): 
Kurage: Jellyfish  
Jellyfish related ingredient: Umekurage (Dried jellyfish filaments with  
                                             pickled Japanese plum meat)  
Kuroawabi: Abalone Variety (see picture
Mabai (Shirobai=Ecchubai=Shirobaigai=Bai): Ivory Shell 
Mabbu (Ezobera, Ezoberamodoki, Himeezobera, Himeezoberamodoki, Tsubu, Ezotsubu, Matsubu): Neptune, Whelk 
Maboya (Hoya, Chibusaboya): Ascidian, Sea Squirt  
Madakaawabi: Abalone Variety (see picture
Makagikai (Terajaa=Komagai): 
Manjugai (Saragai): 
Matairagi (Tairagai=Tairagi): Pen Shell (see picture
Mategai: Razor Clam (see picture) 
Matsubu (Ezoboramodoki, Ezobora, Himeezobera, Himeezoboramodoki, Mabbu, Tsubu, Ezotsubu): Neptune, Whelk  
Megaiawabi: Abalone Variety 
Minatogai (Aoyagi=Bakagai): Round Clam, hen Clam  (see picture) 
Mirugai (Mirikui): Gaper (see picture)   
Mirukui (Mirugai): Gaper (see picture) 
Murasakiuni: Sea Urchin Variety  
Mushiawabi: Abalone Variety 
Namako: Sea Cucumber, Beche de mer  
Sea cucumber related ingredients: Konowata/ (Sea cucumber innards)  
                                                        Anago no kimo (Sea cucumber liver)  
Ougigai (Akemakigai) : 
Saragai (Manjugai): 
Sazae: Top shell, Turbo, Spiny Topshel, Turban Shell (see picture) 
Shirobai (Ecchubai=Shirobaigai=Bai=Mabai): Ivory Shell 
Shirobaigai (Ecchubai=Shirobai=Bai=Mabai): Ivory Shell 
Tairagi (Matairaigi=Tairagai): Pen Shell (see picture
Tairagai (Matairaigi=Tairagi): Pen Shell (see picture
Terajaa (Magakigai=Komagai): 
Tokobushi:  (see picture
Torigai: LargeCockle (see picture)  (see picture
Tsubu (Ezoboramodoki, Ezobora, Himeezobera, Himeezoboramodoki, Mabbu, Ezotsubu): Neptune, Whelk  
Ubagai (Hokkigai): Surf Clam (see picture) 

Uni: Sea Urchin (see picture), (see picture), (see picture)
Sea urchin varieties: Ezobafun-uni  
Sea urchin Sushi variety: "Unigunkan" (Sea urchin roe on top of a rice  
                                      ball wrapped with dry seaweed)   
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