Shizuoka Kytes C.C.'s Neil Harrison
to umpire in Vanuatu!

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The ICC has selected the umpires to officiate at the EAP tournament to be held in Vanuatu. Each of the eight participating countries was asked to nominate two candidates from which a panel of nine was chosen. 
Both of Japan's nominations, Anton McCloy (Fuji far East C.C.) and Neil Harrison (Shizuoka Kytes C.C.), were chosen, but unfortunately Anton is unable to participate due to work commitments.
The full list of umpires (with the country they represent in parentheses) is as follows:

Lionel Brown (Cook Islands)
Geoff Clelland (Vanuatu)
Tony Cooper (Fiji) EAP Umpire Coordinator
Semi Halanukonuka (Tonga)
Shahul Hameed (Indonesia)
Neil Harrison (Japan)
Grant Johnston (Vanuatu)
Anton McCloy (Japan)
Lakani Oala (Papua New Guinea)
Peter Poulos (Samoa)

During the tournament, the umpires will undergo additional training and assessment, based on which an EAP Umpires Panel will be selected. 
Successful umpires on the EAPUP will be eligible for selection to the ICC Associate & Affiliate Umpires Panel, of which Tony Cooper and Shahul Hameed are already members. (Shahul Hameed officiated in the ICC Trophy final between Ireland and Scotland on July 13th.)