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Minute compiled by Biju Paul  
KCL Organising Committee  

I would like to extend the KCL Organising Committee’s, hereinafter called the Committee, sincere thanks to all those who attended the meeting on March 3, 2002 at the YC & AC to discuss and decide the future course of KCL.  

This document summarises the major discussions and decisions that were made on that day. This document is also an invitation to all those clubs who were absent in the meeting but intend to participate in the KCL 2002 under the auspices of Japan Cricket Association.   

This document may also be treated as an invitation to the JCA General Meeting and JCA Annual party on March 16th. Details are given at the end of this document.  

On behalf of JCA, Rob McKenna explained the JCA goals in the next 10 years and the decisions of JCA in response to the alternative(circulated earlier) proposed by the Committee to resolve the vexed issue of illegal players in the League. According to Rob, the JCA will not recognize a competition involving a club that allows an illegal immigrant to play in the tournament. The decision to accept JCA’s leadership was left to KCL member clubs.   

A vote was taken to determine the acceptability of JCA’s decisions and the member clubs approved the decisions 11-2. Accordingly, the JCA is recognised as the parent body of KCL from 2002 onwards and KCL will be complying with the JCA rules and regulations whenever and wherever necessary.  

The member clubs then voted to extend the present Committee’s term by one more year. The Committee is also given power to add more members, if deemed necessary by them.  

In the second session, which was a Committee meeting, the Committee took the following decisions:  

1. The yearlong tournament conducted by the Committee will be known as the Kanto Cricket League, hereinafter called the League, as was the case in the previous years.  

2. The players participating in the League should have a valid Japanese visa. A valid visa is defined as a visa, which allows a person to live in Japan for a minimum period of one year.  

3.  It is the responsibility of each team captain to make sure that the players’ residential papers are in order before registering their names with the Committee.  

4. In case of a dispute, the Committee can ask the captain and the player in question to produce documentary proof to validate the status.   

5. In case of a breach of point number 3 or failure to comply the Committee’s request with regards to point number 4, the club will be suspended from the League for the rest of the season.  

6. All clubs must be registered with Robert-Gilles Martineau by Sunday April 7, 2002 along with their player list.   

7. All clubs must pay a one-time fee of JPY 40,000 by Wednesday, April 10, 2002. The bank details are given at the end of this document.   

8. All  the statistics will be recorded officially as the KCL statistics.  

9. The League will be governed by the existing KCL bylaws(available at http://japan-cricket.com/). The Committee has decided to add the following additional clause to the bylaws:  
-In accordance with the change in ODI rules by the ICC, one bouncer per over will be allowed in the League matches.  
-A League match must start by no later than 11:00 a.m.  

League Structure  

The League is divided into two groups based on the results of the League last season.  

Division I   
Tokyo Giants, Friends, Shizuoka Kytes, YC & AC, Indian Engineers, Millennium   

Division II  
British Embassy, Adore, MAX, Tokyo Bay, Fuji Far East, Wyverns, Pakistan Eaglets  

A response from the following clubs are awaited regarding their participation in the League:  
1. Lala, 2. Friends, 3. Bangladesh Tigers and 4. Sri Lankan University. Any new clubs joining the League will be admitted only in the lower division.  

These teams must notify the Committee their interest by Friday, March 15, 2002.  

The top two and bottom two of D-II and D-I respectively will swap their places in 2003.   
Apart from the League final for KCL Trophy between the toppers of D-I, a Plate final will be held between the third and fourth placed teams in D-II.   

Match Officials  

Every league match shall be officiated by a neutral umpire, nominated from the opposite Division.   

The teams shall either arrange the travel, food and drinks for the neutral umpire or the expenses incurred by the umpire for that purpose shall be reimbursed. The designated umpire shall be requested to send a report to the Committee in case of irregularities and misbehaviour from the players and/or Captain.  

KCL Organising Committee   

1. Mumtaz Alam (Tokyo Giants)  
2. Kei Imamura (Fuji)  
3. Shu Kanzaki (Millennium)  
4. Robert-Gilles Martineau (Shizuoks Kytes)  
5. Amir Ali (Friends)  
6. Biju Paul (Indian Engineers)  

Naoki Saida and Tetsuo Fuji will be attending the Committee as JCA observers without any voting rights.  

Important dates and deadlines  

League registration fees   : Wednesday April 10, 2002  
Club Registration with players  : Sunday April 7, 2002  
Player registration during the season : 48 hours prior to the commencement of the match  
Acceptance of invitation to join KCL : Friday March 15, 2002  
Receipt of Score sheet by the   : 48 hours after the completion of the game to the Statistician  

KCL Account details  

Tokyo-Mitsubishi Bank  
Shin-Marunouchi branch (branch# 422)  
Account Number: 4288402 (Futsu)  

JCA General Meeting  
(Only for team representatives)  

Date and time : March 16th, 10am - 12noon  
Venue  : Shinjuku Sports Center(10 minutes walk from TAKADANOBABA station)  
Agenda  : JCA will report activities on 2001 and plans on 2002  

JCA Annual Party  
(Open to all cricketers)  

Date and time : March 16th, 14:00 p.m – 16:00 p.m.  
Venue  : "What's the Dickens"(Irish bar, 5 minutes walk from EBISU station)  
Fees  : 4000yen for 2 drinks and 1 food ticket  
Agenda  : Prize distributing party of several JCA competitions  


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